Phillip Phillips “Home” Tops the iTunes Songs Chart

AMERICAN IDOL: The Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips performs his victory song during the sason 11 AMERICAN IDOL GRAND FINALE at the Nokia Theatre on Weds. May 23, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.  CR: Michael Becker/FOX

Congratulations to Phillip Phillips! His coronation single, “Home” is currently #1 on the Overall iTunes songs chart!  What’s more, he currently has 20 of his Idol single charting in the Top 300 songs! And, his Idol compilation album Journey to the Finale is #3 on the iTunes overall album chart!

Jessica Sanchez charts 3 songs on iTunes, her highest single is “The Prayer” at #107.  The Season Finale album, featuring both Phillip and Jessica sits at #2 on the album chart.

Philip Phillips iTunes Singles:

#1 – Home
11 – We’ve Got Tonight
20 – Volcano
24 – Stand By Me
36 – Beggin’
37 – Movin’ Out
52 – U Got It Bad
64 – Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
69 – Disease
89 – Fat Bottomed Girls
98 – Time of the Season
126 – Superstition
136 – The Stone
139 – That’s All
150 – Still Rainin’
159 – In The Midnight Hour
173 – Give More
176 – The Letter
189 – Hard to Handle
253 – This Love

Jessica Sanchez iTunes Singles

107 – The Prayer
168 – Change Nothing
274 – I Will Always Love You
205 – I Have Nothing

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  • Rand

    Interesting, maybe we have a real winner like Scotty… who actually sells music?

  • Anonymous

    Good for Phillip!  I’m so happy that he won; he was my favorite from the beginning. 

  • Wally.

    Where can I see the top 300 of iTunes? 

  • Anonymous

    Colton has 2 in the top 200! Do you have a link for more than the top 200?

  • Anonymous

    i think phillip will do really well, just my opinion, i dont even really like him myself, but apparently he has alot of fans

  • Anonymous

    Colton  – Pop Itunes Top 200: Piano Man and Love the Way You Lie

  • Wally.

    Jessica has only one song in the overall chart… something is strange? I know she has fans; alots of them.. whats up?

  • Jane

    But don’t forget — that’s NOT really his single.  ;)

  • Anonymous

     If you have iTunes on your computer, check the far right column and you’ll find Top Charts singles and to the right you’ll find See All.

    Click on that and it will take you to another page which will show the top 200.

    You can sort by Artist and find Phillip Phillips and what he has on the charts.

  • Chris

    Sounds like it’s his 1st single whether he wants it or not.

  • Anonymous

    I think he means top 300!

  • Wally.

    yep, top 300… 

  • Anonymous

    Deserved. I really like this song, I’ve been listening almost non-stop since tuesday! Really good song.

  • SamC

    thats pretty solid. His album of all the songs he did this season is also #3 and his and jessica album is at #2. even though idol is loosing viewers, it is no way going anywhere when sales results are like this. 

  • Guest

    Jessica’s getting wrecked. :(

  • Anonymous

    Phillip also has #1 on iTunes Canada, and 12 singles on the top 200 chart. Jessica has 1. I’m actually quite impressed to see how well Phillips songs are selling. I hope he keeps it up!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I wonder whose single this is?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Jessica’s fans are all in the Philippines and they can’t do iTunes.

  • Anonymous

    “Jessica’s getting wrecked. :(”

    Well, she’s young enough for a very big reinvention. Vocal talent and skill may not count for as much as it used to, but I’m sure somebody will take a shot with it. It should make her malleable enough vocally to sing any kind of song, meaning they won’t have to worry about anything except her image otherwise.

  • Guest

    Good for Phillip :)

    This win may not sting as badly if he can keep up the sales. He is at least doing better than Lee?

  • BigNLiddle

    This will be hard to figure out if he’ll be “successful” or not, because of the ratings. I don’t know if that made sense. lolz.

