Phillip Phillips – The World From The Side of the Moon – Listen to Clips! (AUDIO)

Listen to clips from American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, upcoming album The World From The Side of the Moon courtesy of Yahoo Music. In an interview with Lindsey Parker of Reality Rocks, Phillip admits that he initially wanted to release the album in February, but the label moving the date up to November, while a bit crazy, led to producing music that was raw and organic.

Phillp had the luxury of working with just one producer, Gregg Wattenberg (Train, Daughtry) and, thanks to a really good relationship with Interscope honcho and Idol mentor, Jimmy Iovine.

“Jimmy has been awesome and really respectful, and it’s been amazing to have that, since he’s such a huge guy in the industry,” Phillip says. “I was definitely a little nervous about working with him, because you can’t really tell Jimmy Iovine that he’s wrong! He kind of knows best, because he’s worked with some of the greatest artists in the world. But he let me do so much on this album.”

“It’s an album that really represents me and it really comes from my heart, so I really hope people can connect with it,” says Phillip. “Hey, maybe people will like at least just one song!”

Actually, based on the snippets, this album does NOT suck, and seems to consider commercial concerns without being cookie cutter. It’s the type of album Lee DeWyze should have been allowed to make. I can’t see why Adult alternative and Hot Adult Contemporary radio would not play these songs. I hope the label gives the album a good push.

“Where We Came From” written by Phillip and Jon Green, appears to be the next single.  Phillip says of the tune, “I wrote this with Jon Green, from London. Such a nice, awesome guy. I showed him an idea I had, a funky guitar part, and I was thinking of making it a bigger song–but once we got to the chorus, he kind of brought it down and made it a little more mellow. And I enjoyed that. It’s catchy, but lyrics-wise, it’s got some good meaning to it. It’s got darker lyrics.”

Check out the track list with songwriting credits below. And read Phillip’s thoughts on each track at Yahoo.Music. The World from the Side of the Moon comes out on November 19.

Man On The Moon (written by Phillip Phillips)
Home (Greg Holden, Drew Pearson)
Gone Gone Gone (Derek Fuhrmann, Todd Clark, Gregg Wattenberg)
Hold On (Phillip Phillips)
Tell Me A Story (Phillip Phillips, David Ryan Harris)
Get Up Get Down (Phillip Phillips, Gregg Wattenberg, Derek Fuhrmann)
Where We Came From (Phillip Phillips, Jon Green)
Drive Me (Phillip Phillips, Ben Neil)
Wanted Is Love (Phillip Phillips)
Can’t Go Wrong (Phillip Phillips, Greg Holden, Drew Pearson)
Fool’s Dance (Phillip Phillips)
So Easy (Stephen Wrabel, Peter Amato, Pete Salis)

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  • Wui Zhuan Lim

     Ahh…it’s not available for viewing in my country!!

  • OffLeash

    Heh. I’m a P2 fan, but that album sounds like what I was afraid it would sound like. I won’t make a final judgment until I hear everything in full, but most of the snippets sound like lifeless melodies, except for:Gone Gone GoneHold OnCan’t Go WrongSo Easy

    I don’t like much what I heard about the rest of the songs, and the jury’s still out for Where we came from.

  • Joey Henrich

    Sounds great.  I really liked Gone Gone Gone.

  • alonzo7

    Not a Philip fan but this is quite good for such a fast turnaround-totally Philips style.  I loved Get Up Get Down-Gone Gone Gone and Drive Me.
    This should do pretty well.

  • tierbee

    I liked Gone Gone Gone a lot. That probably dooms it to never be a single haha. It actually sounds like an album that’s *him* – and that’s good. I don’t like Dave Matthews Band at all so I already knew since he tended to have a sound in that direction that I probably wouldn’t be jumping up and down over his music – but after watching Idol album after album come out this one impresses me with how it has a distinctive sound to it and holds it together pretty well throughout. Of course, snippets can lie so curious to hear the finished product – but this sounds like a good album for fans of his music.

