Phillip Phillips Surgery Is Not Today According to Girlfriend (UPDATE: High Fever Postpones Surgery?)

TMZ reported last week that Phillip Phillips badly-needed kidney surgery would take place today.

Not so, tweeted Phillips girlfriend, Hannah Blackwell, yesterday:

Phillip’s surgery is not tomorrow. He will be fine when it is scheduled and is excited for tour. Thanks for your concern and respect.

If the surgery is not today, I imagine that it’s soon, because Phillip has postponed all of his post-Idol win promo appearances, including an appearance at the American Idol Experience at Disney World, and a week full of New York City appearances that included Live! with Kelly and the Today Show.

I’m sure TMZ will be filling us in with an update soon. *eyes roll*.

And…of course here’s the update from TMZ!

Phillip Phillips will NOT have kidney surgery today as scheduled, because he’s burning up with a fever … TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Phillip has a serious congenital kidney condition that produces kidney stones so large they cannot pass. The condition has virtually debilitated his right kidney — requiring 8 prior surgeries.

Phillip has had a flare-up through almost the entire “American Idol” competition, requiring a stent that was surgically inserted two months ago — causing the singer extreme and continuous pain.

We’re told Phillip now has a bad sinus infection that has triggered a high fever. As a result surgeons will not operate.

We’re told the surgery has been rescheduled for early next week.

Until there is some official word, this is all speculation, of course. The important thing is that Phillip gets well soon!

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  • Cory ??

    He should of just handed his win to Jessica, just saw her on Live With Kelly and she did amazing as usual. 

  • Axxxel

    @MJ  the sooner the better for the surgery. Must be unpleasant to be under such scrutiny of the press…. TMZ or not. Maybe it is on Tuesday and the P2 entourage just wants the press off their back.

    Hope he recovers well soon… and can enjoy the tour and the making of the album due maybe beginning of December 2012 ?

  • Anonymous

    It seems like this girlfriend is always speaking for him. I doubt he’s too sick to tweet information himself.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but I wish that P2 would just have the surgery so that we don’t have to hear anything more about it. I hope that all goes well for him and that he has a speedy recovery, but just stop publicizing it. I guess that I’m really just annoyed at Nigel for trying to get some kind of publicity/mileage out of this situation.

  • Ellensue Stein

    He will be fine once he has the surgery. I bet it is today, but they don’t want anyone to know & they want to be left alone & I don’t blame them. Jessica will be just fine with her runner up status. Many runner ups have done very well.

  • EH

    Hopefully, Interscope will have a press release with Phillip’s first week sales numbers in the next day or so and it will take a little attention way from his kidney. I don’t have any problem with the story itself getting out there considering that Idol brought a doctor on stage for Lauren’s sore throat. It is pretty remarkable that he made it through the season.

    Phillip might be using this time for business meetings with Interscope so he can get that squared away before his surgery (unless they are going to drop him and give Jessica his contract *eyeroll*)

    His gf is probably just tired of being bombarded by messages from his fans offering to give him their kidneys.

  • dishwalla

    Are you kidding? Why should he? Ridiculous. He will be fine once he has the surgery. I bet it is today, but they don’t want anyone to know & they want to be left alone & I don’t blame them.

    Totally, considering they never talked about the surgeries that he had during the show.  Today could very well be a pre-op.

  • Tess

    I don’t think the “real world” even has a clue that Phillip is heading under the knife.  Other than TMZ this hasn’t been an earth shattering event.  I hear about it ’cause I read idol-centric blogs, otherwise I think this is pretty much a non-story.

    ETA: I also think it is rather “funny/weird” that twats are sources of irrefutable evidence about any situation. I really despise Twitter, by the way ’cause people use it as proof positive for anything and everything.

  • Anonymous

    Since when is the girlfriend the spokesperson? I’m already leery of this chick. There have been too many “girlfriends” latching on to American Idols for all the wrong reasons.

  • dishwalla

    I also don’t think they are “milking this for publicity”.   As the winner, he hasn’t been part of the expected promos after the finale.  And people will ask where is he (some not knowing his situation). Kelly Ripa talked to Phillp last week and knew he would not be appearing today.

  • Eilonwy

    Since when is the girlfriend the spokesperson? I’m already leery of this chick. There have been too many “girlfriends” latching on to American Idols for all the wrong reasons.

    They’ve been together for three years already, so if gf latched onto P2 for the fame of winning Idol, I really, really want to get her in a room and consult her on the future of the euro, if Apple TV will ever happen, and whether JCPenney’s overhaul will attract new customers. That kind of prescience is worth millions.

