Phillip Phillips “Take Me Away” – Original Song! (VIDEO)

Phillip Phillips performed an original song, “Take Me Away” at the Mix 106.1 radio event in Philadelphia today.

This, along with his recent cover of “Wicked Games”  reveals a guitar-driven style of indie rock, in the mold of an artist like Dave Matthews, but more intense.  I’d be interested in hearing some of Phillip’s originals with a full band.

I kinda like this. What do you think?

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  • DoesMonaKnow

    No wonder TPTB are on the lookout for “FUN and CATCHY, with BIG sing-along CHORUSES!” It’s a much better effort than Hazel, though.

  • zaclona77

    for some unfanthomable reason this reminds me of acoustic versions of 30 seconds to mars songs, if somebody here ever heard those…

    not sure about the radio-friendliness of this kind of music but I have to say I liked it. this is actually the first video I ever ever saw of Phillip and I was surprised that I was able to see him as a separate individual and not just a part of something. my impression: he might be a guy who has to say something and has an idea how he wants to say it. good for him.

  • Valarie

    Um. No. I will give it another listen with a full band, but I only made it about 1/3 through this version.

  • wkstrack

    I think it’s a better song than Hazel but Idk. Adele’ album is dark and moody I guess but her songs are catchy and have a good hook to them. Though this song does fit him and his voice.

  • girlygirltoo

    This isn’t bad. It’s very much in the moody/introspective style that Phillip seems to want to do. The driving guitar work is cool. But it lacks a killer hook and, to me, anyway,  it sounds too much like a bunch of other moody/introspective guitar-driven songs already out there. I don’t know if there is anything different/original enough about it that would clearly mark it as a P2 song, and would allow it to stand out from the pack. I can definitely hear the DMB influence.

    But this is definitely much better than “Hazel” and I definitely could see how it would fit on his cd as an album cut (prob not as a single).

  • too-cool-for-school

    I like it, but it does really remind me of some song that I can’t put my finger on. It would need a hook if they would want it as a single but overall, it’s good.

    But grr, what is the song I’m thinking of? DMB is an obvious guess but it’s definitely something else.

  • cheese1

    I like it and agree that it would make a nice album cut. I listen to mostly moody music and this sounds like something that would fit in my playlist. 

    I doubt that he’ll be at these radio gigs singing potential singles this early in the process (especially since they were probably just submitted to the label last week, ha!)  It might even be a pre-Idol song that isn’t even in contention although based on the themes, I’m guessing it was written post-Idol.

  • Huba Buba

    Same here, plus He really has no range at all..

  • Leandro

    It reminded me of him singing Wicked Games, but then I remembered that every song he sings sounds the same, heh. It’s better than Hazel, but very poor, even for the folk rock marketing, which these days is poor.

  • Myrrna

    I really liked this and can’t wait to hear it with drums and a sax.

  • fantoo1

    I wonder if this will be on his album?

  • LLA1535

    I like Phillip. He seems like a cool guy and I respect people who stick to their guns. Wish him mucho success

     But–IMO he took the melody out of the songs he re-arranged on AI. He did it with Wicked Games too. It’s almost like all the songs sound alike–whether he wrote them or didn’t. However, I’m the kind of person who likes melody and lots of chord changes.

    Loving the guitar playing here. This song is just too monotonous for me.

    Maybe one day he could team up with his fave past idol Casey Abrams–cause that guy can write a hook

  • Bonnie DeMoss

     I could see this as background in the right movie too.  But not a radio song. 

  • irockhard

    I like it but it’s not for radio. Interested in hearing a studio recording/full band live version.

  • Alex Liu

    I actually really like this. The chorus sounds great. Definitely sounds like it can make the album cut. In style it’s not THAT distant from Home. 

  • Veronica B. Lee

    Sorry I like P2 this song noooooooo!

  • richhahn

    The Doors 2012!

    Maybe he should add a Gibson organ.

  • Shelby Walker

    That’s it! The Doors!

  • Sassycatz

    The song sounds pretty much like what he did on the show, which I guess is a good thing because there will be no surprises *if* he manages to get these type of songs on his CD. That being said, I wish he’d enunciate more clearly. When he was covering songs on Idol, enunciation wasn’t the biggest deal since the audience either already knew the original or could look it up, but his own song? I’m not clear what he was singing.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Well, it’s exactly what I expected from P2 given what I’ve heard from him all season. Very monotonous and sounds like all of his other covers. Nothing hummable or catchy about it. The best parts were the guitar solos (which P2 didn’t play). lol

  • Mike McRell

    Simply said….it is pure Phillip….think we heard pieces here and there on idol with ‘Volcano’ & ‘The Stone’…have to say I really liked it.

  • justmefornow

    I kind of like it. Not sure if it’s radio material, but it has possibilities.
    I hear a little Doors too. Like Dave Matthews, mixed with Jim Morrison, and a touch of Bruce Springsteen. 
    (I have a feeling the cheese-fest that is the Idol tour must be driving him crazy.)

  • Latin2

    To me it is all over the place and I don’t care for it. It reminds me of music that is played in the background of some small smoke filled honky tonk bar while people talk over it. Very dated, very late 60s. It just seems to go on forever.

    It is not radio friendly, no pizazz…just meh.