  • phil_atlanta2

    Keep in mind that except for “Home” the other songs have been on sale for 1-10 weeks. Apple has been keeping those songs out of the charts until today. Thee high chart position for the older songs represents mostly sales over several weeks but they will be counted for this week. It is an Idol oddity so as to keep it a “secret” who is ahead during the season. I think it is stupid and they should do like The Voice and let the contestants’ songs chart during the season. That might increase competition among fans and drive up sales.

  • fed

    welp, looks like he’s dong about similar to kris right out the gate. not sure how well scotty’s songs were charting this time last year, and i remember cook being really dominant. oh, lee. 

  • Anonymous

    Impressive!! Congratulations, Phillip!!

  • Anonymous

    In the generation of Justin Bieber, are people really surprised that girls will support a male artist they think is cute? Lol

  • LJR

     David Cook was a real winner who actually sold music like Phil is doing now

  • phil_atlanta2

    Here are the relevant MJ posts from 3 year’s ago. The day after the finale, Kris hit #1 on iTunes (even with the dreadful No Boundaries), and between him and Adam they had a almost 30 songs in the top 100.

    The following week, they both (and Cook) charted on the Billboard Hot 100 and Digital Singles. Their sales numbers were impressive but still down from the two David’s the previous year.

  • Anonymous

    Just for the record, here’s KA and AL’s iTunes performance the Friday after.

    Factors that may or may not be relevant: 

    Some of the S8 finale songs weren’t available immediately after the show.  Changes the sales week a bit.

    Other songs around these are/were presumably selling different amounts. (Gotye and CRJ have been selling over 200K a week with their songs, but they’ve been charting awhile too).

    KA had some kind of album pre-order pass along with the season retrospective album.

    Someone else can find McCreery.

  • Pam

    I just finished posting all of those in the numbers thread a few minutes ago.  Congrats to Phillip!  Not bad.  It will be interesting to see how his single does in the next few days.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, impressive!  Go Phillip!

  • Guest

    I keep playing “Home” over and over – I LOVE that catchy song! And his gritty voice keeps growing on me.  This one is my favorite of his, but really like “We’ve Got Tonight” and “Volcano” as well. He also does CCR-type songs well. I don’t know that I would buy a whole album of Phillip, but pretty sure I’ll download some songs from whatever he puts out.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Wow, where’s Jessica? I can’t remember another runner-up faring so poorly on iTunes right after the finale. Hopefully, whatever they have planned for her album goes better than the Pia experiement.

    After seeing Phillip’s comments about his not-single, I am hoping for the thing to become massive!

  • Le Viet Anh Nghi

    i thiink it is still a rolling chart for other songs and not cumulative sales. It it is, the position should not be this low. I mean you must see Jessica’s IWALY somewhere if it is cumulative. 

  • Troy Mccoy

    I like Jessica, but I am not surprised by her numbers. This is what it would of looked like if Pia got the save last year and made it to the finale.

    I hope they dont make her release an album quick. She needs to go through artist development first. I dont want her career to end off a rushed album before it begins, because I believe she has something, but she needs the right people to work with her to find the perfect songs, and which way they should market her.

  • Wanda Dragomirescu

    Numbers dont lie. This is the reason why Jimmy and the judges kept fawning over him. The boy can sell records. We can complain all day about power voting, but if you take texting away, I have a feeling P2 would’ve still won this competition. If Jessica was the ” rightful ” winner, she would’ve had a bit more singles on the charts. Yes, she has an amazing voice. But she doesnt inspire people to pick up the phone or their wallets. Sorry.

  • hcpoirot

    Jessica need to pick the right songs and hope some luck in her side when they release her first album. She is young, cute and had very good vocal. But can she connect to the people so they want to buy her album?

    Based on P2 charting on Itunes, it safe to say that he dominate the whole voting each week since live round begin.

  • teacup

    I thought the winner always ends up #1 on iTunes with the coronation single? So this isn’t unexpected. 

  • Miz

    I’m glad that the iTunes sales bear out his popularity on the show. I wish people who drop the ‘voting for cute guys with or without guitars’ schtick and realize that people actually vote for the type of music they like and want to listen to.