    Even if she’d appeared last week in a puff of smoke… if the dude likes her, that seems to cover gf qualifications. If he doesn’t want her playing spokesperson, he can presumably stop her.

    Meanwhile, I’m panting for that press release with sales figures, also to know what the promotional strategy is, post-kidney-operation.

  • CanadianLady

    I don’t really think anyone is trying to get PR from Phillip’s surgery. It just is.  And hopefully it will be over before long and he’ll be fine. I’m sure he’s busy doing something right now, whether business or medical-related. Meanwhile, I’m playing his and Heejun’s songs and enjoying them all.

  • nancy

    I agree!  Jessica did GREAT on Live this morning, and Joshua will sing tomorrow.  These 2 really should have been the Top 2, and then we wouldn’t have been going thru all this “he said/she said” with P2, and he could have had his surgery whenever he needed it, and appeared or not appeared on whatever shows he wanted.  I’m sure he’ll do what he wants anyway, and not what Idol wants.  Get Well Soon, P2! Don’t rush on my account! Your health is more important than your Idol status!

  • Cory ??

    I believe they should of kept his condition private anyway, it definitely influenced votes and was an unfair advantage over the other contestants. Why did the public need to know about Phillips condition. They could have easily just said he wasn’t feeling well as the reason for him not appearing on things like the Ford commercials, and announced his actual issue AFTER the show. I would have liked to see the outcome without them week after week releasing information about how sick he was, which I totally believe was at the hand at the idol producers. I’m sure Phillip didn’t go to them and say, I want you to announce that my kidney is failing. Some things should just be kept private, and if he did actually win then it would have been the appropriate time to announce to America that he would be taking a few weeks off for surgery.

  • Anonymous

    Sudden fame does crazy things to people and being connected to a famous person, that’s when all the bottom feeders come out of the woodwork.

    Off subject, but I still remember all the crazy things Elliott Yamin’s girlfriend posted after Idol and Twitter wasn’t even around back then. These people now have to be very, very, careful what they post on social media or run the risk of people getting the wrong impression of them.

  • shell29

    I’m not a fan but I just want the guy to get well and get back to full strength again.  If the surgery isn’t happening today I hope it’s happening very soon.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the surgery is soon. The longer he waits the more pain he has to go through and the more chance there is of him actually missing part of the Idol tour.

    As for his GF, if he didn’t want her tweeting this stuff, all he has to do is say so and I’m sure she’d stop. Other Idols have shut down family members who have overshared stuff on twitter/FB before :)

  • guinness416

    I feel a bit sorry for the girlfriend, though I’m sure she’s thrown herself into her “role”.  Looking at her twitter the whole thing is Phillip Phillip Phillip; being where he needs to be, answering questions from fangirls, doing the spokesperson thang.  Hope she continues with the nursing studies and doesn’t drop out or defer to become a professional MrsP.  And that he isn’t a hound when the girlies come flattering his arrtistreee.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how old the girlfriend is, but I’m assuming she is very young and doesn’t know the consequences of oversharing personal information. If I was Philip, I would definitely tell her to cool it. It really isn’t her place to talk for Philip.

  • Anonymous

    I am sure Phillip’s girlfriend means well. But oh honey, you have no idea what you are letting yourself in for. Once you start talking to fans about their idol, they will never leave you alone. Block your twitter account, and leave the news releases to the PR people.

  • Anonymous

    It really isn’t her place to talk for Philip.

    It may not be, but it also might be his decision to let her do that so that he can concentrate on tweeting fans about the music and not answering questions on his own page.  It’s not like he can’t read his timeline and see that she’s making these statements on his behalf.

    And honestly, she seems a little more articulate on Twitter than he is, so I think it’s probably for the best for the time being.

    The best overall outcome, of course, is for it to be over so that people can talk about something else.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    The story has been picked up by tons of sites, including the NY Daily news, ABC news, Yahoo, etc., so it’s gone far beyond just TMZ (which is ranked second in entertainment sites on the Internet). I agree that most people won’t be interested in it, but the story has been publicized widely, and this all started while Idol was still airing, so Nigel was trying to get publicity “mileage” out of the situation.

  • raya

    She’ll learn.  I doubt Phil’s girlfriend has any dubious intentions.  I think most of the idols have their family members/loved ones who might perhaps tweet and engage with fans a bit too much.  Or in the old days, post on various message boards.  Particularly in the days right after Idol wraps.  Just in Phil’s case, due to him being the winner and all the health issues, more light is being paid to what the girlfriend says.  But they either usually learn, sometimes the hard way, and/or as said, the idol themselves will tell said person to back off.  I’m sure Phil is aware of what his girlfriend is posting and if he had a problem with it, they would deal with it on their own. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that it’s a bad idea for relatives or friends of Idols to interact with fans too much. They should be very low key and remain in the background.