    If this is what he cd is going to be about, I see a FLOP.

  • Listening

    Ohhhh his vocals remind me of his Volcano performance from Idol which I loved. I said in another thread that I wanted multiple songs on his album done in that style. It’s just beautiful.

    Hmmmm is it just me but I’m reminded of Daughtry but mellowed by Volcano vibe? I guess it makes sense b/c I believe Phillip referenced Daughtry as an inspiration.

  • imoroza

    Not CATCHY and FUN, but i like it. Reminds of DMB in arrangement and instrumetal breaks but not in sound that much.I like his intensity and this is definately him

  • hillstreetblooz

     Um… errr… weelllllll… I like Home! That’s all I got.

  • tucker davis

    Phillips ‘Take Me Away'”

    Holding on to what isn’t there, trying to find my place, 
    Can anyone see what’s really me, behind a smile, behind this face,
     Broken, struggling, in the dark, Oh just to stay onboard, 
    But the only thing saving me is your love,
    loving you is saving me,
     Won’t you take me from the clouds buried in grey, 
    All the colors are mixing in my head,
    I can’t see which way, 
    Only see you out of thousands coming my way, 
    You’re all I want to see,
    all I want to touch and feel in every way”…..

  • Guest

    Oh, yay! I always like those predictions on CDs before they are even made… and from a song being played only once so far to the public… why do these kids even bother? LOL

  • justmefornow

    Did he write the lyrics? If so he’s good.

  • p2fan

    Very Phillipphillips – which his fans love and voted for him from the start.  I love it… but I also love his version of The Stone,  We’ve got Tonight… etc. In other words, his album should cover a wide range from the style of Home to Take Me Away. It really takes awhile and repetitive listening to appreciate PP.  Some love him at the start, others just have PP songs crawl into them… others hate him  and his songs.  And for his video, I would like more focus on his face expressing the moodiness, the mischief, the romance and the bridled passion.  It was Steven who stated  he could be an actor .. and I think he judged it by watching his face while singing.  Watch him in “We’ve got Tonight” and “Fat-bottomed girls” and you  will know what I mean!

  • Danny Latham

    Who cares about radio friendly? This is P2 in it’s purest form. This is who he is as an artist. I see this being a deep cut on the album and the radio friendly stuff being the singles to whet our appetite.

  • getaway1

    Every song can’t be Home. That’s unrealistic.  Home has morphed into it’s own universe.   I’m sure the cornation song for the winner of Season 12 will be compared over time to Home.  That’s unrealistic.

    The lyrics for this song are actually very good.   This is the kind of music that Phillip says he wants to do.  The fandom’s got it.

  • Jordana33

    It has that college-coffee-house-performance vibe that would benefit a lot from a full band.  I’m sure he’s tired of hearing people say this, but this sounds a lot like a Dave Matthews song.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “It really takes awhile and repetitive listening to appreciate PP.”

    I think that it depends on the individual. For me, I’ve always had a kind of gut reaction to music and either like/love it immediately or never. I’ve don’t “try” to like someone by exposing myself to music/singing I don’t like over and over, since that approach never works for me.

  • brightones

    I loved it and have it playing over and over again in the background. 

  • sabbia

    I really like the haunting vibe of the chorus but he loses me during the verses.  

    I continue to be amazed how everything I’ve heard from him sounds so similar to my ears. At first I thought this was merely b/c of his limited vocal range but now I am hearing a common formula/structure to his songs, too. (I’ve only listened to a handful of performances from him so have limited exposure)  

    I can see an audience for this type of music. There is something appealing to it. 

  • girlygirltoo

    I played this video for my sister, who doesn’t watch Idol and doesn’t know who Phillip is. She sort of liked it but said it was too repetitious.

  • TheOther

    Holding on to what isn’t there, trying to find my place, Can anyone see what’s really me, behind a smile, behind this face, Broken, struggling, in the dark, Oh just to stay onboard, But the only thing saving me is your love, loving you is saving me, Won’t you take me from the clouds buried in grey, All the colors are mixing in my head, I can’t see which way, Only see you out of thousands coming my way, You’re all I want to see, all I want to touch and feel in every way”…..

    If this is an indication of who Phillip is as a song writer, he’s good.

  • lila6089

    So excited to hear an original song from Phillip!!  I love it, and he sounds really good!  Can’t wait for the album!

  • girlygirltoo

    it depends if he wrote this on his own or co-wrote it with someone. If it is a co-write, we won’t know how whether Phillip wrote all or any of the lyrics (unless he tells us, that is)

  • angiedb

    Excellent! Great lyrics, great sound! This is exactly who I think Phillip is and for me, it’s awesome. His sound and style is what I like and what I listen to all the time (Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, etc) and I could listen to Phil mixed in with it every day. I DO. lol  This kid has something special, in my opinion, and I can hardly wait to hear more. 

  • Karen C

    Absolutely love it !!! Sounds very alternative rock to me. I think he sounds more like a cross between Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell.   I hope the rest of his album is like that and if he wrote it I’m very impressed.

  • snickers321

    I actually like it more than Home. Home is sweet and all, but  it’s just a slightly weaker, pop friendlier version of something from Mumford and Sons album. This song is more edgy, fresh and interesting.

