Phillip Phillips Laughs in the Face of TMZ (VIDEO)

TMZ managed to corner poor Phillip Phillips to ask him why he’s not willing to help out his family.

Phillip basically laughs in the pap’s face and then quickly switches the subject to his upcoming album, World From the Side of the Moon. Plug away, Phillip.

The TMZ spin is that Phillip is “bobbing and weaving” away from the question as if he has something to hide. But the bemused look on Phillip’s face tells another story.

Watch below

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  • fuzzywuzzy

    P2 handled that TMZ guy very well, in his own laidback way and I love how he got in a plug for his upcoming album. lol

  • Mike

    Good for him….those people from TMZ have no scruples at all….they will create something out of nothing….regardless of who they may or may not hurt all in the name of boosting ratings.  Shame on them….and good job on Phillips part for not taking the bait & staying above the fray.

  • Danny Latham

    TMZ = biggest douchebags in entertainment. Sorry, reporter, but you are NOT a journalist!! Good thing Idol gives the contestants a crash course on how to handle these tabloid trash merchants by letting them tour TMZ. (of course, it’s because Idol has a relationship with douchebags)

  • girlygirltoo

    That was the most laid back “you people are idiots” type response. Nice low key plug for the album, too, although he should have thrown in the release date, haha

  • wkstrack

    That’s exactly what I thought watching the vid. 19/Idol camp DOES give the  contestants a crash course in how to handle the paps. I don’t think they have the “TMZ skit” on Idol for two seasons now for no reason. Yes, Idol/Nigel does have a relationship with TMZ but it seems the contestants do learn something from it.

  • lisa

    celebs hate tabloids tmz and all others because they pay friends past friends really anyone that can give dirt on’s not all crap that’s’s just the way they go about getting the info that’s crap 

  • OffLeash

    lmao! Well done, P2!

    The boy is a fast learner. :p

  • lufausljc

    well done phillips, haha he is very funny. Even promoting his album lol. His laugh and response was spot on, proud of him for learning how to handle those idiots. 

  • chillj

    I like this kid.

  • CanadianLady

    Way to go, Phillip!

  • Enough already!

    One would “think” a celebrity’s personal family life off limits!   One would think!

  • Listening

    Umm I don’t see Idol’s association w/ TMZ as somekind of positive thing. In actuality it’s kind of weird for all the dirt and negative press and belittlement of past contestants TMZ has participated in why have anything to do w/ it. But they’re talking to them and sending contestants to their show. I just think there’s a more Machiavellian reason behind TMZ and Idol being cohorts. Like Idol’s involved in shoveling the dirt to TMZ to get Idol more attention. The whole relationship is suspicious.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree. I don’t see the “association” of the Idol contestants with TMZ as a positive thing in any way. It sort of casts an air of legitimacy on TMZ, which I don’t like. I’d feel like taking a shower after meeting these guys. lol

  • LA944

    That was pretty awesome. Go Phillip!

  • Kiet Long

    Phillip Phillips and Scotty McCreery &  Rickey Minor and His Band ill perform at the Grove in Los Angeles for Christmas Lighting event on November 11 .

  • SamC

    hahaha he was just like “your a moron” love it phil keep it upp

  • Miz

    Good for Phillip not biting. However, they’ll still spin it to make him look bad.

  • roarpen

    Nice job Phillip! Phil – 1  TMZ – 0