  • raya

    It’s not really new though.  I’m sure if I went on twitter I could find at least one family member/loved one/best friend/significant other for each idol this season that have been tweeting fans and etc. in some capacity.  I think it’s okay up to a point.  The issue with Phil IMO is just that more people are paying attention right now due to his health issues and him being the AI winner.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Oh, I realize that it’s not new, but it’s a bad idea nonetheless.

  • Trina

    She also brushed off the TMZ story that came out finale week and told fans not to believe it. That story didnt say anything that wasnt true and Phillip was barely able to stand during the finale. I think shes doing her best to keep fans from going into panic mode.  Do you really think shes going to broadcast when hes going to have this surgery?

  • CanadianLady

    Heidi (Jame’s then gf now wife) also tweeted last year, as did Scotty’s parents and sister and Lauren’s mother. None of them ran into trouble that I know of and several are actually fun to follow. I don’t see it as a problem if you stay focused and do general PR without doing other stuff.

  • Chris

    I think the “girlfriend” is making sure people know she exists and she’s on the “inside.”  Its her way of saying, “I know lots of personal information, so the rest of you need to back the #$!@ up.”

    It could blow up on her, or him, so she’s better off just keeping their relationship private.

  • Tinawina

    This poor girl. She has no idea what she’s getting herself into.

    Good luck with the surgery Phillip! Speedy recovery!

  • Anonymous

    Bottom line, you don’t want your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend to be an open book on the internet. Some things must remain private and the less said, the better. I think health issues are private. Let the official publicity people be the spokesperson for this type of stuff.

    Girlfriends of Idols chit chatting with fans on Twitter is a bad idea. You have no idea who you’re talking to. You could be talking to a crazy nutjob fan. Again, I think this girl is young and doesn’t know what she’s getting into.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t follow Phil’s girlfriend but has she actually done anything besides reassure fans about Philip’s health?  Seems just fine to me.

  • Leandro

    I think  Nigel  TMZ has never been so interested in a kidney surgery as they seem to be right now. If the pope had one, they wouldn’t report so much about it as they do with P2. Personally, I’d be happy if this surgery happened right now, so the boy would be OK and I could finally read again some interesting gossip on TMZ.

  • Anonymous

    Phillip’s surgery was postponed because he has a fever from a sinus infection:

  • No Thanks

    Poor thing.  Hope he gets better soon.  But I suspect his recovery time might take a little longer than people are planning for.

  • Anonymous

    Hope Phillip a full and speedy recovery. I am beginning to doubt he will be ready for start of tour.

  • Tinawina

    Yikes Phil! Take care of yourself dude! He’s starting to make me a little nervous.

    Oh Nigel. Do you have to use TMZ for everything?

  • Anonymous

    Actually in terms of Scotty and Lauren I think having their Mom’s tweet has at times taken the presure off of them to always be connecting with the fans while keeping the masses happy it does seem to satisfy people. 

  • Wui Zhuan Lim

    Get well soon, Phillip!

    To “Snow”
    The season is over.

  • Chris

    I think the parents tweeting is fine. Most only tweet periodically anyway and only joined twitter for their kids.

    Girl or boyfriends are opening up a can of worms but that’s JMO. I don’t answer questions for my husband.

  • Pam

    Poor guy.  I feel really bad for him.  I’m sure he wants nothing more than to be out of pain so that the recovery process can begin.  Yep, Phillip’s gf has no idea what she’s getting into with the fans.  I wish her the best of luck and most importantly, a speedy recovery for Phillip!

  • Anonymous

    Does it not bother anyone that we’re accepting medical updates from TMZ? For starters, there is absolutely no way he had 8 “surgeries” during the competition (unless they’re using a very loose definition of surgery).  And “urgent” surgeries do not get postponed for two weeks. I can understand P2 wanting to make the finale, but the surgery was scheduled an entire week after the win. Clearly he’s in a certain amount of pain and he needs this procedure, sooner rather than later, but I’m also certain that TMZ has been bending the facts to make the story more dramatic. If forced to chose, I’d listen to the girlfriend and ignore TMZ, who really shouldn’t be giving out “details” on someone’s health based on hearsay.

  • guinness 416

    I am mildly curious, what is the deal with these kids and health insurance?  Are they all covered til the tour is over?  Or are, say, Jessica and Joshua covered while they do the publicity stuff but the likes of Holly on her own if she broke a leg?

  • windmills

    Just get well, P2. Just get well. 

  • Gwen

    His girlfriend and TMZ aside, he needs to handle this ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    I know that it’s been reported he WILL be going on tour, but after all we keep hearing I wonder if he’ll miss the first few dates.

