Phillip Phillips – “Home” – CNN Heroes

What could be more fitting than an acoustic version of “Home” from Phillip Phillips to celebrate the everyday folk that were being honored for good deeds on the CNN Heroes special, hosted by Anderson Cooper?

Check out the performance below

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  • iluvai

    Home is the song that never dies or that everyone relates to on some level.  :)  I love Anderson. 

  • Mike

    Such a fitting place to perform ‘Home’….job well done Phillip!

  • Latin2

    Very well done and special. 

  • Axxxel

    Nice performance… I am not a P2 fan but   I would love to see his eyes once in a while… maybe it is the unfortunate edit of the video that caught him mostly with the eyes closed while singing….

  • Axxxel

    yeah, I still remember the first time I heard it on the Idol final… so pleasently surprised by the touching songlyrics and nice melody !!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I love this annual awards show. It’s a really “feel good” kind of celebration of how amazing people can be to others.

  • zaclona77

    Not a fan of Mr. Phillips but respect where respect is due … an artists main goal should be to touch people, to make them feel something… and that’ s something I see accomplished here. Hats off, Mr. Phillips!

  • jennyl2

    That was a fab rendition. Didn’t think he could pulled off the ooos. But he did it very well :). 

  • potatorocks

    So nice.

  • durbesque

    Phil’s primary concern is his guitar work, and it was excellent.  His voice was particularly gorgeous on the “settle down” verses.  His falsetto is lovely, but the Ohz have little impact when he’s alone.

  • heike hoffmann

    He has closed his eyes in the most performances. He began with this “new style” after “American idol”. While the AI- show he had his eyes open the most time ( with exception of his “Volcano”-rendition).
    I like watching him perform with closed eyes, because that makes the listening to him more intense and intimate.

  • jpfan2

    Woo hoo. The song broke into the top 10 on CHR today with a good update. Home could be (or already is) the most successful Idol coronation song ever and moving into one of the biggest hit songs ever released by an Idol.

  • Liteasy

    I’m so happy for Phillip – a downhome boy who didn’t cave in to TPTP and is doing it his way.  This performance was just beautiful.

  • getaway1

    This performance is one of the main reasons why Home has been such a huge success.

  • Larc

    “Home” may be the greatest gift Idol ever gave one of its contestants.  Without that song, which P2 has said repeatedly isn’t his kind of music, he would likely be at the bottom of the winner heap now.  It will be interesting to see if he can keep the momentum going once the song fades. 

  • Liteasy

    P2 has put his own spin on the song, so one doesn’t know where he’d be without it.  His album is doing very well, so I think he will continue to gain more and more fans.

  • Mike

    What will Phillip have to do to prove that he is not a one trick pony to the naysayers of the world…yes ‘Home’ is a great song…really good choice for Phillip & Phillip’s interpretation of the song is a big part of its success too.  But, to act like he would have done nothing without it is just silly.  Sure, he wouldn’t of gotten off to such a fast start, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have found his way.  The boy is talented and many appreciate his talents…

  • tucker davis

    Every time I see him perform with the word ‘live’ in the corner, I worry about all that can go wrong! He’ll step too far into the mike & turn it over; his guitar will bump the mike over; he’ll lose his guitar pick; he’ll get the hiccups; etc….Then I remember he sang ‘live’ for 5 months before huge audiences last spring!! And he closes his eyes because he is so nervous, it helps him concentrate. I admire him for trying to follow his dream even though he’s not lying about his anxiety when performing on stage. I hope this gets better, but I’ve heard of other performers who say it doesn’t. (How do you think he stays so skinny…he won’t eat until after he performs!) Anyway he did another great job with this important ‘live’ performance! The audience seemed moved by the song.

  • Mike


  • maymay

    Good album, great promotion, hit Home…. I predict PP`s album sales will reach gold this January and sell at least platinum eventually. Of course, Gone Gone Gone will be another hit to help his album sales.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Beautifully done – fine performance.

  • guinness 416

    Decent performance, but ….. I’m getting genuinely sick of this song.  Yes, best Idol coronation song ever; yes, P2 should thank the gods every night, every lunchtime and every morning that he was given it; yes, it’s great that he’s had success with it.  But it’s crossed the line to overexposure for me.

  • Axxxel

    Thanks Heike for the explanation…. Oh welll…. no gazing into P2’s eyes… but it does make the performance feel more intimate… Wish him lots of success…

  • Blou38


  • macfae

    That’s why I don’t watch every video of Home or listen to it too much… Just particular performances of it…like this one. I want it to remain special to me.
    I really love the song….but too much of anything will eventually turn me off.
    Makes it easier that I don’t listen to the radio.

  • guinness 416

    I live in Canada, it’s on an ad for Tim Hortons (a massively popular Canuck fast food chain) which seemingly airs every four minutes.  Once it’s disappeared for a while maybe I’ll hear it and like it again.

  • getaway1

    “Home” may be the greatest gift Idol ever gave one of its contestants. Without that song, which P2 has said repeatedly isn’t his kind of music, he would likely be at the bottom of the winner heap now. .