    I am surprised that Jessica doesn’t have more sales, though. I personally don’t like that style of music, but she has a beautiful and powerful voice. 

  • Anonymous

     i find the surprise this year isnt that phillip is at no. 1 because scotty was last year, i find it surprising how low jessica is, because lauren did well last year with her first week of sales for her coronation single, i dont think she was no. 1 but i think she hit the top 10, and she came in second. i guess i thought jessica would do better poor song or not

  • Le Viet Anh Nghi

    the unexpected things are: 1.P2 is having a huge lead over CMM 2.a slew of his songs are selling, not just one. 

  • Anonymous

    Nope, numbers don’t lie and look like the ones who voted for him are backing up their votes with dollars. Jessica hasn’t inspired anyone if your looking at itunes. She might be destined to take the Philippines by storm, but she has a ways to go before the American public care enough to spend their money on her music. 

  • CanadianLady

    As someone who has bought pretty well all of Phillip’s songs, I know why they’re selling. They’re really good! :)

  • Anonymous

     i agree with this, scotty has had to put up with the same thing, and he has done very well because people like his voice, and the style of country music he sings. not everyone thinks he is cute

  • Anonymous

     i think it explains somewhere that the slew of his other songs that are selling i believe are past sales, not what he is doing right now, that idol releases them later not like the voice who does it right away, somewhere it explains it

  • Anonymous

    Remember how David Cook had maybe 11 songs in the top 100 right after the finale? People don’t keep buying unless they love the output.

  • Loretta

    No that isn’t unexpected but look at how many songs Philip has in the top songs.  That floored me.  It is very impressive.

  • Anonymous

    Thee high chart position for the older songs represents mostly sales over several weeks but they will be counted for this week.

    That’s not the case.  These positions show the rate at which these songs are selling right now.  We’ll never know what Phillip and the other contestants’ songs have been doing all season.  AI won’t even release a cumulative total for them. What we don’t know is whether or not these songs have been selling at this rate all along, or whether or not  people just decided to buy these songs last night.

    Phillip was never in the bottom three, but he seemed to peak at the right time, right when Joshua and Jessica were given or picked some very bad songs.  But, while this chart looks impressive, that doesn’t mean that these people will buy Phillip’s post AI album.  

  • Taylor

    They are backing Phil right now, as they are buying cover songs. It’s just like the Glee songs that make it into the top 100 every week. The true test is whether or not the voters will be interested in buying an album full of non-cover songs from P2 in the fall.

  • Anonymous

    People don’t keep buying unless they hear the output to decide if they love it.

    Sparks moved units without a strong coronation single because she had smash singles.  Cook moved units with a long-lasting coronation single and some other reasonably well charting ones.  McCreery, same thing. 

    It’s about radio.  Only a tiny sliver of viewers who watch the show and might consider purchasing the music wait around to Spotify the album and decide if they are going to buy. They either pre-order for support or they buy based on the radio singles. 

    P2 needs radio, same as everyone else. 

  • Anonymous

    I think that Jessica’s number would look a little better if she’d had better songs the past two weeks.  Jessica might not have a lot of the usual blind faithful idol fans, but she seems to have the attention of people who are fans of the music that she could potentially release, and  her original song, as well as the other songs that she’s done recently, don’t fit the type of music that these people would be willing to buy. 

  • Judy Charette

    No thank you, I already downloaded M&S. The only song that was half good was the Matchbox song, but still not good enough.Good Idea to put all songs on itunes to see what sticks.

  • Just Me!

    My understanding it is a combination of current sales rate (dominate factor) and past sales combined in some undisclosed way.

  • OffLeash

    That’s what I thought too. Maybe Pam can confirm. 
    I always thought the Idol charting reflected both past sales and recent sales. In other words, it’s cumulative since they were available for download on iTunes the week those songs were performed on the show. 

    The only reason we didn’t see them before is because Idol, for whatever reason, doesn’t allow the contestants singles to show on the charts. Their stats stay hidden until the end of the finale.

