Phillip Phillip’s “Home” Featured in an Insurance Ad! (VIDEO)

Phillip Phillip’s coronation song, “Home” is EVERYWHERE. First, it was the theme song for the Olympic Women’s gymnastic team, then it was included in the new Clint Eastwood movie, Trouble with the Curve.

And now? The American Idol winner’s song is part of an American Family Insurance commercial.  I kid you not.

OK. Enough! No more placements! Don’t make me sick of this song, because I really love it.  Just kidding. The more exposure for Phil, the better.

Although, we never hear his voice in the ad.   The company cheaped out and only used an instrumental portion.

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  • Anonymous

    This song is mow on danger of being overexposed. People will get sick of it if they hear it everywhere.

    It’s still mice for Phillip and the songwriters, of course.

  • Phillipx2LOVE

    Overexposed? It was featured on the Olympics once, featured in a commercial/trailer once. Its not like it gets constant reply on the radio  

  • OffLeash

    I don’t think so. It’s still far from the level of exposure from being played on the radio every hour on the hour lol.

  • waynocoaster

    This commercial really cheapens it.  Don’t like.  Not at all.

  • Anonymous

    It was used on the Olympic coverage far more than once. They used it in pretty much every tease or commercial for the women’s gymnastics. Not to mention when they did the feature stories on the team and in the Olympic wrap up show on closing night. Likewise, the song is used every time that movie trailer runs — not just one time.

    As I say, it’s great for Phillip and the songwriters. But if it is placed in too many different things, there’s the danger of people getting sick of it from hearing it too much — similar to getting sick of songs you hear every hour on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    So they like the music/drumming…. that’s what makes it good for these kinds of things.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, better overexposed than never heard I say. Lots of performers would probably kill for the overexposure.

  • Anonymous

    The Olympics are over, and it’s not getting enough airplay to be labeled as “overexposed.”  Even during the Olympics it was only play when women’s gymnastics was being aired, and even then they would only play it once.

    There are a lot of alt. rock songs that are used for multiple commercials.  That’s how those acts make money.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, I’m sure they would. But you still don’t want the public going from “oh, I love that song” to “I hate/am sick and tired of hearing that song”

  • Guest

    Over Exposed? Not a chance! Keep it coming who ever is getting all these opportunities for the song, Phillip, writers, label!!!

  • OffLeash

    But that’s just it, we’re not there yet. Not by a long shot. Like someone else said, the Olympics are over, and it wasn’t even played every day all the time. Now Home will only be heard in this ad by people maybe once a day at most, and that’s really pushing it, and same with the trailer. Add a couple of TV performances, and again, all in all, no comparison with 24/7 every hour on the hour on the radio.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Overexposed? Home is hardly Carl Me Maybe.

  • OffLeash

    I keep reading comments online that Greg Holden himself said he had sold all the song’s rights ~to the label I’d assume. I couldn’t find a source. Anybody know if there’s any truth to it? 

  • Anonymous

    I said it was in danger of becoming overexposed — not that it already was. Who knows — maybe it won’t ever be seen as such. 

  • SamC

    this is no where near over exposed just enough for people to know the song and for it to sell. i call it success

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know anything.  But I have thought that Interscope/Jimmie bought the song before they launched it on Idol….just in case it would make a little money. lol 

  • OffLeash

    Idk how that works, but if they bought the song and all the rights, Greg Holden’s not making any money on it. Of course even if that’s true, his songs are probably in high demand now because of the success of Home, so it was a great career move for him.

  • Anonymous

     I don’t think Greg Holden and the other cowriter would have given up all writing royalties for this song.  That’s usually not how that works.

  • Leandro

    No WAY he did it! People don’t sell so easily the rights of their songs, especially if they are gonna be played by an Idol winner. In some countries, that would be even considered an abusive contract that could be cancelled.

    ETA: I mean, being a version recorded by another artist, and knowing how 19/Intercope are cheap, it must be kinda 10% for i-tunes, 50/60% for the label, 10/15% for the management, 10% for P2 and 15/20% for Greg, based on royalties (it still being a Greg’s song, in this case). It variates a lot, contract by contract, but NO WAY Greg isn’t receiving at least 10 points. Young songwriter got some 300k in his account these last months.