  • EH

    I listened through a couple of times and noticed some cool instrumental things on repeated listens. 

    I would consider myself a casual P2 fan. I think that I’ll really like maybe a third to half of the songs, which isn’t too bad for an Idol debut album, so I’ll probably download the regular version (esp. if Amazon has it for 4 or 6 bucks)

    Terrible choice for the 2nd single, though, so good luck to him.  “Gone Gone Gone” sounds like the best bet for continued success on multiple radio formats. 

  • OffLeash

    It gets better on second listen. It’s a grower. But it was a huge mistake not to go with “Gone, Gone, Gone” for the second single. I’m afraid “Where We Came From” will stop P2’s momentum while “Gone, Gone, Gone” would have done wonders towards establishing him as an artist. Why? Why, Jimmy?

  • Anny_nanny

    I’m sorry, I do not have access.
    Is it the same?:

  • standtotheright

    The most DMB-reminiscent songs (MATM, GUGD) are actually the most convincing and coherent ones on first listen. CWG as “recapture the Mumford-esque magic track” is not. I am not shocked.

    Gone Gone Gone has the best lyrics. He didn’t write them. I am not shocked.

    It’s overproduced, but not as excessively as LIU was. I am not shocked.

    The snippets inclined me to listen to some of my DMB records again rather than to buy this. I am not shocked.

  • sdmama

    I, too, like Gone Gone Gone.  And Get Up Get down. This means I guess I like Gregg Wattenberg/Derek Fuhrmann writing team. It is about what I was expecting and there are some pretty good songs in it. I like it. 

    I am not screaming with joy but I did not do that about Home at first, either. So I am hoping that this album will follow the suit of Home and have a very long slow burn around 11th position to reach Gold.I don’t care for Where We Came From, though. There are other songs with better hooks, and why did they pick this one?  Replacing Home with this one to push album does not make any sense to me.   I hope Jimmy know what he is doing.

    Thanks for sharing the link!  I was really looking forward for snippets.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    PLZ!!!! someone upload this on youtube, because i can´t hear it in my location… SAD!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Perhaps, there was a commitment to P2 to release a song written/co-written by him after “Home”?

  • adriana
  • standtotheright

    I’m afraid “Where We Came From” will stop P2’s momentum while “Gone, Gone, Gone” would have done wonders towards establishing him as an artist.

    I will give Iovine this much: If they plan to target AAA-with-some-HAC-pop-crossover, then P2 needed to at least cowrite the next single. It’s one thing to be a singer-songwriter who put out one single he didn’t write under extraordinary circumstances; two in a row starts looking “inauthentic” (I’m not saying it’s fair, I’m saying that Home was lightning in a bottle when it came to breaking down format resistence and they can’t expect to duplicate that).

    But I probably wouldn’t have gone with WWCF, even so.

  • girlygirltoo

    As I expected, it has a very DMB feel to it, without quite being at that level. It’s not a bad effort, but there isn’t anything that really stands out to me. It does come across as very Phillip, which isn’t always the case with debut albums from Idols, so that’s good. I didn’t hear anything that sounds all that much like “Home”, but it’s always hard to really judge things from such short snippets.

    Overall, it sounds like it will be a solid album that most fans of Phillip should like. I don’t know if there’s anything on there that is close enough in style and quality to “Home” to attract a majority of the people who aren’t necessarily fans of his but who love the single. And (aside from “Home”) I really didn’t hear anything that sounded like a hit single. But we will have to wait and see on that. Like I said, it’s too hard to form a final opinion based on the snippets. Hopefully the album will be streamed in full before it’s released.

    I do think PP should be pretty happy. It doesn’t seem like he was asked to compromise too much. They didn’t try to put anything on there that I’d call “poppy” at all. Whether he succeeds or fails commercially with this album, he will do so making the music he wanted to. Can’t really ask for a whole lot more than that, can you (especially if you’re an Idol winner).