    That said, I’m so impressed and thrilled at how well Phil is selling. And add to his US ranking a #1 on iTunes Canada top 100 overall with “Home” for a total of 9 songs charting in Canada’s top 100, well congrats. Fantastic!

    I didn’t see Jessica’s songs in the Canada top 100, but maybe she’s charting lower.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica just needs the right material and she could take off. They have to get her a hit single in a pop/R&B vibe, that would play on all the hit, Top 40 radio stations. Jessica fits that mold, while stuff from Phillip’s album will most likely not be playing on like Z100. So I’m not overly concerned that Jessica isn’t selling well with her Idol stuff…but it’s up to Jimmy to find a hit radio single for her so that she can have a successful first album. 

  • Anonymous

    Nigel claimed it varied week to week as to who was dominating.  I’m sure Josh owned a few weeks at the top as well.

  • OffLeash

    Josh still has 2 tracks in the top 300:

    144. It’s A Man’s World (Joshua Ledet)
    244. This Love (duet Phillip Phillips- Joshua Ledet)

  • Anonymous

    That can be said for every Idol, not just Phillip. 

  • Anonymous

    not true. Colton led the Billy Joel week at #19.

  • Tiffany

    I found this re. Scotty and Lauren on the internet after last years finale.

     With estimates of 180,000 for McCreery and 140,000 for Alaina they will easily top the winners of Season 9 (Lee DeWyze with 95,000 and Crystal Bowersox with 49,000) and also Season 8 (Kris Allen with 134,000 and Adam Lambert with 115,000.) It is interesting to note that Lauren’s sales should surpass the sales of all the Season 8 and 9 winners and runners up, and Scotty’s sales will also surpass David Archuleta’s first week sales (166,000) although not quite match the success of David Cook (236,000).It is interesting to note that for everyone except Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze, every contestant has sold more on the first week of their albums than their first week of their first single.

    “I Love You This Big,” McCreery’s coronation song that serves as his debut single, entered this week’s Billboard Hot 100 at No. 11.

    The ballad faired equally well on iTunes, as it has remained in the top 10 throughout the week and has logged more than 173,000 downloads, according to information distributed by McCreery’s new label, Mercury Nashville.

    Alaina’s first single, “Like My Mother Does,” debuted at No. 20 on Billboard’s chart and has sold more than 124,000 downloads.

  • TheOther

    Congratulations to Phillip.  Well deserved.  It’s a great song.  Sure to be a hit.

  • YoyoSassy

     They must be to young to buy music.

  • Anonymous

     Overthetop1, David Cook had 17 songs in the top 100.  1 TOML 7 DB 9 ISHFWILF 14 TWIK 21 IDWTMAT 24 BJ 29. ABMB 32 H 41 MOTN 51 ER 60 I’m A 66 LS 68 HLTW 69 Innoc. 82 DT 90 ARN 97 HT

    Phillip having so many songs in the top 300 indicates he’s a popular winner.  The question is whether those fans will still be there to buy his CD.

  • Brittney

    I really think Idol might have been a little confining to Jessica or something. It’s was a little odd that her best overall performance vocals everything was on the last show of the season with J. Holliday. She brought it on that one.

  • idolstruck

    That’s amazing! Congratulations to Phillip!! A very deserving and popular winner!  Can’t wait for his debut album!

  • Troy Mccoy

    I still think the cute white guy thing is still in tact.  Most of the popular white guy winners with the exception of Lee have done good on the first album and even the first fews single, so it is not a shock to see him so high on itunes. He still could be getting sales because people vote for him and like him, not necessarily the music. The question is, does he has long term success. So far none of the white guys winners have held up to the numbers or even came close to the numbers they set on the first album.  The jury is still out on Scotty with album number two.

    It seems most idol winners do really well, but when they release album number two their buying fanbase gets cut in half or even more. Which can be due to double buying or people just supporting their artist but not really sticking around for album two, because they already forgot about them.

