Phil Phillips Ongoing Health Issues – Mom Requesting Prayers

American Idol finalist, Phil Phillips was suspiciously absent from last week’s Ford commercial, which led some to speculate he might still be suffering from the health issued that plagued him early in the competition.  Phil’s mom confirms he’s still not feeling well and is asking for your prayers on her Facebook page:

“I have a special prayer request. Please stop and pray a special prayer for Phillip. He is in a lot of pain and I am sad about it. I just wish he felt good. I love him so much and wish I could be with him. He would appreciate the prayers too!”

Albany Uncovered, contacted Phil’s father, Donnie Phillips who said that, due to the hectic schedule, “contestants are getting very little sleep and it’s starting to take a toll on Phillip especially when combined with his ongoing kidney stone issues.”

Phil had a stent put in early in the competition to deal with his painful condition.

Sending some good thoughts out Phil’s way. He has a good shot at being the last person standing. I hope he stays healthy

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  • Ryan

    oh god. i feel like a bad person, cause i wished he’d be the next one out :( hope his problems improve

  • Anonymous

    This is sad.  Best of luck to him, he’s one of my favorites.  

  • shouldbedancing

    Poor Phil. I’m wishing the best for him. He’s such an unassuming guy… I feel like he would never complain or mention this so I’m glad someone is taking about it… everyone else get a chance to pimp their “sob” stories

  • Anonymous

    My prayers go out to Phil, hoping that he gets better.  I don’t want to admit this, because I really want a female to win this year, but Phil is the most exciting performer to me.  Even though he doesn’t change things up much from week to week, what he does is entertaining and, most importantly, interesting to listen to.

  • Cathy Plemel

    Not a fan of Phil’s voice, it’s just not my thing, but I hope things get better for him.  I think he has probably the best chance of the six left to win.  Would be too bad if he would have to drop out.  Too bad he can’t enjoy this experience more.

  • Sowsyalite

    I figured so as well. He was also absent in the ford commercial a few episodes back. Such a trooper, he does not seem in pain when he performs.  Jessica Sanchez tweeted yesterday that P2 was feelin’ the pain. He had to forego operation I guess because of the competition and the stent is just temporary.  

    LaurenDaniels ? @TeamPhillipss   · Open@JSanchezAI11 @PPhillipsAI11 HI phillip! make him tweet me i had kidney stone surgery last weekend! im feeling better though

    Jessica Sanchez ? @JSanchezAI11Close@TeamPhillipss @PPhillipsAI11 He said he’s feelin’ the pain.

  • Landon Cox

     I wondered why TPTB cast him since they are trying to avoid a WGWG winner…maybe they figured he would have to withdraw at some point and that would be good for ratings.

    I’m a bit cynical about this show.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry he has to endure this during Idol. I know how hard this is on his mom, too, not to be able to help or be with him. I hope he’ll be able to have surgery or whatever treatment his doctors recommend before the tour starts.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully he recovers. My prayers go out to him. I can’t imagine the pain he’s going through. He’s one tough guy to endure this. 

  • too-cool-for-school

    Sad indeed. Poor guy! He’s a real trooper. Suppose that he keeps it up and makes it to the end, will he have any real time to rest and get the thorough care that he needs before the tour and everything else?

    I would imagine that schedule will be equally as hectic. :(

  • Anonymous

     Probably because the whole “WGWG” thing is only an idol bubble thing and they know that Phillip cannot be more different from Scotty music wise.

  • Frank

    Definitely before the tour starts he should consider getting a lithotripsy which doesn’t cut into his abdomen but uses shockwaves to dissolve those kidney stones. The recovery is quick and he’ll be up and about for tour.

    Also the fact that they get like 6 hours a sleep + stress = not good. I wonder if the TPTB would consider letting him go or eliminating him since “it’s health first” like the judges said when that girl fainted in Hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope Phillip feels better as right now he is my favorite. He seems to be tough and determined and I bet he will hang in there until the end. It shows how talented he is to be able to perform like he does when he is probably in some pain.

  • Beth Fischer

    It would prob. be a good idea if he takes himself out of the competition. I could see if the problem worrsens, that ryan eliminates him on a thurday result show, and then they explain why he was really eliminated… Cause if he wins he will have a hectic sheduel and little time to rest..

