Phillip Phillips AOL Acoustic Sessions (VIDEO)

Phillip Phillips dropped into the AOL studios to perform a special solo acoustic performance featuring songs from his debut album, The World From the Side of the Moon.

The sessions include The American Idol winner’s massive hit, “Home”, plus, “Man On The Moon”, “Gone, Gone, Gone,” “Can’t Go Wrong,” “Fools Dance,” and “Hold On”.

It’s cool to hear Phillip perform these songs stripped down.

Read an interview with Phillip at


Man on the Moon

Gone Gone Gone

Can’t Go Wrong

Fool’s Dance

Hold On

Behind the Sessions


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  • Mike

    After giving them a 2nd listen I agree with MJ…kind of cool hearing them all stripped down.  The first time I listened it seemed weird with no audience, no band…just him…not used to seeing that.  I still say that his energy level is different when there is an audience or he has the band on stage with him…he feeds off of that give and take with the band & the audience.  Was nice to here ‘Can’t Go Wrong’ & ‘Fool’s Dance’…really enjoyed both of them.

  • tucker davis

    So glad you posted these sessions! Really enjoyed seeing him display his guitar playing, especially on ‘Hold On’. I think he is more talented than many realize. I enjoyed these even more than on the cd… guess I like the intimate feel of the songs.

  • potatorocks

    This is how I like Phillip the best.  As much as I like his interaction with other musicians, I like it better when he is by his lonesome and I can hear all the nuances in his voice. 

  • potatorocks

    This is how I like Phillip the best.  As much as I like his interaction with other musicians, I like it better when he is by his lonesome and I can hear all the nuances in his voice. 

  • auntmable

    Everyone should see his AOL sessions, Phillip is amazing, How many artists have you ever seen that would set up on stage and just sing, with no one else, no band no dancers,no a nnoying lights!! Phillip is amazing, I think he will have a couple of # 1 hits out of this album, I love them al!!! This kid is going to bebig big big!!!!!

  • Anny_nanny

    I am pleased to hear his wise attitude to the experience on the show. There isn’t an enthusiastic “Oh, I’m so happy!”, but there is grateful for the experience of the organizers and other alums. Thanks for posting the link!

  • IrisandLilies

    The stripped down versions of these songs are wonderful.  I actually prefer the acoustic versions of Fool’s Dance and Hold On to the recorded versions because Phillip sounded more natural in his delivery of these two songs — his delivery on the recorded versions can get a bit theatrical at times.  I also really enjoyed his guitar playing on these two songs. 

  • Loretta

    Phillip is mega talented.  I love his guitar playing so much and these stripped down versions showcase both his natural story telling ability, the specialness of his voice and his awesome guitar playing.

    I love P2s cd but would love an AOL stripped down cd as well.

  • iani

    Very nice acoustic sessions, I love Hold On here and anywhere, I have no problem learning the melodies of the less commercial songs,  Wanted is Love, Fool’s Dance…I didn’t pay attention to him and in general to this AI-year, but the interpretation of Home got me to pay attention more to his style/career and  I agree, he’s pretty talented. This is his time to shine and take advance of the all opportunities he has now; just happy for his post idol success, very surprising for me and for the good feedback because of the WGWG stigma and the media-perception with all the male winners in the last 5 years. .

  • guinness 416

    I agree 1000% …. I know I’m in the minority but I’d be happy if he hooked up with a class instrumentalist like Errol Cooney and toured/recorded like that.  These are much more appealing than the album tracks (which are much more appealing that his AI singles CD).  I’d buy this.  Less is more!

  • Barbara Rodriguez

    I really enjoyed this stripped down version ( I wish I could get this performance !!) Phillips’ guitar work is impressive and I agree being able to hear the nuisances in his voice is great ! Onward and upward Phillip !!!

  • CanadianLady

    Still waiting for the silly post office to get my CD here, but I am really liking these. Love Gone3 in every emanation thus far.

  • SamC

    it seems like he is singing most of the songs he wrote by himself aside from gone gone gone which i assume he has to sing because the label is pushing it to be the next single (i agree) but its nice that they let him have the freedom to pick what ever other songs he wants to sing. It seems like they have a deal going, jimmy lets p2 do whatever the hell he wants as long as he gets to control which songs become singles and it seems to be working nicely

  • Anny_nanny

    I agree. Each of them is good at his job, the fighting ended at the stage of the Top-10.

  • durbesque

    At first I said “Oh, no, not solo”…
    In 5 seconds, he had me smiling.

  • lila6089

    He sounds great!  I could listen to him all day!

  • roarpen

    Well, the guitar playing was awesome, the songs are good to very very good, his voice? Well, it does go off key and it shows in these sessions, especially on Home. But I think P2 could be one of the Idols that really “break out” nonetheless. The best move Phil ever made was sticking to his guns and being Phil on Idol – he created his P2 brand. Then, the best move Jimmy made was to let P2 be himself and not force him into some middle-of-the-road song that would strand him in Idol radio purgatory.

  • angiedb

    Absolutely fantastic! Love them all and love those dancin’ feet. :) 

  • Aakash Mansukhani

    Each one of these performances are just as amazing as how he played “Volcano” on American Idol. His voice also sounds really rustic and natural, even if it is a bit off key. I’d rather hear this than that auto-tuned pop crap on the radio.

  • EH

    I think Phillip recorded with a full band (or at least with Errol and the “cello guy”) for iTunes sessions or some other similar acoustic set, but it’s cool to hear them solo too. 

  • getaway1

    This is what being a true artist is all about.

  • durbesque

    That’s the first time I liked “Hold On” at all.  He lowered it a half tone, but it’s still too high, obviously.  It will be better when he gets it down to where it’s comfortable.  Another whole tone should do it.

  • listen

    Some of P2’s songs are good, but stripped down some of them just drone on and on and show the weak spots in P2’s voice, like “Fool’s Dance”.

    My favorite songs are Home and GGG.

    Gotta admit: there are times when P2’s voice makes my ears hurt and my skin crawl… “Fools Dance” acoustic is one of those times.  I had to stop listening about half-way through, the howling was just too painful.  Bob Dylan is easier for me to listen to, so don’t tell me I don’t like *those* kinds of voices.  ;-)
    (Love me some Bob D.)  

    I hope it is okay to mention other AI singers here, but in comparison, I think David Cook is much, much better and even Kris Allen (and I am not a fan of Kris’s) has a more pleasant voice and carries a tune better. 

    All that being said, P2 seems like a nice guy, so good luck to him.

  • Incipit

     his voice? Well, it does go off key and it shows in these sessions, especially on Home.

    Thanks for the 411, roarpen. I have no doubt Phillip is a nice guy, and I wish him nothing but the best in his future. His management and Label are doing right by him so far, with PR and appearances…even if his music has proved to be not to my tastes. But if nothing has changed with the live singing, I just can’t listen to that.

  • getaway1

    Whether a performer appeals to someone is based on personal preferences and biases.  Obviously there is enough people that likes what Phil is doing to attend his shows and to buy his music.  Obviously there is enough of a demand for his appearances.

  • durbesque

    I know from experience… There are times when a performer has to do a show, and he really needs to be home in bed.  This looks like one of those times for Phillip.  He’s weary and it shows more because he’s alone.   

  • heike hoffmann


  • Anny_nanny

    If someone need a link on YT, full version of the concert. I don’t have access to the video PPVEVO.

  • Blou38

    Phillip warms my heart.  Now I don’ know if I’ll like the cd because I love him and his guitar!