  • Erlinda

    Looks like the exposure of “HOME ” song in Olympics paid off. It helps sold 1,056,000. Amazing! Is it certified Platinum yet?

  • Eilonwy

    I keep reading comments online that Greg Holden himself said he had sold all the song’s rights ~to the label I’d assume. I couldn’t find a source. Anybody know if there’s any truth to it?

    The version I’ve come across claims he said this on his FB page, and I can’t find it in the public timeline, but perhaps somebody else can. However, a June 16 Billboard article he linked in his timeline says Holden simply doesn’t feel like releasing his own recording of Home, even though he intends to keep performing it live — surely if he’d sold all rights, he’d have just told the interviewer, as the article otherwise goes into a lot of detail about how the song was placed.

    It’s possible to sell all rights to a song for cash, rather than hanging around for royalties, but it’s not such a standard practice that I’d expect it to be true in the absence of evidence.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is awesome. The more it’s used the better. My local radio station is still playing Home a lot and I love every minute of it. I love the song, but I especially love the version from Top 2 night, which I still listen to a lot. I have no problem with the studio version being everywhere! 

  • OffLeash

    Yes, it’s the same version I came across, mentioning his FB, but I couldn’t find the source either. On the other hand, if the label does own all the rights, it could explain the magnificent promo lol. *snorts*

  • Anonymous

    The ad is perfect.  Just enough of the song to get the viewers’ attention…”Where did we hear that song?  Let’s buy it.”  Phillip’s words would have distracted attention from the spoken message.   

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    Until this song doesnt come with the cereal, i wont say is too much exposure. 

  • Anonymous

    Over exposure is better than NO exposure!!!

  • Eilonwy

    Yes, it’s the same version I came across, mentioning his FB, but I couldn’t find the source either.

    I then belatedly realized it might make sense to look at the site for Holden’s music publisher, Razor & Tie. The page for Holden promotes the P2 version of Home, which R&T would not be able to do if the rights all belonged to some other entity. It looks like Home is one of the GH songs that R&T is promoting for synch rights and such, which means GH has the rights he’d ordinarily have as a songwriter.

  • Kirsten

    I swear. This guy has a horseshoe up his a$$. 

  • Kirsten


    This commercial really cheapens it.

    Yes, “We are Young” by fun. was doing so well for them until it was used in a car ad….oh, wait.

    It’s an Idol Coronation song. There is nothing one can do to a song to make it any more of a commercial sell-out than it is as an Idol coronation song. Good heavens, even being used the ditty on an ice cream truck is less commercial. The entire purpose of Idol is to sell people Coke, AT&T, Fords and various other items. Idol Coronation songs are souvenirs for the television show with the highest ad rates of regular, non-sports shows.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I would doubt that he did this. I know that labels and/or publishers often try to get a percentage of songwriting royalties from the songwriters, but in general, that would not be more than 50% of the songwriter’s royalties, and more often is 25% or less. It can depend on how desperate the writer is to land a cut, get a placement, etc.

  • Incipit

    The page for Holden promotes the P2 version of Home, which R&T would not be able to do if the rights all belonged to some other entity. It looks like Home is one of the GH songs that R&T is promoting for synch rights and such, which means GH has the rights he’d ordinarily have as a songwriter.

    Eilonwy, thanks for the sleuthing; I had seen the rumors as well – very glad for the songwriters’ sake to know it was not true! If they had sold all their rights to “Home” just before it was used for the Coronary, that would just be broken. And this hardly constitutes over-exposure, IMO.

    There are certainly no guarantees in any given season, as we have seen –  but this is what “can” happen: an excerpt from a very long 2009 blog post by Regie Hamm, the writer of ToML – “My Favorite Year”

    “How has this changed your life?”

    “This song. This year has been unbelievable for me and my family. Not only was it the American Idol finale song but also used on “America’s Got talent”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “The Biggest Loser”, The Espys and the 2008 Olympic games …7 times, including closing the opening ceremonies – watched by over a billion people. David performed it live on Jay Leno, The View, Good Morning America, Today, The CBS Early Show and last, but certainly not least, Oprah, (where she declared it “The Official song of the Olympic games in Beijing”). 