  • Joyed

    I will preface my opinion with the following – I am not a fan of Phillip’s voice. I liked only 3 performances of his on Idol: Volcano, The producer pick, and Home.  I REALLY dislike Dave Mathews Band but like Mumford & Sons, so when I hear those influences in P2’s sound, it greatly impacts my feelings about the song.

    That said, here is my reaction to the snippets:

    Overall, the album sounds extremely cohesive.  I give a lot of credit to P2 and his producer and cowriters for being able to make this album sound like an album and not just random songs with such a quick turnaround.

    My thoughts on the actual songs:

    LOVE – Gone, Gone, Gone

    This sounds like a great song, and it was the only one I heard that made me want to buy the song right now.  Seriously enjoyable.

    LIKE – Home
    This song is a classic – but this is a case of liking the song more than the voice for me.

    EH – Man on the Moon, Hold On, Tell Me a Story, Drive Me, Wanted is Love, So Easy, Where We Came From

    There are parts of some of these songs I think are nice, but the whole package didn’t get to me in the snippet.  The whole song could tell a different story.

    I know the potential second single is in this group, and while it didn’t stand out, it sounded among the best of this bunch to me and didn’t sound like a bad song.

    HATE – Get Up Get Down, Can’t Go Wrong, A Fool’s Dance

    Dislike the vocals on these songs and hate the DMB vibe of GUGD.  There’s this froggy voice thing P2 does

    TL;DR Summary: Good job on a cohesive album.  I disliked songs that reminded me of DMB but enjoyed the more Mumford influences.  I will probably purchase Gone, Gone, Gone.

  • OffLeash

    If releasing one of P2’s co-writes was the strategy, why not release “Hold On” instead? IMO, it’s one of the 4 best snippets, and it’s actually 100% written by P2.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Maybe, P2 himself liked WWCF as the next single?

  • OffLeash

    Could be, unless the snippet is a very poor sample of the song. idk.

  • Wui Zhuan Lim

    Too much great songs in it!
    And it’s my first listen!
    19 NOV, someone speed up the time machine please !!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    It could likely have been a situation where Jimmy named 2-3 songs as candidates for singles, and WWCF was the one that P2 liked best of those that were suggested.

  • Anny_nanny

    And he hates “Hold On”. May be… I will think about it and wait for the album. It was not so terrible.

  • OffLeash

    Dangit, the more I listen to Gone Gone Gone, the more I like it. It’s totally a worthy successor to Home. Excellent. If they release that song to radio, I expect it to do very, very well.

  • siennalily

    I like what I’m hearing a lot. Phillip is so blessed to have had such great support . The single producer makes this a much more cohesive effort than some of the other Idol releases. Phillip is one lucky guy. I expect this to be a big hit for him.

  • maymay

    It`s a very great album? No.
    It`s a good album? Yes. Decent and cohesive.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that not every track on the album was considered eligible as a single, so “Hold On” may not have made the “short list” for possible singles.

  • chillj

    Hard to say what I think of this album; it is the kind of album that can grow on you.  No obvious big hits here, but lots of pleasant, more subtle sounds.

  • LeahKittyS

    I’m sending my mom to Target to get me the deluxe version with 17 tracks, I love him so much. I think the production team learned from the mistakes they made with Lee to let Phillip have a bigger say, a larger hand, and more time to make the album what he wanted it to be. Can’t wait to see how he stack up against the rest of the music world!

  • OffLeash

    Overproduction is definitely not a problem here. So kudos to Jimmy for not making the same mistakes that were made with too many Idols.

  • jpfan2

    Nothing is jumping out but. It seems decent. I prefer more soulful P2 but it’s hard to tell from clips. I might buy it though.

  • MellyPer1692

    Holy Dave Matthews Band impersonation. Only liked gone, gone, gone from the new stuff.

  • julesb2183

    Not really enjoying it. 