  • tucker davis

    ?@JoannaDavis10@HannahBlackwell Did Phillip write the lyrics to “Take Me Away’?
    Hannah Blackwell ?@HannahBlackwell@JoannaDavis10 yes

  • roarpen

    Very Dave Mathews-esque.

  • Karen C

    That’s great to know he wrote it. I’m very impressed.  Really hope it’s on the album.

  • cheese1

    Phillip’s girlfriend confirmed on twitter that Phillip wrote “Take Me Away” a year and a half or 2 years ago, so well before he even thought about going on Idol.

    A song written solely by a 19 or 20 yr. old Phillip is probably not going to sound exactly like a song co-written by Phillip and other writers for his major label debut, so people probably don’t have to worry that it’s not “radio-friendly” enough. Most of the Idols haven’t taken any shiny gems from their pre-Idol days and transferred them straight to CHR playlists. I think the song shows a good deal of potential in his genre.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    i like the sound and i like his voice. Vocally, he sounds much better than in his covers, probably because he is inspired by his own material, but i dont think this could be a major radio hit, it´s “moody and introspective” as we supposed it would be, but not radio friendly, the song needs some adjustments, more instruments, more ups and downs in the tune, i dont know, but it needs help.

  • Kitty Armistead

    The guitar in the beginning reminds me of the guitar in BBMak’s The Ghost Of You And Me.  Threw me a little bit, because that is NOT a comparison I was expecting to make! I too am curious to hear it with a full band. Same with Hazel, because I like that song too.

    That said, I’m really liking this song. I love the feel of it.  And I’m REALLY impressed with P2’s falsetto. Going by the mess that was Time Of The Season, I wasn’t expecting him to be capable of one. But I thought he pulled it off quite beautifully in this song.

  • Larc

    Um. No. I will give it another listen with a full band, but I only made it about 1/3 through this version.

    I held out to 3:37, but had to quit.

  • TheOther

    I don’t think the song is meant to be “fun & catchy”, i.e., Carly Rae Jepson. 

    I think that fans who liked what Phillip did on Idol, will like this.  He’s staying true to the fan base, not alienating them.  This is definitely the type of alternative rock sound that Phillip has said represented who he is as an artist.

    Really looking forward to the CD.

  • Li Wright

    Could he be the female Adele? 

  • p2fan

    Did you notice that it is now Cooney who is raising his leg while Phillips leg stays down?  I would not be surprised if it is one of Phillips pranks, his response to remarks about his legs raising copying DM.  Gave me a hoot though… a demonstration of Phillips humor.

  • CanadianLady

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Thought it was funny. :) I think this definitely has potential. Add a little sax, some drums…

  • overthetop1

    I think this is a really good song– a little too long though. A band would add to the musical dynamics

  • Kristen Campbell

    YES.  I’m really liking this.  That Phil Phillips, he sure is growing on me.  Love the energy and the real, heartfelt passion behind this one.  Can’t wait to hear more.  Thanks, MJ!

  • standtotheright

    I actually think the melody is okay on this, and I get the Doors vibe that people mentioned.

    But I am apparently out on an island because those lyrics do not strike me as inventive or rhetorically effective. The clouds line is nice but that’s about the only moment in the whole song where I couldn’t predict exactly what was coming next.

  • Incipit

    I hear a little Doors too. Like Dave Matthews, mixed with Jim Morrison, and a touch of Bruce Springsteen. 

    IDK, justformenow – I’ve never actually listened to Dave Matthews on purpose – so I’ll just accept that a lot of people hear a similarity – but I can’t hear any Springsteen – the Boss is a much more urgent and direct writer – not to mention his music has hooks, melody, variation and direction.

    Now, channeling the Doors, that’s a way to go, especially the mid 1960’s blues/rock version, of them channeling The Animals – before the lyrics got all sinister and mysterious, and the genre name changed to Psychedelic Rock, Acid Rock, etc.

    He doesn’t have Morrison’s Mystique, or his dark vocal tone – or the socially aware message to send, but the limited vocal range, repetition of the same musical line, combined with the minor key propensity – to get technical, “melodies that emphasize tonic to minor 3rd (“Hello, I Love You,” “Riders on the Storm,” “Love Her Madly,” etc.)”. Yeah – that rings a small bell for the two originals we’ve heard.

    It’s long enough ago that people who weren’t there (I was) or don’t care may think it is something new and fresh – that’s how that could work. 

    Maybe he could cover “People Are Strange”, or “The End” – but man, he’s gotta step up the game on the instrumentation – “Riders on the Storm” is an example of how all those elements are made to work successfully.

    Not that I think the Label or radio PD’s are the least bit interested in Adult Blues/Rock, even if Phillip could pull it off – but that’s everyone’s dilemma – not fitting into the Dance/Beats Box or the Teeny Pop Box.


  • Sydia

    My daughters and I loved this. His voice is unique.

  • brittneybabyy

    I actually quite like this song. It’s different from Home, but it’s haunting and beautiful. Definitely something I would personally listen to!