  • Pam

    Wow.  I guess when it rains in pours.  Poor guy.  I don’t wish that kind of pain on anyone!  I hope dr’s will consider doing a less invasive procedure that will help him recover quickly!

    Sending good thoughts and prayers to him!

  • Anonymous

    I hope Phillip gets better; I would hate to lose him for reasons other than voting. I don’t know if I’ll get to see the live show this year (I go to the one in Manchester, which is usually the last leg of the tour, so college classes may conflict), but it would stink for him and me if he couldn’t be there.
    P.S. This can’t possibly kill him, can it? The idea is scaring me sick! Everyone pray long and hard for his recovery, please!

  • Chris

    You don’t have to be in the “Idol bubble” to know that a female nor a minority has won this show in years. 20-30 million people watch the finale every year. 

    That said, I don’t think any of the females want to win because he gets sick and has to drop out.  Then they’ll have the opposite effect.  Well, you “Jessica/Skylar/Hollie” are not as good as the person we wanted to win, but since Colton imploded and P2 is sick, then you’re in. e.g. Haley did want to take Lauren’s spot in the finale vs. Scotty.  Everyone wants to know the fans put them there, not some defacto, last man standing kind of thing.

    I really wish him well.  Perhaps if he does have to leave early, he can take time off and be healthy by the tour.

    I wonder if they would bring someone back?  e.g. Colton.

  • Li Wright

    This doesn’t sound good.  It sounds like a Bo Bice moment, will he be able to tour?

  • Anonymous

     I actually think it would be very bad for the ratings if Phillip does have to drop out.  I think he is popular with the viewers and is a favorite. I am not so sure how popular some of the others left are.

  • Cathy Plemel

     If he does have to go I can think of 3 ways they could deal with it.  I think the most like would be that they would not kick anyone off that week and then combine that weeks votes with the next weeks votes and kick off the lowest combined vote getter.
    They could also bring back either the last person voted off or let the judges pick someone to bring back.  I think this would only work if he bows out before Monday.  Any closer to the show and it would be tough for them to get the person there and ready with a performance.

  • breakdown

    He is not a favorite of mine but I sure wish him well. He must be in a lot of pain, poor guy.

  • Anonymous

    Get well soon, Phillip.  The pressure only builds from this point.

  • Axxxel

    Get well soon Phil !

    Agree with you Frank, therefore if I were him, I would drop out, get the treatment and get ready for the tour. Continueing on the TV show is not worth the suffering…
    Of course TV gives the exposure but he now has his exposure with this problem, he sounds similar anyway every week on stage. But performing live will teach him other things of the business that a TV show cannot offer.

    Health first… What’s the point of glory if you cannot enjoy it…

  • Axxxel

    I think it would be better to have Phil rest and bring Colton back… just to make those ladies a bit more unsure about their future… Would be hilarious though if Colton would win the competition.

  • Anonymous

    Staying in and winning guarantees him a record deal.  Anything less does not.  If a record deal is important to him, I daresay that he won’t be quitting unless he absolutely has to. 

  • EH

    Maybe the best thing for Phillip would be to withdraw at 4th?  – high enough to stand a good shot of having Jimmy sign him, but with a little extra time to recover before tour rehearsals. The last two weeks of the competition are so grueling.  

    I don’t doubt his ability to make it to the top 3, the top 2 or even the win, but he shouldn’t do it at the cost of his health, he’s so young.

  • Rob Coulter

    Thanks for the linkback to :)

  • Anonymous

    I hope mom is stretching the truth a little bit, and using the situation to lobby for sympathy and votes for her boy.  From my perspective, the rest of the season and the tour are unthinkable without Phil.

  • Anonymous

     don’t give me that thought lol.

  • Axxxel

    If he wins….  kidney stones are a real excruciating pain in the…. back…or side…

  • Stefan Wind

    Hopefully he gets voted out this week, so that he can rest up and get better so he can be in top form for the tour.

  • Anonymous

     Why should the ladies be made to feel unsure of their future? They beat out Colton in the competition.