  • IrisandLilies

    I’ve only listened to the tracks once.  I am not overly familiar with the songs of the Dave Matthews Band as I am not a fan, but to me a lot of the tracks sounded like DMB songs.  As a Phillip fan, I am somewhat ambivalent about that.  For me, his gift as a singer is the ability to convey the emotions of a song through his voice.  IMO, DMB-type songs (excluding The Stone) don’t seem to require that type of emotive singing; the emphasis appears to be more on instrumentation. 

    Perhaps after a second listening, the songs will grow on me.  I had a somewhat similar reaction after listening to all of the songs on Paul Simon’s album “Graceland” and Damien Rice’s album “O.”  Initially I wasn’t crazy about most of the songs on the two albums, but then after I listened to the albums again in their entirety, I appreciated all of the songs and kept every single one of them on my iPod (usually I pick and choose which songs from an album will go on my iPod).  Moreover, I can’t say that on first listen I was a fan of every song performed by Phillip on AI.  Some of my favorites became my favorites only after repeated playing — after I had had the time to savor and reflect upon the nuances of the song.    

  • jpfan2

    I do think P2 is one of the fewl with the poetential to connect as an artist with a non Idol audience We’/l see if it happens.

  • potatorocks

    I am interested.  
    Cohesive and Philip Philipsy.   Some of the sounds have got me intrigued—Fool’s Dance.  Some of the songs seem single worthy.  In fact only two stand out as being off–Can’t go Wrong, So Easy(they are my least favorite from snippets)—but undoubtedly Philip will wrap himself around them live.
    Looking forward to full versions of all.

  • calliebeckett

    I LOVE Gone, Gone, Gone!!

  • Jordana33

    Gone Gone Gone was the most promising of the clips. However, it also has a Mumford and Son’s vibe, so they probably wouldn’t release it right after “Home”

  • IrisandLilies

    Thank you for posting on YouTube.

  • Scott

    The album seems good.  The funny thing- remember how Philip talked about Home not really being him, that his album is going to be different (was it the Lindsay Parker intvu? I remember he took some heat for seemingly distancing himself from Home even though it was already showing signs of being a huge success).  Well much of the album seems like “Home” to me LOL.  Especailly Gone Gone Gone.  Not a complaint- I think Home is a terrific song and I like what I’m hearing in the snippets, but I find it funny that this album seems to be in that wheelhouse.  Which is good, because it’s very current sounding.  Personally, I will probably buy the album but I don’t see myself listening start to finish.  I think P2 (for me) will be the kind of artist where after 3 or 4 songs I’m going to have to move on.  I’ll likely enjoy his songs coming up randomly when they’re shuffled with the rest of my itunes.  And that’s OK because that’s how I am with Daughtry.  I tend to buy their music but I get kind of bored after 3 or 4 songs.  

  • Chrissie H

    I´m not a fan – not in the least to put it mildly- but I was curious enough to give the snippets a listen and I did so with an open mind. Now after listening I can´t say it´s bad really but I´m puzzled to find that I simply can´t remember one single song that just slightly made an impression on me. I´m tempted to conclude that Philip´s album might connect with his fans but I have a hard time imagening it will gain him new ones

  • Taylor

    It’s what I expected. PP doing his best DMB impression on the tracks he wrote and several of the ones he co-wrote and Jimmy giving him a handful of M&S songs to sing.

    Also, as expected, the other song that Jimmy didn’t allow Phil to touch (Gone Gone Gone) is the song that sounds just like another M&S/Home song and is the best choice for the next single. GGG is not another Home though, not even close, but it’s better than the rest of them.

    The four songs that PP wrote are the weakest.

  • IrisandLilies

    I like the album a lot more after the second listen.  The sincerity in Phillip’s voice as he sings is apparent in each of the songs.  I found myself really paying attention to the lyrics of songs because of the emotion he puts into his singing as well as the changing meters/melodies/syncopation(?) in many of the songs. 