  • Hazehel

    I always thought the Idol charting reflected both past sales and recent sales. In other words, it’s cumulative since they were available for download on iTunes the week those songs were performed on the show.

    No.  For the iTunes chart position that Pam posted, it’s from a chart that regularly updated, and reflects current sale.  The rolling period I think is around a day, i.e. it reflect only the sales within the last 24 hours or so (this rolling period changes, used to be 2-3 days a few years ago, but now it’s got much shorter.  24 hours is my best guess, although it could be lower.)

  • getaway1

    LOL, I am sure if he wasn’t getting these results, his critics would be all over him.  No one is saying this is going to define what kind of career he will have.  But something tells me Iovine and Fuller are happy with Phillip at this point.

  • Anonymous

    I am on my phone and can’t read through all the comments so sorry if this was mentioned, but I’ve tried all day to download Jessica’s album and iTunes won’t let me….says they are modifying it?

  • Anonymous

    “Home” is a beautiful song.  Last night was quite a moment with that song playing, the confetti falling, Phillip strumming his guitar and crying…an idol moment, for sure.

  • fed

    i’d wait until she releases her album to make that assumption. she isn’t as popular with the idol voting crowd as P2 is (obviously), but i think she has a better shot of roping in the non-idol viewing, purchasing segment of the population. which is a big one lol.

  • TheOther

    I would think that if Phillip does really well with Home, it can only help the AI tour.   Hopefully it will also help bring more attention to other Idols (including Jessica) and their music.

    I don’t know why it’s neccessary that Phillip needs to fails so that Jessica looks good.  

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty obvious that Jessica isn’t as popular with folks watching Idol. Just look at iTunes. And I’m not exactly sure what magic Jimmy is going to come up for her. She’s limited in the sexy Beyonce stuff because she’s only 16 And no one in into Celine type pop these days.

    I’m not predicting that P2 will sell like a champ but he’ll probably do alot better than Jessica. At least for the first year after Idol. ;0

  • Cathy Knott

    Let’s see what happens when his cd drops.  All winners do well on Itunes after they have won.  Unfortunately in most cases it doesn’t continue.

  • Anonymous

    Well like you said she wasn’t popular with folks watching idol, but it doesn’t mean she can’t be successful with the right audience. She told the media yesterday that she’ll be taking the RnB/Urban route for her album, so she just needs some good material. Look with Jessica, Jimmy just has to forget the AI audience, market her like a completely new artist. Get her on a radio tour of Urban stations, establish her as a an RnB act, and then maybe try to get a pop crossover. 

    I know people are already dismissing her because of her chart position, but with the talent she has at 16, there’s just too much potential. It’s not the end for her. Yes Phillip will sell to his base, however big that base is, but I just don’t see a radio format that would play his rock-jazz (as he describes it) music. Without radioplay, how is he going to sustain sales? 

  • OffLeash

    All the runner ups have done very well on iTunes too right after the finale. So those who are predicting probable future failure for Phil despite his great rankings today, what do they think is in store for Jessica then?

  • nancy

    You know what?  I’m just glad, in a way, that Jessica didn’t win over PP, because I’m SOOOO sick of the fan wars!  If she had won, we fans never would have heard the end of it!  I love Kris Allen too, but we his fans have never really heard the end of it that he actually WON, fair & square!  Very sad.  So as much as I love Jessica, I know she’s a winner & she’ll do GREAT!  i wish Phillip well too, with his music & his health problems.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Trust me, just when I thought her not winning would lessen the fan wars away, it is still prevalent  and heightened as ever. It won’t go away any time soon…

  • Loretta

    Being a Kris Allen fan myself, I am taken aback by the fair and square statement,  Yes Kris won but wouldn’t he have been better off coming in 2nd and not having Adam best him at every turn?  I think so. 

    Gokey fans all swung votes to Kris and then the AT&T and triple the votes for AK etc. 

    While I was thrilled Kris won I know question if it was fair and square because Adam on tour and since seems to have more fans.  IDK but I see it that way.

