Phillip Phillips Joins a Phillips Phillips Super Group! (VIDEO)

This parody from The Soup featuring American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips is the funniest thing EVER. Poking fun at Phillips name means hooking him up with with some other Phillips to form an awesome SUPER GROUP! Sadly, a really scary soccer ball had to stand in for one of the missing members. Ha.

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  • LA944


  • rayni

    Hahaha!! LDP was really funny and P2 was a great sport.


  • Michael Bishop

    I prefer Wilson Phillips to Philip Phillips.

  • SamC

    that was cute i actually hope pp records that song lol its catchy

  • iluvai

    Wilson Phillip Phillips Phillips for the win!  LOL!!! (Dang, I had a hard time typing that out.)

  • Miz

    Pretty cute. :)

  • TheOther

    So much has changed in the 7 mos since winning Idol.   Phillip must be having the time of his life.

  • Shoria

    Thank you for warning. I will make sure to skip The Soup this week.

  • angiedb

    So funny! I watched this multiple times last night. Cracks me up. Dubstep, Christmas sweaters, Phil and Lou Diamond Phillips, what could possible be wrong with that! lol  

  • macfae

    Haha !  Loved this….The Soup usually ( and rightly so ) rips reality shows…so it’s especially
    great for Phillip.
    I got such a bang out of it that I’ve watched it multiple times but then I’m a P2 fan.

  • hayes

    Haha, most people probably don’t even realize he actually has a track called “Hold On.”

    BTW, that is actually Wilson the volleyball, from the movie “Cast Away”.

  • overthetop1

    That was great. LDP. Fantastic.

  • getaway1

    Fun. Fun. Fun. Got to give up to a guy who doesn’t take himself that seriously.

  • stargazed

    That is crazy funny.  

  • potatorocks

    Wilson Phillip Phillip Philips  I love you.  Fan club?

  • windmills

    I LOL’d hard! I loved how P2 was having the worst time suppressing his laughter. Lou Diamond Phillips was awesome – I just about lost it when he said “And if you haven’t had your [pause, knowing look] fill…” 

  • tucker davis

    Love Wilson, the vollyball! Loved the Hanks movie! Whoever wrote this did a good job…didn’t catch everything the first time…lol. And didn’t LDP play a singer in ‘La Bamba’?
    “Allow 3-4 years for delivery”

  • standtotheright

    Yes, more like that.  Good.

    Hold On: Dubstep is cracking my shit up. I kind of want to hear an actual remix now.