  • guinness 416

    Sounds pretty good.  Though as I was playing it my husband looked across at me all confused after a few minutes and asked “what Dave Matthews record is that” :)

    I like the “Fools Dance” song the best, sounds a bit early David Gray (before he went MOR) to my ears.  I know I’m in a minority, and have probably said this a zillion times, but I was hoping for more low key acoustic stuff, like he’s been doing on the radio station appearances.  This is more “I have a BAND!”  Personally I only really like Dave Matthews when he’s teamed up with Tim Reynolds.  Still, potential for this to sound cool live and pared down when he doesn’t have xylophones and strings and backing singers and whatever other fluff layered on.

    I’ll be buying it, anyway.

  • standtotheright

    Tbh, I think several of the tracks could have done with about 30 percent less “sincerity” and 20 percent more nuance. A lot of it feels oversung.

    But my not caring for some of his phrasing choices falls, again, in the basket of “not shocked.”

  • buffyloverlori

    I wasn’t a really big Phillip fan during the show when he was on it. But after hearing the snippets I really liked 4 of the songs a lot GGG being my favorite, I like the one that will be his upcoming single, TMAS, Home of course, and GMGD. Their where two or three that sound promising, and the rest I won’t be sure about until I hear the whole thing. I said if I liked at least 4 songs I’D buy the CD, so I just ordered it on target. I went ahead and bought the one what the extra songs on it.  

  • Leandro

    I got bored in the middle, but Gone Gone Gone seems to be really good.

  • CanadianLady

    Taking a break from NaNoWriMo – my first year! – to listen. Heard enough to want to hear more. Love what I heard of Gone Gone Gone. Several others had potential. I like his falsetto. Wish we had the Target version in Canada. :(

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    awmm… so disapointed and sad. This is more rock/pop mainstream than alternative. This is his sound??? this is not ROCK/JAZZ/ACOUSTIC ALTERNATIVE SOUND that he mentioned once before.

    Where is the raw, sexual acoustic vibe of his live performances, i know is very different in studio than live, but this is too much different for my taste. I really hope he can do it well. I wish the best for him, but this is not what i was expecting.

    People say this sound like Dave M. but i don´t hear too much similarity, i think is even more Daughtry and mainstream rock band than DM. I think that even M&S and Damien R. would be a better choice for him.

  • hayes

    I think it’s interesting how “Home” started off as the “song he wouldn’t have written himself”, yet seems to be the jumping off point of the whole album. To me it sounds like every other track was built around it, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. “Gone, Gone, Gone” is a standout for me, the rest I will have to hear full versions, although I like “Get Up, Get Down”, “Where We Came From,” and “Can’t Go Wrong” too. I wasn’t a big fan of his on the show, but I’ll probably give this record a shot.

  • songsungblue

    I can’t believe I’m saying this because I couldn’t stand PP2 during the season – but he has the best possibility for big success of any recent winners.  He has a giant hit going in, and a very intimate sound.  I…I like it. [Hits head, worried about brain damage] ;)

  • Chrissie H

    ” he has the best possibility for big success of any recent winners.”
    lol- ok – if that becomes reality I´ll be hitting my head

  • CanadianLady

    I don’t think Scotty’s going away any time soon, either – in fact I think he’s going to be in this for a long, long, time. But otherwise I agree with you re Phillip having great potential. Perhaps something to do with Jimmy and Interscope?  

  • LA944

    Phillip seems like a great guy. I wish him well. I wasn’t crazy about what I heard from the clips. Not enough melody for me. The songs all kind of sound the same. I pretty much felt that way about his AI performances too. I understand that it’s probably good thing to be cohesive–but that doesn’t mean there can’t be variety in the melodies and chord changes.

    I guess the Gone song would be best for a follow up single.

  • WestiesRule

    I never cared for DMB and am not a fan of P2’s sound. But, I like the guy personally and wish him well.I rooted for him during Idol because I believe he has the potential to do well… I just won’t be supporting him financially.

  • angiedb

    I absolutely love what I am hearing. Love them all and can hardly wait to be able to hear them all the way through. From the snippets, my favorites are Gone, Gone, Gone, Get Up Get Down, Drive Me and Fool’s Dance. I’ve done one listen, now off to listen again. 

