Phillip Phillips – Gone Gone Gone – Music Video Premiere

Phillip Phillips releases the music video for his new single, “Gone Gone Gone”.

And if you dug the American Idol winner’s video for his massive hit “Home”, you’ll like the new video too. The director sticks with the folksy homemade style that made Phillip’s first effort so engaging.

Check it out below.

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  • El oh El

    What a great song geez…

  • A

    Wonderful heartwarming video! 
    Beautiful song and a beautiful singer

  • annie12120

    Woohoo! Well done video and awesome song! WTG Phillip

  • Lisa

     view many times… i love the song and the video and Phillip Phillips.

  • DB987

    He is an engaging performer with an unique voice who has been luckly enough to have been given another original piece that should resonate with the public. Adding all that and the fact that this Munfordy,Lumineerry, music is popular right now and you have all the parts necessary for a nice start to a promising career.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Like Phillip – like the song – like the video – it’s like Home #2.

  • TheOther

    The video captures the essence of the song.  Phillip photographs really well.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    ” The director sticks with the folksy homemade style that made Phillip’s first effort so engaging.”

    It’s a good fit for P2.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    The video is OK but nothing special. I don’t expect it would be much help in selling the song.
    Then of course for a single that is about to cross 4 million mark Home’s video has a ridiculously low number of views (13-something million).

    Most of Phillip live performances make me feel more engaged with the song then this video does, so IMHO it will sink or swim based on radio reception and TV performances/placements, just like Home did.

  • A

    You must be kidding calling 13.7 million views in just 6 months “a ridiculously low number”. That’s about 80,000 a day.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    You must be kidding calling 13.7 million views in just 6 months “a ridiculously low number”. That’s about 80,000 a day.

    I’m not. It’s hard to find an alt.rock smash with the exact same history, but majority of them has significantly higher view count.

    Pumped Up Kicks – 105 million
    Ho Hey – 41 million
    Little Talks – 48 million

    It’s nothing to be sad about, considering the low-key, low-budget nature of Home’s video. Just simple to see that creation of viral video was not a part of song’s eventual commercial success.

  • voicesinmyhead

    I like the chorus but I don’t see it being the hit that Home was last year.

  • A

    Could be the other way around, actually. 
    Let’s take Ho Hey: 41 million views of the video sold 1 million copies of the song. Now, let’s look at Home: 13.7 million views of the video sold 4 million copies of the song.So which video was more successful?(And btw, Ho Hey video was released 6 months before Home, so you can’t  compare their views)

  • standtotheright

    I think for a lot of people, the “video” for Home is the gymnastics Olympics team coverage. The actual music video was superfluous. GGG won’t have that advantage, but I honestly don’t know if that matters or not.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    Let’s take Ho Hey: 41 million views of the video sold 1 million copies
    of the song. Now, let’s look at Home: 13.7 million views of the video
    sold 4 million copies of the song.So which video was more successful?

    Do you genuinely believe that?

    Casuistic gimmicks aside, hand to the sky, do you genuinely believe that Home’s video (and not the Olympics, endless TV commercials and 100+ million weekly radioplay) was the reason for song’s commercial success?

    Because I think that it’s that aforementioned factors that sold the song to eventual consumer, and video in this equation was no more then a afterthought.

    And that’s why I am chill with the fact that IMHO video for GGG while nice, is not going to get a whole lot of traffic either (which was my initial point).

  • rayni

    To have not been a fan of P2 at all during his season, he has really made a believer out of me with Home and now Gone, Gone, Gone. I love both songs and videos – he’s so unassumingly engaging.  Why did I not get that during his season?  Maybe this is the difference original music makes – in P2’s case, it’s made me a fan.

  • IrisandLilies

    This video suits Phillip’s personality. 

    By the way, is that Phillip’s girlfriend, Hannah, at around the 1:21 minute mark?

  • Tess

    I think that Phillip was the best choice of a really weak field last year and I am glad he won.  I actually like this song and find the unique rasp in his voice appealing.  His continually bowed head and the way he avoids eye contact is a bit disconcerting but he does have an original type of persona for an Idol.  Continued good luck to him.

  • A

    I thought that was you who brought up the numbers, i just put them together trying to show a different perspective. Good to know that you understand that a video is just a video. It will help to sell the song, but people are (and will be) buying Phillip’s music not because of the video but just because he makes wonderful music. It connects, it warms your heart, it inspires, it makes you feel great. Phillip is just in the beginning of his journey. Every day he is getting more experience performing and writing and collaborating with some amazing musicians. He has this natural charm and charisma. Great musicians are drawn into his circle and support him because of his talent and great personality. 
    So the video is just that — the video (so there is no need to tie it up with any sale numbers). Phillip’s success isn’t based solely on the video, we can agree on that.

  • Anny_nanny

    LongKissGoodnight, stop the dispute. We all know the best video will be from Jessica.

    I love both video from Phillip, but I understand that none of them will sell the song. In the other line I don’t understand how a video is now selling a song if I don’t understand where these clips can be seen except on youtube. LOL And I love both videos and singles from Casey Abrams, but none of his singles do not leave a trace in history.

  • Ronnie D

    It reminds me of Mumford and Sons.

  • durbesque

    Nice generalized theme.  But I would have preferred a personal lovestory kinda thing.  No question Phil could act it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if certain Hollywood people have their eye on him.

