Phillip Phillips – Home – NBA Saturday Night – VIDEO

Are you ready for another performance of “Home” from American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips? He performed the mega-hit song at last night’s (Feb 16) NBA All-Star Saturday Night, ahead of today’s game.

Yes, we’ve heard the ubiquitous song a zillion times, but the band IS working on keeping things fresh. This version features some nice, countrified guitar breaks, flourishes that are just perfect for a basketball event. Ha.

Watch below

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  • vdawg

    This is one song I never get tired hearing.  Thanks.

  • tucker davis

    Enjoyed it yet again! 
    On a shallow note: P2 could use a trim!!

    And does anyone know why he is sitting in all his performances? It looks uncomfortable to me…why doesn’t he just stand?

  • girlygirltoo

    This was one of the weaker performances of the song I’ve seen him do. Both Phillip and the harmonies seemed off to me.

    It’s too bad, but it happens. Not every performance is going to be great, unfortunately.



    For ME he was GREAT as always same for Dave (love him), but 1-I’m getting sick of this song, 2-The Backup mics were too loud, 3-REALLY, REALLY WRONG CROWD

  • Jenny Williams

     Yeah the crowd wasn’t ideal for his kind of music. His name trended on twitter but all of it was hate and people making fun of him or people talking about he was the wrong kind of artist for the gig.. Also a lot of people making fun of his name. But then , any kind of publicity is good publicity, right?

  • TheOther

    Home should be unofficially 4x Platinum now.  It was only 42k shy of that the week before.


    “…and finally, American Idol still-reigning champ Phillip Phillips performed his smash breakthrough single “Home”.
    And he did slay it! The passion that he sings this song with is
    stellar! He seemed like the only one who wasn’t nervous or rehearsed a
    lot in advance. Flaw-free vocals!”–phillip-phillips-perform-on-nba-allstar-saturday-night-news.html

  • girlygirltoo

    Not sure why this would be the wrong crowd from him to perform in front of. Basketball fans are like any other group of people, they aren’t all going to like the same sort of music. Ellie Goulding and Fall Out Boy performed at this event yesterday as well.


     They hate them too lol

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “But then , any kind of publicity is good publicity, right?”

    Actually, that’s a fallacy. Negative publicity is rarely good. eg. Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Lance Armstrong

  • justmefornow

    This was definitely not the right crowd for his style of music. Sport’s music is generally rap and rock, and basketball much more rap, football maybe slightly more rock, depends on the area of the country.
    But all you hear at pregame warm-ups nowadays, even down to the High School level (I go to several of my daughter’s games a week), is rap music.

  • TheOther

    But Phillip is smart enough to ignore those people and do what is right for him. If there are people who like a different sort of performance art, they can follow that sort of artist. NBD.
    Like the song “Garden Party” goes – ‘you can’t please everyone.’ IMO. Of Course.

  • jpfan2

    This probably wasn’t the best gig for him. Although the other two acts were also kind of WTF for a basketball event. I would have expected more urban type artists.

    Anyway, I’m fine with this being the end of Home. It’s time to switch over to GGG.
    That’s the song that’s going to cement the P2 brand and turn him into something more than a one hit wonder.

  • roarpen

    I rather enjoyed seeing him perform this. I was watching the game with hubby, who loves this song as do my anti-American Idol 20-something and teenage sons. Phillip may never have another huge hit, or he may be a megastar with tons of hits; regardless, this song has been a total win. 

  • Incipit


    IMO. Of Course.

    Oh, I agree with that sentiment, TheOther. 1/06/2013 – *wink*

  • Lobilobi

    i love “Home” and never get tired of hearing it but time to move to “Gone, Gone, Gone”

  • Leandro

    “Are you ready for another performance of “Home” from American Idol winner,Phillip Phillips?”

    No. Make it stop. It used to be a good song to hear, but now it’s becoming a Wallpaper song, a parody of itself. Enough is enough.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    As many here I heard enough live performances of Home to last me a life time, but I actually loved-love-loved the intensity and electricity of this one so much, I could not help but to return to it again and again.

    It seems that back-up singing screwed the pooch yet again, but even with imperfect vocals, for me that was fire! %)

  • Lobilobi

    Home is at #25 on itunes, do you think it’s because of the NBA performance ?
    all these days, it was lower at the 30’s

  • HappyDaisy_2

    I can’t stand this song anymore.  I liked it the first 10 times I heard it and that’s it.  Everywhere I go, it’s still playing —  restaurants, big stores, small businesses, friends’ car radios, and on and on.  Heard it when out earlier today and then I get on the blog and it’s here.

    Who is still buying this song and why??  These people must not get out much.
    : )

    Why isn’t Phil performing the new one (which sounds a lot like Home to me, but I’ve only heard it twice — so far)?

  • TheOther

    The underlying sentiments behind Gone, Gone, Gone may not be the best match for a venue celebrating competition and championship.

  • Lobilobi

    because America is vast and Home is only 4xplatinium compared to the population ; sure there are more people who did not buy it and some who are discovering it, so you should not be amazed that people are still buying it.
    That’s how it’s done there’re songs that still sells while they’re years old

    PS : I love Home so much as do my nephews

  • durbesque

    HOME keeps coming, from the tour and elsewhere, and I find that I always have room for one more.  The immediacy that Phil and/or the crowd bring to it still holds my attention to the end.

  • forwarddad

    I didn’t think PKP looked well. I hope it’s a result of medicines but He looked very heavy. I know fashion isn’t something he is into but He really looked disheveled. The sound was awful and the crowd wasn’t into it. It was too slow of a pace song for this venue.


     That’s True, I really think He don’t care.

  • irockhard

    LOL, what happened to the days when the labels used to move onto the next single quickly?

  • wordnerdarchie

    LOL, what happened to the days when the labels used to move onto the next single quickly?

    I think it’s $$$$. It takes a lot of it to distribute a song to radio and get airplay. (translation – “legal” payola). ;)


    “Another “Home” performance – In come back to the
    United States for the rest of the aritcle, Phillip Phillips stopped by
    the first part of NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston to perform a song that
    has taken much of the world by storm over the past eight months:

    We are not going to argue against the claim that this song has been
    played a bit too often for some people, and even booking Phillip for
    this event in particular was a little surprising. Nonetheless, he still
    sings with as much heart and tenderness as he always does, and we have
    to applaud that.”

  • Leandro

    These are the same days but this song refuses to die. Apparantly, she can fit every f… situation in the world. In a war, in a tragedy, olympics, in love, even in prison, you can always “make this place your home”. I guess we must have to accept that they’re going to make this song our home.

  • durbesque

    New people are hearing the song all the time.  It might help sales if Phil would sing ‘home’.  It occurs only 3 times and he usually does something goofy instead of singing the all-important final word, which just happens to be the name of the song, which they need to buy it….just sayin’.

  • Anny_nanny

    Looking forward to the time when I can say that I miss this song.

  • rodavlaS eaM zuL

    The performance was good..i love the song and i love PP so much. But i think he looked tired on that performance..maybe because of what happened to her mom? I just wish him luck and I hope his family will be okay. PP deserves all the happiness!  :)