  • Kitty Armistead

    Thoughts, by Kitty:

    Man On The Moon–I’m at 50% liking it, 50% finding it a little annoying.  Reserving full judgement until I hear the full song.

    No point in commenting on Home.

    Gone, Gone, Gone–I’m not really feeling this, so naturally it’s the one everybody is loving. Maybe I’ll like it better once I hear the whole song.

    Hold On–I’m liking this. I’m loving the lyric this clip starts off with.

    Tell Me A Story–I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG. There are some parts in this clip where the melody is straight up lifted from Crash Into Me, but that’s the only DMB song I like, so I don’t mind. I’m pretty sure it’s one I’ll want to learn how to play when the whole song is out.

    Get Up Get Down–I like it. I can jam out to it.  

    Where We Came From–This sounds like Jason Mraz lite. I can’t decide if this is a plus or minus for me.

    Drive Me–I’m digging this. It’s sexy. Loving the horns.

    Wanted Is Love–I like it. It’s got this nice, haunting, quality that I like.

    Can’t Go Wrong–P2 was not kidding when he said this was in the vein of Home. I like it though.  

    A Fool’s Dance–See comments on Wanted Is Love.

    So Easy–I’m pretty sure I hear some studio magic helping him out on this one. Judging by Phillip’s comments about it, and how poppy it is, I get the feeling this isn’t one he was immediately thrilled about. Sounds very 90s. But I like the 90s.

    18 more days until I hit up Target for the deluxe version….

  • jpfan2

    Good news for me is that I like the next single Where We Come From the most of all the clip!  I hope they send it to radio even before Home peaks (which might take another 3-4 weeks!)

  • kyukool

    since Home is doing so well. i bet this album will be very successful. usually when ppl look down on idol winner, he will do great. i guess his album will outsell Scotty.

  • getaway1

    Wow and Wow again.  Phil shows a lot of range and depth as a song writer. 

    America got it right by voting for the true artist.

  • iani

    Judging from the snippets, surprisingly I like most of them. I might be in minority here, I like his songs better from the rest and the best productions, thanks God no blowing instruments in them(at least I don’t hear in those clips)!

    Man On The Moon- pleasant song, not great but good enough for me
    Home-great song to connect  with people
    Gone Gone Gone-fun song, good for live performances
    Hold On-right now I like it the most; current, great production, cheese free, mixture of KoL, Colplay, M&S, love it
    Tell Me A Story-it’s an OK for me

    Get Up Get Down-don’t like it
    Where We Came From- too short to have an idea as a single, pretty simple, bland sound from the snippet
    Drive Me-holly saxobeat, it “drive(s) me” crazy
    Wanted Is Love-I like it a lot, very pleasant song
    Can’t Go Wrong-I don’t like it, it amuses me somehow(thinking that I can dance a polka or something, lol)
    Fool’s Dance- I like it- again great production in all 4 his songs
    So Easy-it’s OK-it seems to me pretty close to “Falling Slowly”

    I will see if I change my mind about the song when the album comes. Good luck to Phillip, great effort!

  • lemonwuss

    I like GGG and TMAS…i like what i heard. I have low expectations to start off so i was impressed. Phillip is better live than on record JMHO.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    This album sound like a mix of several artists: Dave M, M&S, Rob Thomas, Cold Play, i was just expecting a little of Damien Rice as well, but it´s not a bad album, it has good catchy songs in there like Home, Gone Gone Gone others with good sound or apparently good lyrics like Fool´s dance, and other songs than maybe after hear it a lot could be really good on radio; but i really hate, totally dislike So Easy, i don´t know why they included that song in this album and the worst part is not even written by P2, so someone else wrote that garbage.

    In general is a 6+ of 10.

  • girlygirltoo

    One has nothing to do with the other. For example: Carly Rae Jepsen’s single Call Me Maybe  has sold something like 5 million downloads. Her album sold less than 50,000 in its first week when it was released a couple of weeks ago.