  • idolstruck

    So tired of fan wars too! Unfortunately, some of Jessica’s Filipino fans, living in the Philippines are still whining and spewing negativity in the net and they can be really very harsh and insulting…sigh… Posting negative comments in youtube, various websites, won’t change the outcome. I’m half Filipino and I do know how enthusiastic Filipinos can be but I do hope they put an end to it and just be gracious with the decision. I hope that instead of endlessly whining/crying about the “cute white guy won theory” “wgwg” crap they should start fully supporting their idol and try buying some of Jessica’s songs…and no illegal downloading please! :)

  • iFoundIt

    Wow, really impressive, Phillip.  Home is such a great song.  The court of public opinion has spoken where it counts – with their wallets:) 

    Is Jessica the worse post finale Itunes seller of all the 2nd place finishers?   Last year’s runner-up Lauren Alaina sold 400,000 copies of her finale original “Like My Mother Does,” good enough to get it to #20 on the charts in its first week.)

  • Anonymous

    im not so surprised that phillips song went to no. 1, scottys did last year,and other winners have i am surprised that jessica has had such poor sales. i wasnt a fan of hers but she did come in second and therefore had alot of fans. I find alot of times with the singles the fans do come forward and buy it initially the first week to support their idol. i think laurens song went as high as no. 7 on itunes i believe, i could be wrong

  • Penny Burke

     Best coronation song in 11 seasons.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica’s doesn’t have as many fans as people think.  Ryan never said how many votes came in for each, which to me means that Phillip had a huge margin of votes.

  • tc l

    I’m happy for Phil, he’s a good guy… but there is a verse in the Holy Bible  Matthew 16:20 “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”… I hope this will be the case of  Jessica. I wish for both of them to have their own mark in the music and entertainment industry (good and successful marks).

  • tc l

     that’s the problem I guess…piracy…it kill dreams…haizzz.

  • idolstruck

    I wish Jessica success but I think she will have a very challenging uphill climb. Charice Pempengco, another Filipino singer who is a more powerful and much better singer is still finding it difficult to make it in the US music industry despite exposure in Glee.  Even Lea Salonga another Filipina who had some success in Broadway (w/ a Tony award!), very articulate and also a much better singer w/ such a beautiful voice had difficulty breaching the US music industry.   

  • revcat

    I think Jessica will do just fine… Isn’t Archie really popular in the Phillipines? It would be great if they appeared together once he is done with his church mission. Come to think of it they would make a cute couple (matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match lol)!

    And best wishes to Phillip for a speedy recovery from his upcoming surgery and for a successful career in a most difficult and fickle business. As others posted here, if Jess had won the rumors of “illegal” votes from overseas would have forever dogged her so it probably worked out for the best. I don’t think anyone outside of the blogosphere is even aware of the WGWG meme, most viewers IMHO have already moved on.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Material, material, material. Charice had a mediocre single with weird lyrics (Pyramid, or something?).

    Lea Salonga is an incredibly well-respected singer in the industry; maybe not a super mainstream/household name, but I’d say she’s done quite well for herself.

  • Taylor

    I love Jessica’s voice, but don’t really like Charice’s. Just because Charice hasn’t made it doesn’t mean that no other singer with Fillipino blood can ever make it in the US.

    Charice didn’t have the right look for television. Jessica does, she has a good look for TV and videos.

  • Shawn

    I’m really happy for Phil, he seems like a very nice and sincere guy, who obviously had bigger health issues then anyone thought and showed great inner strength in battling through it.  It’s pretty amazing to see him doing so well.  I am a bit surprised that Jessica isn’t doing quite as well, but I think this is more a case of Phil having more relevant, i.e., more radio friendly songs which he did during the season then Jess did.  Ballads are wonderful to listen to every now and then, especially when sung as wonderfully as she did them, but they’re not normally the types of songs people would want to listen to repeatedly on shuffle on their i-pod, so this probably explains why there is not the big rush to buy her songs.  