  • Tess

    First, Phil probably has health insurance on his folk’s policy.  Unmarried kids are entitled to stay on their parent’s policy ’till they are 25.  Second, AI kids have to become unionized and part of being in the union is availability of health insurance.

    And, per someone else’s question, if Phillip had any stones “zapped” over the last 12 weeks that may constitute surgery in some people’s minds.  Personally I’d call it a procedure.  Depends on whether any kind of an incision had to be made.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Poor Phillip. The sooner he gets the surgery, the better.

    Regarding his girlfriend, she shouldn’t feel like she has to give these updates. It can be a private matter. Get off Twitter for awhile, don’t feel pressured to appease the curious/nosy fans, ignore TMZ and not worry about what they’re reporting, etc.

    She doesn’t owe her time or constant information about the surgery to anyone. It’s his health and their personal lives. They could tell everyone to STFU and MYOB and I would completely understand and support that, ha-ha.

    Then when all is well, they (or he) can address it and update everyone on the status of things.

  • Anonymous

    What a bummer for Phil, whether the sinus infection thing is true or not. Imagine riding the high that is AI, winning, and then not being able to just get out there and talk to people and show everybody what you can do. He seems to have a passion for music and I think the quicker he is better the happier he’ll be. (duh, right? I really should think before I type. ha) I wish him all the best and quick recovery once he does have the surgery. I am really looking forward to hearing Phil’s own stuff. 

  • Anonymous

    When kidney stones move, they are very painful, especially if the person is unable to pass them.  Doctors do have a procedure whereby they laser the stones to break them up small enough for a person to pass.  Perhaps they already tried this process – it does not always work.  I really feel badly for him since he must be in a lot of pain.  He needs to get the surgical procedure done as quickly as possible so that the stones do not destroy his kidney.  His health is his main priority right now.  Once he is well, he can focus on his music career.  This might give him lots of song writing material, which is supposed to be his forte’.  He is not my musical flavor, but I wish him luck with his health and his music career.  He is in my thoughts and prayers.   

  • THP

    He should have handed his win to Jessica?   

    Wow, that makes sense.   Not.

    He won!  Its not his fault that he has medical issues!  It is what it is.

  • Anonymous

    I know someone who has Phillip’s condition. This person has to have a surgery every two years, for life. Zapping with lasers does not work. Every two years this person takes two weeks off work for the surgery, and at the end of two weeks they are back at work and say they are feeling fine. This person has also had a stent, like Phillip’s, and said that they are irritating as hell. When TMZ said 8 prior surgeries, I thought they might mean over the course of Phillip’s whole life.

  • chessguy99

    This is standard procedure. I’ve had a couple of minor surgeries set back a week or two, due to having a blood test indicating a minor infection of some sort. Give him a Z-Pack and wait a week. No doctor is going to do non-emergency surgery unless they have optimal conditions. 

  • clearone

    Like someone else said, just get well Phillip.  My gosh how much does he have to go through before he can start to enjoy the wild ride he’s on?  It just seems so unfair.

    As for Hannah on Twitter, it is up to her and Phillip but he does have PR people now (no not TMZ!) I would imagine so let them handle the updates.  Sadly most learn the hard way when it comes to these things, though.  I would hope the PR people would advise them on what they thing would be best. 

  • SamC

    ppl keep saying “i had kidney stones and it took one quick procedure and i was fine” p2 has more than just kidney stones. He was born with only one functioning kidney to begin with and his only working kidney has more problems than just the stones. He has to have reconstruction surgery. 

  • idolstruck

    I wish Phillip the best of health. Get well soon!

  • Jessicas Street Team

    Pardon me for not caring. I did not tune into FOX to watch Discovery Health. 

  • Jessicas Street Team

    Hopefully this means he’ll miss my tour date. 

  • iFoundIt

    He should of just handed his win to Jessica, just saw her on Live With Kelly and she did amazing as usual. 

    No, Season 11 is done. Phillip won. That’s not going to change. Instead of trying to compete with Phillip, what Jessica needs to do is focus on proving to Jimmy Iovine that she is worthy of a record deal for an album. Her runner status doesn’t guaranteed her an album the way it does Phillip. It would help if she
    got stronger ITunes numbers.

  • Axxxel

    I agree with you that this ordeal will give P2 lots of inspiration for his new songs… being in a hospital bed for a few days doing nothing… can be boring or an opprtunity to reflect about life and start thinking about creating new songs,….

  • Erlinda

    If I have health issue and I win AI, I will take care of my health first because it is the most important thing, other things can wait unless there is really nothing there to worry in the first place.