Phillip Phillips – Gone Gone Gone – Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, performed a couple of songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Only the new single “Gone Gone Gone” aired on the show.  He also performed the mega-hit “Home,” which you can watch right here.

I’m a BIG fan of the new single, but I agree with those of you who suggested a few good back up singers. Other than that–I think the tune is a perfect followup to “Home.”

Phillip also performed “Gone Gone Gone” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired earlier in the day. Click to watch.

Watch both performances below.

Gone Gone Gone


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  • durbesque

    A rousing rendition of ‘Home’.  But it dies at the end without the tag line.

  • wordnerdarchie

    I like the song (even if it’s repetitive) but wish he could have had some autotune done in places, hah!   But this performance was better than Ellen.

  • Li Wright

    Love this song. He did sound like he had a song. A little off key not his best voice.

  • jpfan2

    The song sounds better to me everytime I hear it.  Please send it to radio ASAP.

  • justmefornow

    P2 really sounded like he was straining to hit the high notes, especially in “Home”.
    Has he been sick?

  • Miz

    I saw Phillip on Ellen yesterday. The song is OK and Phillip’s singing is not the greatest, but as in Home the song benefits from the instruments and the many voices of his band.

    I was quite struck by him having (I think) 8 band members including 3 guitarists, bass fiddle, sax, horn, drums, and some other electronic percussionist/rhythmic player.

    It appears they are pulling out all the stops for Phillip.

  • tucker davis

    Phillip doesn’t look like he feels well in this performance, and his face looks swollen. Really hope his kidneys aren’t acting up again. I do enjoy this song…hope radio picks it up soon.

  • celxx

    Wanna know another reason for a swollen face? FAT

  • jpfan2

    Well getting fat is a lot better than kidney issues so I hope that’s the reason for the swollen face. He’s starting a pretty grueling tour in a few weeks so he can lose the weight. If he has health issues that’s a whole other story.

    I think Jimmy realizes he might have a gold mine with P2 so he’ll take good care of him. At least I hope so.

  • bridgette12

    He don’t look good, is he having some medical issues again. Is that the reason why he cancelled his New Year Eve’s performance?

  • lila6089

    I really enjoyed these performances!  He looks healthy to me.  If anything, he probably gained a few pounds over the holidays, eating the southern food that he loves.

  • getaway1

    Phil did his job. He got very respectable increases on ITunes with the song and the CD with these appearances. Interest ling, it was with the deluxe version of his CD. Gone, Gone, Gone is very radio friendly and.  No song will be a Home monster hit every time; just like no song will always be a Stronger or Before He Cheats everytime.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I honestly don’t think that P2 looked or sounded any different that he usually does, at least not from the POV of being sick (maybe a few extra pounds from overindulging over the holidays). I also never thought that his Idol performances (when he was ill) sounded any worse that his post-Idol performances, when he was healthy. I do agree with those who feel that the backup singers need to be better, for both Home and GGG. I recall that DeAndre and Colton did an excellent job in their vocals for “Home” during the tour and that added a lot to the performance of that song.

  • siennalily

    I think Phillip sounds fine here. I hope that his health is ok and that he is able to continue on his tour. He is so blessed to have such great support from AI and his label.

  • GRjourney1

    If someone would tell Phillip to bend over a little and not throw his head back, he could hit those higher notes better.   

  • Aakash Mansukhani

    Home (performance-wise) was much better than GGG. He needs a new band ASAP. GGG definitely has potential to be even a bigger hit than Home. Also, he does look a bit sick. 

  • Liteasy

    He’s been tweeting that he stayed home to spend the holidays with his family.  He went horseback riding right after the holidays, so I’m sure he’s fine.

  • TheOther

    Phillip got to meet one of HIS Idols, Jimmy Kimmel.  No worries, he’s being taken care of by other Jimmy – Iovine.

  • Barbara Rodriguez

    I read on a youtube vid from last night that P2 had the flu but didn’t want to cancel at the minute. I hope that’s all it is ! Love GGG !!!!

  • tucker davis

    That makes more sense…his eyes look swollen which wouldn’t happen so fast with just good home-cooking. Probably has a sinus infection with the flu. We have had a huge outbreak of flu in GA this winter.