    Also, just as a quick aside to ‘Home’, I’ll admit that I love it a ton and can’t stop listening to it, but I can also accept that Phil doesn’t necessarily want to record this type of song.  I know he’s gotten some flack today for saying this isn’t the type of song he’s going to record in the future, but I think he was actually preparing his fans for what is to come, which I think is a wise move on his part.

    It seems he wants to go for a Black Keys mixed with a bit of Damien Rice type of sound, so if anything he was smart in letting people know this upfront, so they wouldn’t be majorly disappointed when they buy his album and there’s 1 song which has that Mumford vibe and then 11 others which are totally different.  This way they’ll know beforehand they’ll be getting something different and can decide better if they want to buy or not.  I’m a fan of both sounds, so to me it won’t matter, but I’m sure there could be those disappointed if that does turn out to be the case that he has varied from the sound that encompasses ‘Home’.

    Either way, I’m sure both will have a fine career ahead of them and it’s nice to see people getting to make their dreams come true.

  • judes

    Its not a surprise to me that Phillip’s songs are selling on i-Tunes -especially Home. All season I have enjoyed his recorded songs far more than his live versions [ apart from WGT & Home -which he did well on the Live performance shows]

  • Anonymous

    For the record. Here are the numbers for Cook’s coronation single  (from Pulse).

    “Time of My Life” sold 236,000 copies in its first week.

  • iFoundIt

    Ryan never said how many votes came in for each, which to me means that Phillip had a huge margin of votes.

    I agree, because if it was actually that close, I am sure Nigel & Co would have tried to build up the suspense by saying it was such a tight race, etc.

    The Itunes sales pretty much reflected what happened when the Top 10 sales were leaked during Billy Joel week.  It was Colton’s week with Piano Man, but Phillip was right behind him, followed by Elise, and Jessica trailed in 4th place.

    I don’t care how many hits someone has on You Tube, it’s what people are willing to spend that will be the mark of how successful a performer is to their label.

  • Vonnie

    Marketing is going to be the key for Phillip. If the music producers try and make him a pop star…not gonna happen. If they market him along the lines of Mumford &Sons, go a more country rock route with him, his marketability will be outstanding!

    I’m buying any cd he puts out!

  • EH

    “Home” continues to sell more than twice as much as the #2 song on iTunes this morning (assuming that I’m reading the popularity bar chart correctly).

    I know it’s normal for winners to reach #1 with the coronation songs, but they don’t all sell over 200K copies, which is probably where this one is headed. I wonder if it will get an radio play. Seems like a wasted opportunity if they don’t push it.

    I’m not sure that Phillip will beat Cook’s 236K, but he may top Scotty (I think he did between 170-180K)

  • Anonymous

    David Cook’s coronation single  “Time of My Life” sold 236,000 copies in its first week. I don’t know how anyone else’s singles did but I think he hold the record for first week downloads.

  • Anonymous

    I like “Home”.  It is probably the best coronation song in 11 seasons because it doesn’t sound like a coronation single.   TOML wasn’t bad and really captured the “feel good” moment of Cook’s win.   It definetly got played a lot for graduations, Olympics etc.     


  • Trina

    Ryan never said how many votes came in for each, which to me means that Phillip had a huge margin of votes.

    Ryan announced the margin for season 7. They made a point of mentioning the 12 million votes seperating the David’s twice.  Then again after seeing the iTunes numbers I guess it could be even wide for Phillip/Jessica..

  • Dieu Huong Pham

    I visitted idolforum and found this:

    QUOTE(dora @ May 24th 2012, 11:38 PM)
    bought Jessica’s album and songs today and while browsing her singles
    and albums, it looks like she has 2 versions of her songs available for
    individual downloads (one from her singles and one from her journey
    album). I looked at P2 and his songs have one version each. The songs
    from his album cannot be downloaded individually. This made me think
    that this could result to split sales and could be the reason while
    she’s not on the chart. Go check itunes and search her singles and click
    on other versions- you will see 2 versions by jessica sanchez then
    check phillip phillips- you wont find any other version by phillip
    phillips.Maybe that’s why her number is so low. Thought it is unfair for her…

  • Dieu Huong Pham

    And her album is #10 now but still no single on chart. Isn’t that weird?

