Phillip Phillips “Home” Certified Double Platinum (Congrats)

Congratulations to Phillip Phillip. Not only has his blockbuster hit “Home” gone double platinum, but it was recently certified by the RIAA making the designation OFFICIAL!

Phillip is the first American Idol winner to have a coronation single go double plat. David Cook’s “Time of My Life” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Moment Like This” sold more than a million copies.

Be sure to tune into the World Series on FOX tonight at 8/7c pm, where Phillip is set to kick off the series by singing the National Anthem.

Phillip’s debut album, The World From the Side of the Moon will be available everywhere November 19.

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  • Jonathan Frahm

    Congratulations to Phillip! I always knew he would have selling power. 

  • fantoo1

    Not bad for a contestant some said would flop harder than Lee and “destroy” the series. :)

    Yay Phillip!

  • kaylietoo

    I love it, despite the naysayers that continually put him down!

  • Claude Dee

    Thanks to the Olympics. ;)

  • Axxxel

    Yeah, great timing and great song and nice interpretation of the song… Congrats P2 !

  • Danny Latham

    American Idol still has it!! Hit making power!! Best coronation song of the 11. 

    ..and just as this is posted, Phillip is revealing the track list on Twitter for his debut album. 

  • Larc

    Congrats to P2.  Although he’s light years away from being my cuppa, I hope for his sake this is an indication of his entire career and not just a flash in the pan.

  • irockhard

    Yeah thanks a lot to that but if the song was bad the Olympics wouldn’t have helped.

  • Trina

    Really, the Olympics is the only reason? The Olympics, which ended months ago, no doubt played a huge part in the songs success but it could have easily tumbled downhill.The fact that its charting on 5 different radio formats and is getting numerous spins from the biggest radio station in the country has nothing to do with the selling power now?

  • Jonathan Frahm

    In turn, thanks to his management team. ;)

  • jlscott13

    Congrats to P2!

    About the whole first Idol w/ a double platinum coronation single, well, he is at a clear advantage. When Kelly/Carrie finished on their respective seasons, digital downloads were either virtually non-existant or barely getting started. Still, he should be proud :)

  • standtotheright

    I think Home is a genuinely good song and deserved radio play. I think PDs would still not have embraced it if there weren’t a clear indication that it was resonating with a casual audience, which is what the Olympics helped to demonstrate.

    At this point, the song is selling itself, but it needed that push, IMO. No knock on P2, Holden, or Pearson, just on the industry and the way it works.

    At any rate, they should be proud of its success.

  • wordnerdarchie

    Everything aligned perfectly for Phillip.  He was a popular contestant and won on a most watched entertainment/reality show.  He was given a song that was not a cheesy coronation song but sounded like a regular song popular on current radio (Mumford & Sons-like).  It was a song that fit his voice and he could sound authentic on.  When it was finally sliding down on iTunes it got an additional boost by being used as the theme song for the women’s gymnastic team that had captured the hearts of America… and they were successful.  It was then heard as background music to a nationally advertised Insurance ad, was picked up & used in trailers for a movie that dealt with America’s past time and had an actor that was an American icon.  It was then accepted and is being played by 5 formats on radio.  If it didn’t reach multi-platinum status I’d say there was something drastically wrong with the American public.

  • shell29

    Not bad for a contestant some said would flop harder than Lee and “destroy” the series. :)

    As one of those folks who thought he would flop harder than Lee, I’ll be more than happy to eat my words.  It remains to be seen whether his debut album will be a commercial success but regardless of what happens it won’t take away from the fact that he has a very successful double platinum single.   Even though I’m not a fan, I do wish well and hope he has continued success.

  • kmd23

    Congrats to P2. Way to go.

  • Claude Dee

    I agree. I actually love it. 

  • luly

    Congrats to P2! Home is a great song that fits him well. 

  • weareallinnocent

    very nice! congrats to P2~

  • Claude Dee

    I didn’t say Olympics was the only reason. Olympics was the reason (for me) because they kept on playing Home and it grew on me. I didn’t like the song during the finale of Idol. So yeah, I bought it after the Olympics. :) Congrats PP!

  • jpfan2

    Next stop (hopefully) Triple Platinum.  Good luck on the NA tonight. Trainwreck potential if not done well.

  • getaway1

    Not bad for a contestant some said would flop harder than Lee and “destroy” the series. :)
    Yay Phillip!

    I love it, despite the naysayers that continually put him down!

    So very, very true:)

  • MellyPer1692

    Congrats Phillip!

  • Leandro

    Cgts for the 2x platinum and for surviving the NA!! Today is a special lucky day for a guy who is already lucky. lol

  • kaylietoo

    Phillip Phillips ?@Phillips
    Just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me! I cant thank you enough for everything! …

  • LeahKittyS

    I love this song! It made me squee when I saw him sing it in Manchester. Funny story: The girl in the dorm across from mine was playing it on Pandora, and I just stood outside her door singing along and she didn’t even care! I’m so happy he could have such a successful run with it. I can understand it being the first multi-platinum coronation song; it’s also the first coronation song to be used on the Olympics, a movie trailer, and an insurance ad. :) And now I hear they’re using it in a mashup on “Glee!” Congratulations Phillip, and may there be many more hits from your corner.

  • iluvai

    That’s great news. Congrats to Phillip Phillips.  :)

  • tierbee

    You know, I wasn’t a fan during the show (though did appreciate his personality, and liked a couple performances a lot) — but this is just a damn good song. And I swear I can’t get through a day without hearing it multiple times :) Big congrats to Phillip Phillips! It’s a fantastic achievement.

  • tibitibis

    Congrats to Phillip P, i Love the song, the message and the interpretation on P2 voice , the ensemble was just perfect for people to be attracted to the track and be motivated to buy it, perfect  for the radio to consider give it radio play and perfect for others shows to use it like inspiracional piece for a particular purpose …..  What i can say ? ,only  Congrats not only for the Double Platinum , but for a GREAT a Clever choice of his coronation song ;)

  • OffLeash

    How amazing that this song that was released 5 months ago is still holding its own at #11 at iTunes, two months after the end of the Olympics. The oldest single in the top 11 afaik, although Some Nights comes close when it comes to endurance. What a ride! Congrats P2!

  • thirdtime

    Congrats Phillip!

  • John S

    Aw, he linked here.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    Congrats my friend!! i hope more good things 4 such a ns guy like you. It´s time to see good karma in this world.

  • TheOther

    The Olympics game Home a boost, but it’s radio that has kept it going.  And Phillip deserves his fair share of credit for that.   

  • Klaine

    Wish him luck but honestly this had more to do with the song-and the incredible good fortune of tying it to the Olympics and then other commercials more than PP himself

  • lukien

    Just 2 millions? Should be at least 3 millions, right? ?

  • Erlinda

    Fantastic! Congratulation PP2!!