  • jpfan2

    The video is kind of generic. They didn’t play up the “you’ll never sleep alone” vibe which turns it into a more passionate love song. I like the song but I can’t imagine it’ll be as big a hit as Home. I’m fine with a moderate hit though. Anything that keeps him on radio and selling the album is OK.

    I think P2 is very attractive and would be perfect for “boy next door” roles. Of course, that’s assuming he can act!

  • TheOther

    Director Joseph Toman (who also directed the Home video) talks about the concept behind making the Gone, Gone, Gone video.

    On another note, I didn’t realize Phillip has so many tour dates scheduled.

  • jpfan2

    P2 is pretty booked opening for MB20 this month and doing a ton of college shows in March, April and May. I’m still waiting to hear if he’ll be opening for John Mayer in the summer or the California gig is a one shot deal.

  • Anny_nanny

    And Yes, I’m sure that “Home” has so few views because people continue to look for this song from M&S and many highly surprised how a song can change beyond recognition. I am quite serious, I’ve seen posts on the Internet about that song Phillip this is a cover of the M&S. No, I didn’t listen the “original”.

  • Anny_nanny

    I checked the dates (I’m in shock from their number), if I understand correctly Phillip may return to AI only until the middle of March, and he has reserved the date for the Final, he will have to hand over a guitar the next Idol. LOL



  • jpfan2

    I see 45 upcoming gigs on P2’s tour page. That’s on top of about 20+ shows he’s already done. It doesn’t seem to include any of the radio shows  or the promo in France. No TV shows listed included Idol.

    He’s booked soild through May and then we’ll see what the summer brings.

  • onebirdlover1

    Did you really think last year had weak singers? Jesssica, Joshua, Elise and Skylar were in my opinion really good and any one of them could have won. I do, however agree Phillip is fantastic and was my personal choice.

  • Tess

    Since you asked.  Yup, thought the season was only slightly better than season 9.  I liked some of the singers (none that you mentioned) but nobody that I felt like supporting or do support.  I thought they were, for the most part, very unoriginal and 5 on a scale of 10 when it came to having any type of performance skills.  

    But after watching a few videos of this season (I no longer watch the show) last year’s crew seems to be leaps and bounds above this year.

  • Barbara Rodriguez

    Hey MJ did you see P2 at Assumption College in Worcester on April the 29th you going tickets go on sale 2-26 ? I am thinking I am gonna go if I can get tickets the student priced tickets are already sold out :D

  • CB40

    Good follow-up to Home for sure.

  • Anny_nanny

    Perhaps I was wrong.

    Gone, Gone, Gone
    #257 United States
    #301 Canada

  • Leandro

    It’s low but usually only popstars have a huge number of views. Other genres don’t have, but they still selling a lot of records. 

  • IrisandLilies

    What is the promo in France for? 

  • Lion’s DENN

    the “low number of views” for the Home video, despite its multi-platinum selling record, might also mean that P2 hasn’t really connected yet with audiences outside of the US.

  • Lobilobi

    it’s promo for Home and the album

  • Anny_nanny

    Phillip will be in France on 3 and 4 March.

    to Lion’s DENN:
    Channel Phillip on youtube partially closed for other countries.

  • Lobilobi

    Gone, Gone, Gone

    #245 United States

    #293 Canada

    #306 New Zealand
    do you think it’s the video effect ? if yes cool then

  • durbesque

    Is that the only source of tickets?  If so, very few left.  Enormous prices.
    Phillip has certainly moved up in billing….John Mayer & Phillip Phillips

    Way to go P2!!!

  • Lori

    Love the video. Love the song. It’s a win-win for Phil Phil ;)

  • Namarinad
    interview and live performance different from the one posted earlier
    i don’t understand italian but it looks like Italians are now joining the Home and Phillip train

    i will check for other news

  • maymay

    1.This MV is not original. It imitates Home`s MV style but cheaper.

    2.It lacks creativity. It is just a collection of some boring photos.

    3.GGG is a sweet to death and bright song. But its MV looks old, gray, dim.

    4.PP is an alterative singer but his MVs are so homemade and documentary.

    5.What`s wrong with Interscope? PP`s album and Home have sold 700k and 4m respectively. But his label doesn`t have enough budgets to create a great MV?

    6.Hope the third single`s MV will not copy Home`s and GGG`s.

  • Taylor

    That’s a ticket reseller site, that’s why the tickets are so expensive. Buyers are paying those kinds of prices to see the headliner.

  • Taylor

    Let’s take Ho Hey: 41 million views of the video sold 1 million copies of the song.

    Huh? Ho Hey had sold around 3.2 million as of a week ago. The Lumineers album has now sold one million copies. Maybe you got the two mixed up?

  • Namarinad

    Is Phillip Phillips’ New Single As Good As ‘Home?’

    nice and funny review

  • Lobilobi

     Gone, Gone, Gone

    #226 New Zealand

    #231 United States

    #275 Canada

    #367 Namibia

    #368 South Africavideo effect or radio airplay, or two combined ?

  • Anny_nanny

    I think the video only to the US.



  • Dixie Joann

    So agree Phillip Phillips has Hollywood star quality. Fans of this amazing refreshing humble artist.  Wish him the best~