  • TFLS

    Love it.  Thought driven, which is so fits him.  In that, he kinda reminds me of Glen Hansard.  Not musically, exactly; more in how the music and lyrics work together (Once is an almost perfect song).  P2 seems to be writing music you listen to.  It isn’t visual or visceral (per se).  The minor key catches your attention, the lyrics explain the thoughts or emotion.  Hits the spot for me.  Hell – I’d buy an album like this – but then I’m old school.  Video’s are great in selling what’s not particularly understandable, or even relatable (Devo comes to mind or anything by Shakira).  And I like Devo and Shakira – when I’m in the mood.  But I grew up on lyric driven music: Zappa, The Who, Heart. What you said was as important as how you said it.  I’s say there’s room in todays boutique driven music business for P2.  He’ll carve out his own niche and do just fine.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    btw, i was watching some interesting interviews to P2 in this page: 

    there are 4 short vids, about TMZ, the single Home, ryan secrest, the fame, and his weird moves.

  • sdmama

    It sounds like Phillip, and I like it,. I didn’t think this was too long for me, but it probably needs to be edited shorter for radio etc. I hope he can get help from who knows how to record for commercial purposes.   I agree that this is not going to be a hit like Call Me Maybe, or Home.  He wants to have smaller scale success with his own tune, so I hope he will find enough support to stay in business.  I have a feeling that he is not going to let an up beat tune as next single no matter how much PTB pushes for it. Any bet?

  • Dlynne

    It’s exactly what I was hoping for. Now I want more of the same.

  • Incipit

    I have a feeling that he is not going to let an up beat tune as next single no matter how much PTB pushes for it. Any bet?

    I wouldn’t bet on that either way, sdmama, not literally. We don’t even know for a fact that the Label ‘wants’ an upbeat first single – that conjecture is totally coming from the TAXI ad…but there is no question at all that Phillip has a contractual obligation – 

    Hope he has learned to put a better face on whatever song the label chooses, whether he likes it or not. After all, when the single drops, he can stop singing “Home” at every appearance. Heh.

  • tigervixxxen

    I really like this and I wasn’t even sure what to expect from him but more of this please. It really doesn’t matter how radio friendly it is or not. The success of the album will largely depend on the push from Home. The lead single will meet the same fate too. CHR is probably out of the question regardless but this could fly on HAC. I think he’ll make a good album and that will help in some ways too. I’m encouraged this was played and uploaded in an official way, there are no coincidences to Phillip’s roll out. This is clearly the plan of someone to test the waters with this song.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Could he be the female Adele?”

    I think that you mean “the male Adele”, and the answer to that is no. Never in a million years.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Hope he has learned to put a better face on whatever song the label
    chooses, whether he likes it or not. After all, when the single drops,
    he can stop singing “Home” at every appearance. Heh.”

    Oh, I think that P2 is going to be singing “Home” at most of his appearances for a very, very long time.

  • Oh_CW

    No, Dave Matthews.

  • Incipit

    Oh, I think that P2 is going to be singing “Home” at most of his appearances for a very, very long time.

    OK, I can see a scenario where that happens, fuzzywuzzy – but also – after the Idol Tour, DC “retired” ToML – and sang his 2008 Album single “Light On” at appearances, even though ToML was also on the album, and was still popular and charting into 2009.

    Why couldn’t/wouldn’t Phillip do likewise, to give some promotion to the single from his album? Unless you figure “Home” will be not only the Coronary, but also the album single? I guess that’s possible – heck – anything is possible. Heh.

  • Karen C

    I wonder, though, if they are going to keep Home as the single for a while, because they just did a video.  I believe Light On was released in September, and that was his first video also.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Oh, OK. lol  I didn’t realize that David “retired” TOML from his live performances (I like that glurgy song! lol ). I see now that P2 may be able to do the same thing, and in fact, may be quite anxious to do so.

  • Incipit

    Hey, could happen – hadn’t looked at it from the POV of a video being made for “Home”. That ‘is’ a signal the song could be dual purposed…if it’s only the Coronary, it has the winning moment – wouldn’t need a single.

    Guess it will be quite a while before there is a single from the album, if so. I suppose we’ll see what happens next when it happens?

    ETA: Oh yeah fuzzywuzzy – He announced it one time – “That song is retired.” and didn’t sing it again. He sang “Light On” and “Declaration” on the Nov 1st Saturday Night Live guest spot.

    IDK if Phillip will have that ‘retirement’ option.

  • Lara Kondor

    I liked it.

  • usedtobelucy

    I like it. It’d be too long if it weren’t for the other guy’s guitar work, though, so I think a full band would improve it. The lyrics are okay, and he expresses them so much better than I thought he did (most of the time, anyway) with the covers on the show. I guess being committed to his own music makes the difference. He puts a meaningful dramatic arc on this song, which I only heard him do on the show when he was singing something so close to his style that he could pretty much copy it exactly.

    I wouldn’t exactly write home about the lyrics. I taught too many aspiring songwriters in high school not to rank this song as definitely serviceable but not really special, compared to the millions of other lyrics that are out there.

    From the show, we learn that he has a lot of appeal to audiences, certainly. But for that second album to sustain him, once a lot of people have moved on to somebody else’s charisma, I think he’s going to need to develop more of a specific persona and an edge that’s more specifically his own, in both lyrics and music. He’s still kind of in the generic area with both, as far as I can tell from this small sample. But that can come with time, if he works toward that and gets the right kinds of help.