  • Lori

    Ha! I could have written your review ;) Except I will comment on Home. Six months later and I’m still not tired of it (and apparently neither is America, or finally, radio).

    I’ll be buying the CD. Best of luck to you P2.

  • iluvai

    The snippets are very easy on the ear. Nice. :)

  • maymay

    Drive Me isn`t bad. But it isn`t better than Home as a coronation song.
    I really like Where WE CAME FROM. I very expect it`s full version.
    Gone Gone Gone is very very catchy. It can does well on the pop radio.

    This album isn`t very commerical but it should be fine to sell.

  • Happyhexer

    Wasn’t a P2 fan, and still think he should have gotten booted when he massacred “Time of the Season.”  That said, thought he finished his Idol run strongly, and thought his coronation song was the most authentic of any Idol I’ve heard; fits him like a glove.  I actually started paying attention to Phil after the show, when I bought his Idol EP.  Granted, the EP was all covers.  But when I listened to it start to finish, there was a continuity and style to the EP as a whole, that worked.  I don’t mean that all the songs sounded alike, although clearly there is a specific “sound” to Phil’s music.  That made me think Phil has a reasonable idea of who he is artistically, and was able to pick songs that showcased his strengths.  And that is the point at which I decided that I would withhold judgment and take an objective listen to see if I liked what Phil produced.

    I’m not sold yet — want to take another listen — but I may be buying Phil’s CD.  My favorite track is Phil’s new single, “Where We Came From” — which has got to be the kiss of death for it, lol.  Unlike the majority here, I don’t care for “Gone Gone Gone,” although I kinda sorta understand the appeal, in that it has a current vibe to it.  I like “Man on the Moon,” “Hold On,” “Tell Me a Story,” “Get Up Get Down” (my second favorite), “Drive Me,” and “Wanted Is Love.”  I’m on the fence about “Fool’s Dance” — need to hear the whole song.  I thought I was going to dislike, but I think it might grow on me.  Worst track: “Can’t Go Wrong.”  Phillip at his worst.  

    (P.S.)  I have an advantage in that I know zip about Dave Matthews, other
    than his “I’m Alive” duet with Kenny Chesney.  So no prejudices
    in either direction!

  • Mike

    Like all of the snippets except ‘Fools Dance’ & ‘So Easy’….I might change my mind after I hear the whole songs.  Will probably buy it.  Really like Gone, Gone, Gone & Tell Me A Story.  P2 seemed to do his thing…good for him & hoping it does well for him.

  • iluvai

    I was so surprised to hear it often on Z100. I think the Olympics might have given it a good push.

  • Steppen

    MOTM, Home, GGG, and CGM really highlight P2’s beautiful voice, while other songs expose his weakness. But in general, I think this is a great debut album. Very focus in its target audience, but will have to see how he is marketed.

  • jennyl2

    I’m not a fan of P2’s vocals. I either have to like the songs or the vocals to buy an album. Based on the snippets, it’s solid and I do like what I’m hearing. He gets a pass from me to buy the album. I have to hear the full songs to decide which is my fav for a single. Gone gone gone is good but it’s like Mumford and Son no.2. Yup I’m not a fan of M&S. Good luck P2!  

  • springboard2

    I am not a fan and it is better than I expected. Might be interesting.
    But the next single is a bad choice, imo, I don’t know what the label is thinking.

  • Incipit

    Wasn’t a P2 fan, and still think he should have gotten booted when he massacred “Time of the Season.” 

    Hah! HappyHexer, that night was when I knew he could destroy any song he wanted to – the oblivious judges weren’t going to note it, and his voting block was still going to dial him in. So it didn’t matter how or what he sang.

    Same with this album, I expect. Fans will like it. Snippets are evil – and don’t tell much – but nothing stood out to me enough to remember what I heard…still, I don’t like DMB at all, and I ‘really’ don’t like Mumford & Sons…so I didn’t expect to like this either. Doesn’t matter – I’m not a Phillip Phillips customer.

