Phillip Phillips “Pull Trigger” New Song Live Premiere (VIDEO)

Phillip Phillips Pull Trigger

Phillip Phillips Pull Trigger Premier!

At a concert appearance at Wild Adventures in Georgia Saturday night (April 12), Phillip Phillips debuted a brand new song, “Pull Trigger”.

The new tune will appear on the American Idol season 11’s sophomore album, Behind the Light, set to come out on May 19.

In this live performance “Pull Trigger” is mashed up with “Where we Came From” from Phillip’s debut album, World from the Side of the Moon. The two songs together make for a very long and impressive jam.

The new song tells an intense story of love that came too late. As a live performer, Phillip is really coming into his own. I don’t have tickets for his summer tour yet, but I’m going to think about it now.

Speaking of the summer tour: Phillip is going out on a headlining tour with O.A.R, beginning on June 19 in St. Louis.

Watch the performance below.

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  • Anny_nanny

    Phillip come to Europe! Please.

  • jayidrocks

    I would like that too. But I don´t see that happen in the next time :(
    There isn´t any release date of lead single or new album anywhere in Europe, so I can´t imagine him making a tour. Maybe some rockfestivals, but atleast at “The Rock am Ring” festival line up ( where he should go last year) I couldn´t find him.

    The style of the new song is a bit like “Wanted is love”. A quiet verse with some falsetto and a rocky chorus. I don´t know yet, if I like the song. While the chorus is pretty great, the verses are not quite that much.

  • Tess Herself

    After listening to this I can truthfully say I am not a fan of Phillip’s voice or style…too much angst and growl. But, I’ll stand up for some of the songs he has sung…which have been proven to be stayers. He is the epitome of the entertainer who is about a song and not so much about himself, for me.

  • BehindTheLight

    “It was too late to give you love but it was too late to give you up” really powerful lyrics. Love this a lot.

  • jpfan2

    Very solid. This seals the deal for me that Phillip is not a Pop artist. His own music is really nothing like the folk infused Home or GGG . He’s a talented guy and hopefully has the goods for real career longevity.

  • P2’s Payola

    Better version below- lyrics are clearer in this one. The live performance is passionate. Speaks of a broken soul ‘ Inside your mind, you pull the trigger.”- perhaps narrating a mental breakdown of a loved one that you hopelessly watch self-destruct.

    He has changed the funk-jam to straight out rock jam after Where We Came From/Mystikal- amazing to hear Jazz Sax/Trumpet with the rock. Can’t pinpoint where I have heard it before- it is from a classic rock song 60’s, 70’s.

    He has done that before- the entire guitar interlude that his Guitarist Errol Cooney plays in In The Air is from Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

    That’s why it is fun to see him sing the same song- because it is not the same song after a while.

  • jayidrocks

    I agree with ” Phillip isn´t a Pop artist, but there are some songs from him which are folk infused ( Hold on, Tell me a Story), but maybe different from GGG and Home. Despite Phillips announcement, that the next album is more rock , I hope a bit for some folky ballads like TMAS.
    Speaking about the new album I´m quiet confident, that “Trigger” is one track from it.

  • OnTheDownLow

    Another brilliant song from the Phillips Team. Can’t wait for new album.

  • lovetheusa1776

    The more he gets away from Home and GGG, and the more I see glimpses of what intrigued me on Idol, the better I like it.

  • girlygirl

    I like this. Phillip has really become an strong live performer. But this is also an excellent example of why he is always compared to Dave Matthews, because it sounds very much like something that we would hear DMB do. Nothing wrong with that, of course, necessarily :)

  • Madilo

    How intense, i love it :)

  • macfae

    I am liking this a lot. Interesting lyrics. Cool feel. And I like the jam band sound he is pursuing. I love the inclusion of sax, trumpet, strings, cello and guitars, of course, in his music. I am anxious to hear more.

  • Barbara Rodriguez

    I love this song !!! Can’t wait for the new album *fingers crossed * my kids will get me tickets ( for mother’s day ) to his show in Boston hint hint :D

  • macfae

    thank you..i was hoping more would emerge. .

  • torngorn


  • Anny_nanny

    Phillip Phillips Visits The Orange Lounge, Performs New Song “Searchlight”