    Sucks for Phillip, and I hope he is able to keep his illness managed and not be in too much pain.

  • Axxxel

    They also “eliminated” Jessica Sanchez once and after giving her a second chance, now she is back on track, at the expense of Colton.

  • Anonymous

     That is part of the show, and it is built into the rules. Oh well for Colton, so sad :( lol.

  • Anonymous

    Bless his sweet heart! Thought are with you Phillip!

  • Anonymous

    The music business is tough and they always said that Idol was like a boot camp and boot camps are rough.  I like Phillip & have some of his studio performances and would hate to see him go, but he has to decide how much he can take.  Others had issues before him & made decisions for themselves – Crystal with her medical problem & Cook with his BP & serious family issues for example.  I’m hoping it all works out for him in the end, but if it doesn’t he’s had a lot of exposure he wouldn’t have had without the show.

  • Axxxel

    Maybe we will soon find out what are the American Idol rules for  such sudden eliminations beyond the top 13 rounds…

  • Anonymous

    We already know what happens because of Jermaine :) No one is brought back.
    Maybe if Phillip has to quit they can bring back Jeremy Rosado ;)

  • Cathy Plemel

    I hope she’s making it worse than it is, as us moms tend to do, but I hope she’s not using this for sympathy votes.

  • Cathy Plemel

    But in order for the season to end on time they would need to either bring someone back or not eliminate anyone else the week he left.  With Jermaine they added the judge’s save.  I don’t see them adding another save especially this late in the competition.  I really think the most likely situation would be they would just not send anyone else home that week. 

  • Anonymous

    …and this is only the beginning.  

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, no one will be brought back, least of all Colton.  I think Nigel and Jimmy were both relieved that he was eliminated to be honest.  He wasn’t their favorite – that much was obvious by performance order, editing, etc.

    All that aside, I wish Phillip the very best.  I think Idol would have too many belting-type singers if P2 had to drop out.

    I seriously doubt Phil’s mom is gunning for sympathy votes.  P2’s condition has been noted to be very serious, not just by his mom but also by the producers and other contestants. I totally feel for her!

    Hope P2 feels better soon and makes the best choice for health. :)

  • Anonymous

    Praying for Phillip’s recovery. Sincerely hoping he’ll be able to stay. I rather enjoyed him last week. At this point in the competion, I don’t want to see anyone leave unless the voters say so. I want to see them All fight it out til the end. If Phillip is the last one standing, so be it. The voters will have spoken.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    If Phillip has to quit they will just eliminate him that week and nobody else. Maybe they would combine the votes for two weeks and then boot the lowest vote getter. I doubt it will come to that, though. At least I hope not. It would be a terrible way to end your Idol run, not to mention how the controversy about the “real” winner would never end…

  • Anonymous

    If he can just hang on for the next month.  It doesn’t look like it has affected his performances, though, I hope it doesn’t start to.  It’ s amazing more people don’t forget their lyrics or things like that, it just seems like a lot of pressure and a lot to memorize and do.  

  • Kirsten

    They would probably do something like SYTCD if P^2 can’t perform one week. Dancers are always getting injured on that show. They’ll just eliminate P^2 because he didn’t perform. Or they’ll give him a bye for one week if they think his condition might improve. Tune in Thursday to find out!!!!!!

    Whatever. Nigel will find a way to try to spin it and then the blogs will argue about whether it was the right or wrong thing to do. Nigel will probably call somebody a moron.

    Nobody wants somebody else to be in pain, so I hope P^2 gets better.

  • Anonymous

    I seriously doubt Phillip’s mother is using his condition for sympathy votes.  She is worried about her son and many people believe in the power of prayer.  I would never have known he was still in pain or unwell. I don’t think many people know about his mother’s prayer request. I only became aware of it from reading this blog.  When I didn’t see him in the commericial, I thought he might not have been well during the shoot, but thought the constant pain had been alleiviated somewhat.  I wish him well. 

  • chessguy99

    I’m simply amazed that there is even one Colton fan that thinks this is a chance for Colton to get back into the game.