  • girlygirltoo

    Probably not. He really isn’t close to Adele in terms of style. She is soul/pop-rock and her stuff is much more radio friendly than the original music we’ve heard from P2

  • girlygirltoo

    Well Phillip doesn’t get the last say on what will be single. If Interscope wants to release an upbeat song as the next single (assuming P2 has any upbeat songs he’s recorded), then they will do so. The artist rarely has much say about this stuff, especially when it is a new artist like Phillip.

  • dishwalla

    If Phillip wrote this when he was 19, 20, to me, he shows a lot of potential.  He’s just starting out.  People often forget that after Scotty, he is the youngest male winner ever.  Phillip is the same age as David Archuleta. 

  • cheese1

    I don’t think that Phillip will have quite the same motivation to retire “Home” that David had to retire “TOML.” “Home” is actually a good song that is at least not completely out of place with his style, doesn’t have embarrassing lyrics, etc. He’s managed to work up what seems like genuine enthusiasm for it in some more recent interviews.

    I still think “Take Me Away” is pretty strong for a song written solo by a younger Phillip up to two years ago.  It’s not a song that he just wrote for his Interscope album and I’m not sure if it tells us much about the music that will end up on the album.  We can probably expect a similar guitar sound and some moody/darker lyrics on some songs, but he’ll have help to polish up his sound and of course there will be FUN! AND! CATCHY! songs if they can get him to sing them.

  • mtlfan2

    i like it. I’ll problably like him better post-idol 

  • justmefornow

    The moodiness and tone reminded me somewhat of the Doors. The Springsteen comparison is in the gravely tone of his voice only, reminds me sometimes of a young Bruce. 
    The song has potential. It obviously needs an edit for length. And he really should write with someone who has a better handle on hooks and melodies.
    The song has good bones. I like the lyrics. 
    I too don’t really know where this fits in radio, but since I hate the direction of pop radio now anyway, and pretty much pop music in general, this is a refreshing change.

  • Tinawina

    I was going to type a long response but usedtobelucy beat me to it! I like it, it shows potential, but it is a bit too derivative sounding like it could be from 20 other people. This was written a while ago apparently so he might have developed more since then. Looking forward to hearing some more songs!

  • Incipit

    since I hate the direction of pop radio now anyway, and pretty much pop music in general

    Oh, you too, justformenow? I feel the same – and I’m always looking for anyone who is bringing interesting music instead.

    It was the chord structure and the minor notes working within a small range that reminded me of the Doors, the lyric content, not quite…but I agree – co-writes can help. I was glad to hear some earlier music – it can be like a signpost. Some of my favorite tracks from DC’s Axium era are on the second album, Blindsided, from 2003 – he was 20 or 21 when he wrote them – and they have been like signposts to later work. 

    If Phillip goes Blues/Rock, there may be some music that will interest me – IDK – if he sticks within the parameters where his vocals are more comfortable. But, ya just never know. As long as a little polish doesn’t turn into overproduction, that is.

    Cheese1, I get what you are saying about different motives for ‘retirement’ – but although I have no quibble with Phillip’s revised reactions to “Home”, and think it very pragmatic of him to make peace w/the song, I still believe that first reaction.

     Something else that can move an artist – just plain fatigue at singing the same songs the same way in the same order night after night – over 50 times when the Idol Tour is done, is it? They all may be ready to retire the whole setlist! *snerk*.

  • girlygirltoo

    Phillip is likely going to be performing “Home” for years to come. Crowds want to hear the hit songs, the ones they recognize, when they go to see a live performance. Kelly and Carrie still perform some of their early hits, Adam and Kris still perform WWFM and LLWD at their concerts, etc. etc. He may not have to perform it at every show he does once he has his own music out, but I don’t know if he will ever be able to truly “retire” it.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    I don’t see Kelly performing A Moment Like This too much. I saw a rock version she did during the Breakaway era but it doesn’t seem to be a staple of her setlists. I guess it depends on how many other hits Phillip goes on to have, but maybe not. Cook doesn’t have that many huge songs yet you don’t hear him going back to the Magic Rainbow in his concerts.

  • Taylor

    Could he be the female Adele?

    No way! By the time Adele was P2’s age , she had already written all of the songs for both of her Grammy Award winning albums. Plus, she has an excellent voice that matches her excellent lyrics.

    P2 is a million miles away from Adele’s level, both in song-writing and vocal ability.  

  • IrisandLilies

    When I first listened to this song yesterday, I had a mixed reaction.  I liked the verses and how he sang them.  It kind of reminded me of the opening of Phillip’s cover of Anthony’s song (i.e., “Movin’ Out”), which I absolutely love.  However, I initially wasn’t thrilled with the refrain, which seemed somewhat derivative both lyrically and musically.  That portion of the song felt like a Daughtry song, and I am not a fan of Daughtry’s music.  However, after two more listens, the refrain stuck in my head and was repeating over and over in my mind as I went to sleep.  I definitely agree with the comment made by an earlier poster that Phillip somehow makes you pay attention to the song when he sings.        

  • OffLeash

    I like it! Very good lyrics. I’m surprised because I didn’t like Hazel at all. Now I get why he’d want to sing his own songs, and hopefully Jimmy will allow some of them to make the cut on his debut album.