  • Anonymous

    I always thought the reason they made that announcement was to denigrate David A’s father by way of belittling his son. That was a low blow.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious to know how that 12 million votes seems to you Americans – is it considered a big margin? If I remember correctly, they got about 96 million votes in all that year in the finale. To me, it seems like a huge margin.  I don’t remember that Ryan would have announced the number of votes separating the winner and the runner up in any other finales after that. Sometimes I’ve tried to look for those figures on the Internet, but I haven’t found them.

  • Tess

    But both versions will count as one when it comes to sales.  Just like a deluxe and standard album have their numbers combined.  I don’t think too many people “buying” on I-Tunes are swayed into buying something because of a songs position (outside of the top 10).

  • Practical

    Both Philip and Jessica have EXACTLY the same number of versions.  Look it up in itunes yourself.

    Jessica’s numbers are low because most of her fans are in the Philippines and those who are in the US do not buy itunes, cd, etc.

  • Anonymous

     I don’t think that’s made too huge a difference.  Even on the non-finale songs of hers that are doing best on the main itunes charts (I Will Always Love You, And I Am Telling You), the “journey” versions aren’t even in the top 300 on the non-explicit Pop Songs list [The list I could find that extends furthest downwards].

    So it looks like almost all people who are looking to buy a single are heading to the non-journey versions, and the journey versions aren’t taking much in the way of sales away from the singles. 

    Sometimes singers just inspire people to buy their albums more than their singles.  For example, this year Scotty performed his new single on Idol.  If you just looked at the singles charts, it seemed like a complete failure (if I recall correctly the single didn’t even get into the top 50 after the performance).  But at the same time his album jumped from the mid 60’s on the Billboard Chart to the Top 20 in one week. 

  • Anonymous

    Colton now has Piano Man at #113 – climbing quite a bit since yesterday. Despite leaving on April 19. To me that says volumes – not being in the top 3, without more exposure, or more music. Congrats to all the Idols but yay for Colton!

  • Paula Cee

    where is joshua?

  • Paula Cee

    where is joshua’s rating?

  • Judy Charette

    Not to be mean, but why would I buy this guys songs, when we have John Mayer, Jason Mraz,Mumford and Son. Damien Rice is better than this guy.  

  • LJR

     agreed.  thought it would only be fair to give PP a listen since many, many  folks I respect say he’s good.  I got bored.  I’ll listen to Mayer, Mraz, Dave Matthew, etc, etc. if I want this type music. Like someone said Mumford & the others are around. I don’t need this guy.

  • brendalmiller

    Yes, but what’s unexpected is that Jessica is no where to be found.  Question is answered at this point that people just do not connect at this point to her.

  • Angelo Torralba Palpal-latoc

    a lot of them are downloading illegally.

  • Practical

    Philip’s fans are supporting him by buying his itunes records and album. 

    Jessica’s fans are all talk when they support her.  Talks will never equate to sales support.

  • Practical

     His fans support Philip by buying his songs.  If his fans are not buying, then they are not supporting with his sales.

  • Anonymous

    People love this song.  Too bad PP doesn’t realize that.  His original music will most likely flop when people realize he’s just an aspiring Dave Matthews 2.0.

  • Practical

    Philip’s original music is Top 1 in itunes chart.

    Is that what you call flop?

    Jessica’s songs are all flop right now. Her fans need to buy her songs to support her, not just talks.

  • Sandra Urli

    You can have fans however they have to buy the music.. I think they all have fans, they are all talented.. Im a Philip fan and I went to itunes and bought all of his and put it on a cd because when they put there first Album out, It most of the time doesnt have what they sang on TV.. Haley Reinhart and Casey James are 2 that Ive got there itunes and bought the CD

  • Sandra Urli

    she will have a CD out and they will be able to buy it… This years American Idol,s were very talented.. Its just each of us like different styles… and thats great…