    It’s a gift when any singer gets paired with a hit song that they did not write – it’s not just isolated to Phil.  That goes for Breakway, Before He Cheats.  For the record Phil has not “repeatedly” said Home is not his kind of music. 

    There is nothing to substantiate that Phil would have been “in the bottom of the winner heap” if not for Home. Besides, that’s all a moot point now. It’s just saying that Lee Dewyze would have been a big hit if he sang Home. It doesn’t work that way.

    It will be interesting to see if he can keep the momentum going once the song fades

    The World From The Side Of The Moon is doing very well.  Most of the buzz around that has not been Home.

  • CanadianLady

    Yeah, they have their ads on a lot. They’ve had a few ads I liked to begin with but got really tired of after a while. :)

  • overthetop1

    Even for an event like this, he will not dress up.

    Good perf.

  • heike hoffmann

    To the success of “Home” many people contributed: Greg Holden and Drew Pearson-the writers; Jimmy Lovine and Interscope with their songchoice and the promotion and off course Phillip with his voice and charm.
    But I´m sure “Home” would have worked also with Lee, whose special voice is very suitable for folk-rock. And he would have at least a better after-Idol-start.

  • IrisandLilies

    I’d agree that Lee probably has the type of voice to sing Home, but to me, Lee’s failing as a singer is that he lacks the ability to make me feel the emotions of a song.  Because Home is a song laden with emotion, I don’t think it would have been anywhere near as successful if Lee had been given it to sing as his coronation song.  I always come back to Jimmy’s comment about Phillip after the top 13 guys performed.  Jimmy said that Phillip is believable as a singer. 

  • jennyl2

    Guess mileage varies. I’m vice versa. Lee can make me tear up anytime. I’m not a huge P2 fan. While I bought his album and like his songs, they don’t move me like Lee’s songs. Lee’s new song ” The Fight” is actually in the vein of Home. He was absolutely beautiful on it. Whether he would had the success that P2 had if he had Home, I guess that’s up in the air. But I’ll pick The Fight over Home anytime. Again, it’s different mileage.   

  • maymay

    Home is a great song. If Lee had sung Home, this song would have sold well but less than PP`s version . 1. No Olympics in 2010. 2. PP`s voice is more suitable for Home than Lee`s.

  • TheOther

    Home was written earlier this year, so it would have been impossible for Lee Dewyze to have that has a coronation song.  This song was meant for Phillip Phillips.  Lee Dewyze is a nice guy, but there was a reason why he struggled as he did.

  • Landon Cox

     Also Simon was deliberately trying to sabotage Idol to make X Factor look that much better when he brought it over.

  • heike hoffmann

    While I liked Lee as a singer ( his version of “Halleluja” was great), I didn´t know how to feel about his personality.
    There is something about Phillips charm ( his awkardness, his humbleness and so on…) that had me from the beginning.

  • girlygirltoo

    “Home” wasn’t written in time to be submitted as a coronation song for Scotty, let alone for Lee. While I think that Taylor, David, Kris, Lee or Scotty all could have had a hit with “Home” had been submitted to them, it’s really a moot point.

  • girlygirltoo

    The song was actually meant for one of the people who co-wrote it (Greg Holden), not for Phillip. If Holden had turned it into a hit, P2 never would’ve been given a crack at it. Luckily for Phillip that didn’t happen, and he has done a fantastic job making the song his own. (It also worked out fine for Holden, since he’s making more $$$ off the song than Phillip is, haha).

  • Anny_nanny

    “”Home” wasnt written in time to be submitted as a coronation song for Scotty, let alone for Lee. While I think that Taylor, David, Kris, Lee or Scotty all could have had a hit with “Home” had been submitted to them, it’s really a moot point.”

    I can’t imagine that Scotty singing “Home”. Taylor? In 2006? David in 2008? They make a hit folk-song? Remind me in what year folk-style has become so popular.
    History has already been written. To get “Home” Chris, Lee and everyone should have won in this year. The last time when I checked auditions, them was not in the queue.

  • Pippygirl

    The only one I could see really making Home a hit is Lee. It fits perfectly in his wheelhouse and his voice actually reminds me a lot of Phillip’s (though I think Lee has a better recorded voice).
    It would have been nice if TPTB had actually cared enough about Lee to give him a single that suited him.

  • CanadianLady

    Not wanting to get into a hypothetical argument, but if you think Scotty couldn’t have sold “Home,” please listen to “I Love You This Big” one more time. He sold it and it’s a much harder sell. :)

  • Anny_nanny

    I think that Lee would be great – this song is not for Phillip, for him. But there is nothing we can change. I would not even want to hear a cover by Lee on this song.

  • Pippygirl

    I listened to that song one time and I refuse to listen to it again, even for you. ;)

  • CanadianLady

    The way Scotty sings it, I actually kind of started liking it.

  • girlygirltoo

    obviously those other guys would have changed the song up to fit their own personal style. But like I said, it is a moot point. It would have been nice if the previous Idol winners had been given radio-friendly, really good songs as their coronation songs, though.

  • heike hoffmann

    I don´t like  “I love you this big”. And I´m not sure, that I would like Scotties version of “Home”. It would be less mumford-folky and more country. And maybe he would have gone to platinum, but I doubt, it would be so successful like Phillips version.