    It was downloaded over one million times. It entered the Billboard Hot One Hundred at number 3. It charted on three separate charts and topped the Adult Contemporary chart in the last week of September 2008. It was still there in the last week of February 2009. 16 weeks. As I write this, it is currently being used as the theme for hundreds of proms across the nation. This past week I flew to New York and accepted the award for “Song Of The Year” given by SESAC, my performance rights organization.”


    Four years later, ToML is still getting airplay. “Home” has certainly had a somewhat parallel flight so far – well, maybe excepting the Proms, Graduations and weddings – but the publishers are finding other outlets, like this advertisement – Greg Holden and  Drew Pearson may be writing a similar blog in 2013, about ‘their’ favorite year. I’m glad they will have that opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    Why would the songwriters give up their rights to the song?  It’s not like it’s necessary, or something that is usually done.  First of all, the songs that will be on Phillip’s debut album are licensed to Interscope, so why wouldn’t that be the case for the coronation song.  Secondly, we are talking about a professional writer, who gets money from licensing his songs for use by other artists, media outlets, etc, so why would he give up the rights to any song?

  • getaway1

    Overexposed?  Nope.  Phillip’s promotion team is doing exactly what I would expect them to do.  Steadily build that momentum and hopefully expand Phillp’s fan base outside the AI bubble.

  • Anonymous

    Cash in the hand vs. the likelihood that the song will be thrown in the trash after the Finale, or certainly after the Tour.  The writers could never have imagined what would happen to their little folksong.  I think Jimmie bought it, either outright or with a royalty of some sort.

  • Li Wright

    The Writer is the one getting rich off of royalties.  He should kiss the ground that Jimmy Iovine walks on.

  • elliegrll

    AI fans are always saying this, but it’s not how things work.  Writers just don’t give up the right to their songs. Everybody knows that owning the publishing rights is where the money is in the music business.  If the song didn’t become a hit with Phillip, there’s always the chance that others would want to record it, or that they could license it for use in some other medium.  

    More importantly, as Eilonwy said, it’s pretty easy to go to the publisher’s site, and seeing who owns the song.

  • Incipit

     Cash in the hand vs. the likelihood that the song will be thrown in the trash after the Finale, or certainly after the Tour…I think Jimmie bought it

    Durbesque – did you go to Eilonwy’s link at R&T, and read Greg Holden’s Bio? This is not the history of some wet-behind-the-ears neophyte who doesn’t know how the industry works – or is desperate for a little money or recognition, and would fall for a ‘cash in the hand’ con job.

    Why would he? He has a good resume’, a track record of selling his songs and his music, and seems to be doing quite well –  this wasn’t his first rodeo. “He” sent the song to Idol for consideration on spec. Song writers who do that accept the chances up front. IMO.

    ETA: No Coronary is ‘thrown in the trash’ – they all sell ‘something’ to the fandom, even if no one else buys them – there is some guaranteed money involved…and no way to tell how much or little that may be beforehand – it’s part of the gamble of submitting on spec.

    In any case – there is “Home” on R&T’s page – not on Interscope’s…Holden still has his rights.

    (and I was surprised to kinda like “Hell and Back”, his new single from his latest album)

  • snow_ghost

    LOL MJ using that “HOME ALONE” like pose of P2!   I had to chuckle since the P2 said he didn’t think the song was him and now that song is defining him.

    Anyway, good for P2, AI and the dude who wrote the song.   I wonder if it will reach TOML’s numbers.

  • OffLeash

    There’s a very good chance it’ll outsell TOML. Home probably sold another 100k last week, maybe more, bringing its total to at least 1.2 mil. And with all the upcoming promo, it should be able to sell at least another 300k during its lifetime.

  • jobeob987

    “Home” is the song that keeps on going!  P2 really lucked out as the recipient of the best AI coronation song ever.  What a coup for him and his upcoming album!

  • durbesque

    Thanks for the info… Who is the Publisher?  Where is his site?  Who owns “Home”?

    Apparently, it’s that simple.

  • durbesque

    Thanks for the info…. I’ll check out the link, as well as “Hell and Back”.

  • Brian Blommer

    “I don’t play for Miller, I don’t play for Bud. I don’t play for politicians, I don’t play for Spuds. This note’s for you.” –Neil Young. True then. True now. True forever.