    Since he wrote that before Idol, I imagine he’ll get even better at it, and he has even more interesting life experience now to draw inspiration from. Take Me Away will hopefully be a cut on the debut album. Not fit for a single, but could earn him respect as a songwriter.

    I really want to hear the final product on the album. Get on it, Jimmy! :)

  • IrisandLilies

    In no way am I agreeing with the statement that Phillip could be the male Adele.  However, to be fair, Adele attended and graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology.  Entry to the music course at BRIT includes some aural and music theory tests, which indicates that Adele must have had some music training even before she entered the school.  While at BRIT, Adele’s primary goal was to launch a career in A&R, so I would imagine she was educated in how to write and develop good songs. Phillip, in contrast, is a self-taught musician (beginning at the age of 14 1/2), and does not appear to have had any formal music training. 

    In addition, all of the tracks on 21 are co-writes.  Likewise, Chasing Pavements, the song on 19 for which Adele received three Grammy nominations was a co-write.  In fact, Adele’s most successful songs were all co-written with already established and commercially successful songwriters.  Who is to say how much of each song’s success was due to her contributions to the song versus the contributions of her co-writer(s).

  • songsungblue

    I have to say as a ‘non-fan’ – this is more interesting than I imagined.  He’s still got the Dave Matthews vibe going, but he does seem to have a little depth.  It’s not my favorite sound.  On the other hand, I give him props for being sincere and non-poseur [cough Colton cough].  He could be shaped into well, something.  

  • Taylor

    If attending the BRIT School for Performing Arts was what made Adele a multi-Grammy winning songwriter and vocalist, then we would have thousands of Adeles from BRIT in the past decade or so.

    There are plenty of self-taught musicians, vocalists, performers and lyricists who have had award winning and universally respected music by the time they are Phil’s age, or even younger. The fact that P2 is self-taught isn’t an excuse.

    Phil’s coffee house, college boy type lyrics compared with Adele’s lyrics aren’t in the same universe. Phil has a long way to go and he won’t be the “male Adele”. 

  • aquayers

    Bye bye Billboard chart!! With song like this,he’s not going to touch any of the billboard chart. Very forgettable!!

  • IrisandLilies

    If Adele is such a great songwriter, why did she have co-writers on every single song on the 21 album.  She didn’t use co-writers on five out of the twelve tracks on her 19 album.  You would have expected that with two more years of experience under her belt that she would have had even less of a need for co-writers on her second album.  Perhaps, it was because she, too, like many other singers in the industry, needs help crafting good songs.  Significantly, 21, with all its co-writers, has sold more than five times as many copies as 19. 

    By the way, I do like Adele as an artist.  She has a beautiful voice and knows how to evoke the emotions of a song when singing.  However, until I see some evidence as to what Adele’s contribution was on each of the songs on 21, I’m not going to automatically crown her a great songwriter.  As I mentioned before, her co-writers had a string of hits before working with her.  She wasn’t working with any newbies. 

    I also don’t disagree with your statement that there are self-taught musicians and lyricists who have had award-winning and universally respected music by the time they were Phillip’s age.  However, I’d be curious as to how many years of experience in the music industry they had by that age.  Likewise, one does not know how much “massaging” was done to their songs before the songs were publicly performed or recorded.  Even the Beatles went through a two-year “boot camp” in Hamburg, Germany, to hone their skills before they made their first recording. 

  • Taylor

    Because that is what generally happens when you are a young artist signed with a major label. The label pairs you with experienced songwriters to help make your songs more commercial or radio ready. There are multiple articles out there (one from Dan Wilson, who co-wrote on SLY) that detail the fact that Adele wrote a very large majority of the lyrics and already had the basic tune and chords when coming to the songwriting session.

    If Adele was capable of writing the lyrics (in 10 minutes) and composing the music to a song like Hometown Glory at the age of 16, she was certainly capable of writing the majority of her lyrics and contributing heavily to the music at the age of 21.

    If you want to see evidence of the fact that Adele wrote the overwhelming majority of her lyrics and contributed to the music behind those lyrics, google is your friend. Wiki isn’t going to give you the percentages or the details behind the songwriting sessions.

    Comments on the songwriting process from Dan Wilson:

    Not counting whatever time Adele had spent sitting on the edge of her bed writing that first verse, we took two days.

    After we listened to a bunch of Wanda Jackson songs on YouTube, we went to the main room of the studio where the piano is. There Adele showed me the idea for the verse. She was playing it on the guitar, and she taught me the part, but when I switched to piano, she lit up. “That’s way more inspiring!” she said. So I played piano for the rest of the session.

    We didn’t have any arguments or tussles. There may have been some points where I said, “I think that line can be better,” and I always throw in lines of lyrics in my sessions, but at this one, Adele knew exactly what she wanted to say, and my role was much more in composing the music and creating chord changes for the various sections. For the pre-chorus, for example, I suggested a series of chords and we played with some melody ideas for it. Once we decided on the melody, she very quickly came up with that amazing line, “I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited.” Once you have a line that great, the rest of the section is easy to finish.