    I still have no idea what the original target Rock/Jazz/Acoustic Alternative Sound would have been, and somehow – I don’t think this album will enlighten me.  No surprise, it’s whatever Iovine wanted it to be. Heh.

    If it does well, that’s good for Idol, the show…extending its shelf life as a platform for music and artists I may actually enjoy…so that’s cool. So I say Good Fortune to him.

    JMO. Of Course.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Cool stuff! For me it starts to take off at ‘Get Up Get Down’. I don’t remember all of the tracks prior to that one but the second half is strong. I’m glad that he got to define himself this way for the most part, it seems very Phillip and does not sound like the WGWGs and their albums before him. And not all Mumford-y which I like but it wasn’t P2.

    I hope he sells big! And I think that he will. This seems like a strong debut that will appeal to alt-rock listeners and people outside the Idol bubble. They will hear something different than what those who disliked him on Idol hear, and that’s a fact and not meant as a slam on anyone, ha.

  • Dlynne

    I really like what I’ve heard so far. I can’t wait o her the whole thing. My least favorite songs are the ones on which Phillip doesn’t have a writing credit.

  • girlygirltoo

    Will they? It sounds very much like what he did on Idol to me. I am not a PP fan in general, although I do like “Home,” and his covers of “Volcano” and “Nice and Slow”. After listening to the snippets yesterday, I can’t remember what any of the songs sounded like. This may be an album that grows on people on repeated listens, rather than something that jumps out at you right away. I have a feeling that I am not going to end up buying the album, but may end up purchasing a song or two off of it. Will wait until I hear the album in its entirety before making a decision, though.

  • TheOther

    My least favorite songs are the ones on which Phillip doesn’t have a writing credit.

    Gone, Gone, Gone has lyrics like “if you fall like a statue, I will be there to catch you”.  Granted, it is very radio friendly.  But that doesn’t mean those are the best songs.   

    I definitely think the CD will cater to the core fan base.  But I also think Phillip will gain new fans in his home genre, AAA, not only as a performer but hopefully as an up and coming song writer. I think Interscope understood going into the project.

  • too-cool-for-school

    I meant people who didn’t follow him on Idol, that do not already have some stigma about what they dislike about his voice/style (which are fair criticisms at times), may not be as negative about it on first listen/preview as his already-present detractors are.

    My opinion is that they will hear a decent sounding alt rock album. Whether P2 was the best of the Idol season, how the album is similar to his Idol repertoire, etc. is for the fandom to squabble about; to someone that would casually check out his album or hear a song on the radio, I think they will like it. Maybe it won’t always jump out and he can’t please everyone of course but it seems more appealing and marketable than Lee’s debut, and maybe even Kris’ debut which didn’t totally hit the mark, sad to say.

    I see a better chance for Phillip, but time will tell I suppose!

  • antics87

    Like GGG, Hold On, love DMB vibe on Get Up Get Down, Drive Me will work well for live performances, i think I am actually going to like Fool’s Dance in a full version.

    Don’t like So Easy, totally out of place

    Overall happy for Phillip for cohesive album that includes his material and I think represents him well

  • OffLeash

    I gave a third listen to the snippets today, and I already know the tracks I’m gonna skip if I get the album. Tell Me A Story, Man On The Moon and Fool’s Dance represent everything I don’t like about P2. I don’t care how good the lyrics might be, when I listen to music, the melody accounts for a good 50% of my enjoyment, and  I simply cannot stand the melodies, or rather lack thereof, of those 3 songs. Dreary. Drive Me is another one I’ll skip, for different reasons, I simply don’t like it. Thank the Idol gods P2 wasn’t allowed to have it as his coronation song.

    The stand outs for me are still Gone Gone Gone, a gem that’ll probably make me buy the whole album as a thank you to Jimmy for including it on the album, and Hold On. Hold On is P2 at his best IMO. As for “Where We Came From,” it sounds more and more like the pop lite dreck typical of Idol debut albums. WTF?