    More from Greg Wells:

    We recently profiled the songwriter Greg Wells, who is no stranger to superstars, having co-written, produced, and played with artists like Mika, Katy Perry, and Pink. But, when Wells co-wrote “One And Only” with Adele, he says it was unlike any other writing session he’d ever had.

    “It was similar in that it was two people trying to pull ideas out of the ether, but dissimilar in that Adele truly is the most talented person I’ve ever written with,” Wells says.

    Wells remembers the co-write in the piano room at his Los Angeles studio like this:
    “I heard a piano progression of four chords, and a slow 6/8 feel. I kept playing it for about ten minutes. Adele was pacing the room with a note pad and pen… then finally said, ‘I’m not sure if this is good, but what do you think of this?’ And then in full voice she sang the finished chorus of ‘One and Only’ and I almost fell over.”

  • Barbara Rodriguez

    LOL !! I just figured Errol has spent so much time singing and playing with Phillip that he wore off on him :D

  • OffLeash

    So funny! I also noticed that now that Errol’s doing the P2 leg dance, P2 has much more control over his left leg lol. 

  • jayidrocks

     There are a lot artists, whose songs are sound  a bit monotonous ( melodywise ) , for example Damon Rice or Jim Morrisson. There is nothing wrong with it, because voice, performing and lyrics are also important, to make a song good .

  • Barbara Rodriguez

    I love this song ! I love the lyrics and the guitars, can’t wait to hear it all “produced” ie drums and sax ( got to have the sax)  I haven’t posted here in a long time ( it can get a little to intense ) but I really wanted to get a feel for what people were thinking about this song ! I agree with most may not be a radio single but lets people know what Phillip wants on his album . I hope Jimmy gives him a little leeway * fingers crossed *

  • IrisandLilies

    I think you just proved my point regarding being fair to Phillip.  This was a song that he wrote all by himself.  It appears (although we don’t know for sure) that the song has not been “edited” by a skilled songwriter and/or record producer to make it more palatable to the ear and intellectually stimulating to the mind.   At a minimum, Adele’s songs were “edited” and “massaged” before being presented to the public.  Would anyone have called SLY a great song if they had heard it before Dan Wilson got involved on the song?  We don’t know. 

    Moreover, the cynic in me always wonders how truthful songwriters are being when they say a singer was heavily involved in the writing of a song.  As other posters have noted on these boards, most songwriters probably want their songs to be sung by a hugely successful recording artist.  Adele would definitely qualify as one now.  I doubt that any songwriters who have worked with her are going to say anything “negative” about their experience working with her on the off-chance it might preclude working with her in the future.      

  • Taylor

    Sorry, but this nice, coffee house song isn’t going to turn out to be a Rolling in the Deep or a Someone Like You, no matter who gets a hold of it and what they do to it…unless Adele gets a hold of it and totally rewrites 95% of the lyrics and calls in all her co-writers to rewrite the entire melody. PP will be lucky if he gets any of his original songs on his first album. They might allow him one Red Guitar type song on his first album, but it will be a deep album track and not a single.

    If Phil ends up selling even a tenth of what 21 sold worldwide with his “co-writes”, then we can compare the two songwriting skills of Adele at age 21 and P2 at age 21. He needs to get busy though, because she already had Grammy Awards by the time she was his age.

    A well respected songwriter isn’t going to give a detailed account of a songwriting session and completely lie about everything that happened in that session. Why would well-respected songwriters and producers decide to make up exact details that are are lies? That’s really stretching things! Not to mention, several of them have the same type of detailed accounts of the amount of input Adele had into the writing process. I guess a group of several reputable professionals could get together and decide to all make up the same type of lies and fabrications about a certain artist, but common sense would say this wouldn’t be a probable scenario.

  • elliegrll

    I know that it’s popular to put down the WGWG by calling them coffee house singers, and to compare Phillip to Dave Matthews, but this song sounds just like a DMB song.  According to Billboard:

    Dave Matthews Band has been the biggest ticket seller on the planet in this millennium, moving a staggering 11,230,696 tickets to 547 shows in 2000-2009, according to Billboard Boxscore. No other band topped 10 million in attendance for the period. The DMB gross for that period was $505,447,901, and this does not count Matthews’ solo work or DMB’s numerous festival appearances.
    Read more at 

    I’m pretty sure that this is what Phillip is trying to duplicate.

  • OffLeash

    Impressive! Those numbers are mind blowing. 

  • Taylor

    That term wasn’t a put down to any particular contestant from any season who finished in any place in the top 10. The term wasn’t even a put down to this particular song. It’s simply what the song sounds like, which isn’t really a bad thing, if you are sitting in a coffee house listening to some college kid sing about heartbreak. lol

    Thank you for the DMB statistics, but having been a fan for years, I’m already well aware of their success including the fact that they are huge concert draws. In fact, I’ve been lucky enough to attend two of their concerts over the years. I agree with you that PP is TRYING to DUPLICATE their sound. We already have a Dave Matthews, and DM is also in an entirely different universe from the copycats like Phillip.

  • standtotheright

    Not to mention, several of them have the same type of detailed accounts of the amount of input Adele had into the writing process. I guess a group of several reputable professionals could get together and decide to all make up the same type of lies and fabrications about a certain artist, but common sense would say this wouldn’t be a probable scenario.

    Exactly. Occam’s Razor is your friend.  Multiple songwriters praise her writing talent because…they think she is a talented songwriter.

    Maybe the same will happen for P2. Maybe it won’t. But it’s not going to help him in any way to suggest that an award-winning songwriter is the product of some conspiracy and she doesn’t really deserve the writing credit. Especially since he’s going to have many cowrites of his own.

  • ? peaceful_revolutionary

    Here’s another video of Phillip performing Take Me Away:

  • Barbara Rodriguez

    Yay you I was looking for this video I had heard when he was here in Boston that he had sung a new song but I found the other ( from Philly ) video first Thank You for posting it . :D

  • guest307

    For all the comparisons with DMB he is definitely influenced by it, but I do not think he is trying to duplicate it.  Phillip’s lyrics are actually pretty strong, I was surprised. I like  the chorus part. Phillip’s lyrics seem to be more feeling driven, whereas Dave’s lyrics are more rooted in storytelling, it’s almost like fairy tale in music. Dave’s lyrics of course  are pure genius with few people who ever can come close or be like him in that  department. Dave’s lyrics combine elements of surprise (ring around the rosie in the middle of Gravedigger), boldness and sweetness at the same, social message like Ants Marching and Mercy and incredible depth of relationship poetry.

    Dave Matthews, Bob Dylan and Jonny Cash are my favourite lyricists and Phillip’s will probably never touch them in that regard, but boy’s lyrics do have some depth and potential.

    DMB sound is more world music and jazz influenced than rock I find. I don’t hear that  signature DBM sound in Phillips music so I don’t think they sound the same. Plus DBM  consists of a bunch of talented musicians each contributing uniquely to the sound so I  do not think you can even compare to 1 or 2 guys playing guitar to a sound of a full band. Just because it’s acoustic and has a guitar does not mean it sounds the same.

    I think Phillips caugth the comparison to DMB from his earlier Idol performances with his mannerisms. Now that he toned down the Dave like mannerisms I don’t see similiarity that much at all.

    That being said Phillip’s song might be a bit too generic rock to stand out. I think he needs to work on finding more signature sound edge to his music, maybe rap like sound (I like  lollipop or Eminem renditions he did), slow Usher like jams were interesting or something bluesy could fit his voice.  But no folk please that has been done.

    In regards to performance I actually like Phillips performance very much (better than  Dave’s , yes I said that lol). I like his voice tone, intensity and vulnerability pattern and  feeling he brings to it.

    So give a guy a break, he is trying to write good music and has some potential. I would  still rather listen to ANY imitation of DMB on radio thansome crap you hear nowdays lol. I think there is room for some indie rock like this, because music today is oversaturated with pop, dance, pop rock and people might be ready for some variety.  If Jimmy can make some sort of mainstream hit from music like this without making it cheesy  I would rally behind it.

  • p2fan

    It was his connection to the songs which connected to us liisteners….  From my point of view, it was the whole package and the way he delivered it.  And from the posts in youtube… there were many like me… not tweener… but ordinary person who just love PPs singing style.
    During AI, I was miserable reading the hate posts (very rude) in youtube. But somebody responded not to pay much attention to those hate posts because it is an indication of PPs popularity and his star rising!  Too many predicted PPs flop, but looking at sales and the attention during tour, indeed his star is rising.  He just wants to share his music and I do not think he is there for fame and glory.

  • guinness 416

    I like it, but it does really remind me of some song that I can’t put my finger on.

    Remember a band called Live, in the 90s?  They had a big album with “Throwing Copper” ….. that’s where my mind went listening to this.  I’m not seeing DMB in these acoustic tunes at all to be honest.

    (On a side note his accompaniment is excellent in all these appearances, that guy should be out there making original music rather than backing Idol contestants).

  • Jordana33

    I know that it’s popular to put down the WGWG by calling them coffee house singers, and to compare Phillip to Dave Matthews, but this song sounds just like a DMB song. 

    Just to clarify: A coffee house singer performance is neither an insult nor a complement,  just an observation. It certainly does not imply that he sounds like Phoebe on Friends! I think that Jewel has a coffee house singer vibe and she’s terrific. Secondly, it has nothing to do with being a WGWG; I certainly wouldn’t use the term “coffee house”  to describe David Cook or even Kris Allen.  Anyway, isn’t WGWG” more a criticism of Idol viewers, rather than the actual artist?. It’s usually used to describe the apparent bias of many idol viewers and and has very little to do with the talent or style of the artist. The past 5 winners are all quite different, IMO.

    Lastly, I’m a big fan of Dave Matthews, so the comparison wasn’t meant to be a putdown.  They both have that similar intense style of playing the guitar, although P2 is a lot less melodic than Dave Matthews, and their lyrics aren’t similar at all.

  • getaway1

    During AI, I was miserable reading the hate posts (very rude) in youtube. But somebody responded not to pay much attention to those hate posts because it is an indication of PPs popularity and his star rising! Too many predicted PPs flop, but looking at sales and the attention during tour, indeed his star is rising

    True, it is an indication of Phillip’s popularity.  Because in this business, it’s much better for people to talk about you, pay attention to you.  It’s much worse to be a public figure and have the public ignore you and be indifferent.   And in the end, The Fandom’s Got It.