  • Tinawina

    Oh poor guy. I hope he gets better soon no matter what he has to do to make it happen. :(

  • Anonymous

    Well, speaking as someone who’s husband has had an ongoing problem with kidney stones since 2007, this is what I know first hand about them.
    1) They aren’t life threatening, just painful.  And the pain will be there for Phillip whether he’s home lying in bed or in the competition.  It’s not like if he would leave the competition and rest he would be better.
    2) The first one you have is usually the worst.
    3) Most kidney stones are small enough to pass on their own.
    4) If the doctors thought his kidney stones were too large to pass on their own, they would be doing surgery.  They do the sound wave/stent thing if they can (my husband also had that), but they do real surgery if necessary. 
    5) They are in varying degrees of painful/uncomfortable.  With the first ones my husband passed, he was literally writhing in agony on the floor, and vomiting non-stop.  With others he felt pain but still went to work.  And still others passed with very little pain, just being uncomfortable. 
    6) If you get them you are usually prone to get more, so this may be an ongoing problem for Phillip.

    So what I’m trying to say is, I see no point in him quitting the competition, unless the doctors said they needed to do surgery.  To quit and throw away this opportunity if there is any way at all for him to work through it, would really be a shame.  Especially since he would still have to suffer with the kidney stones anyway then.  And I’m sure he (and his doctors) feel the same way.

  • SamC

    his girlfriend on twitter says he is ok and will continue on the show

  • Anonymous

    I can’t read all of the posts.  I hope Phillip overcomes his health issues. He is way too young to have to deal with all of that stuff. Hang in there guy. 

  • Anonymous

    So sorry for your husband.  I hope Phillip can work around all of this.  Thanks for your story.  :)

  • Anonymous

    AW ‘ Poor PP , kidney stones have a bad reputation in terms of the pain caused, some family member had the same problem and one of them went to surgery , but that was a very painful periode for him. :( My prayers with him tonight too. 

  • Anonymous

    Love Hollie and Skylar songs and Phillip did an amazing job with that first song , his voice sound very pretty actually and the saxophone was a very classy touch , great ! and i like the second song too lol. :D

  • Michael Bishop

    I really wish I was not so cynical, but I am.  While I sincerely hope he gets well soon, the posting of this story can also be seen a plea for votes/sympathy.

  • too-cool-for-school

    I love conspiracy theories as much as the next person, but yeah, that is
    too cynical for even me. A mother is worried about her son, that’s all. And really, it isn’t like P2 needs sympathy votes. I think we can all agree that he has been getting sufficient votes on his own thus far.

  • Anonymous

    I think his health should come first. Sure, I want anyone BUT him to win but if Idol making his situation worse, he should leave the show. Plus, there’s no shame going out in 6th place.

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Phillip. He’s one of my favorite people left besides Jessica & Josh. So I really hope he gets better soon. His voice/singing is pretty awesome.

  • Listening

     Hmm sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons of a situation even in
    regards to health. Say being on the show worsens the situation Making
    Phillips kidney stone pain more severe b/c he doesn’t get as much rest
    as he would if he was outside the show. You have to consider the broader
    picture for instance the longer you’re on Idol the more popular/famous
    you become which would  make it easier  to pay for surgeries after the
    show. Also while on the show i’m sure the contestants receive the best
    help. I remember Crystal commenting that during the show she’s had the
    best treatments for her diabetes. (I’m pretty sure that was her

     It’s not just black and white where one goes oh my illness became worse
    on the show i’ll quit. Look at the severity of the shows affects if
    it’s life threatening of course quit but if it just makes you
    uncomfortable and isn’t permanent. I’d still stay also it illustrates
    you’re not going to let a disease run your life and take away your

    I Hope Phillip copes well w/ everything and is okay.

  • idolstruck

    Phillip is my favorite Idol and he has an excellent chance of winning. I hope he will be able to withstand the pressures leading to the finals.  Praying for him to get well soon!!

  • Anonymous

    IMO, P2 has a good chance of winning the whole thing & for that reason I hope he doesn’t have to drop out. I hope Nigel can come up with a solution that would allow him to stay in the competition & still receive the medical care he needs. Whatever happens, I wish Phillip nothing but the best!

  • Abdulla Mohammed

    i am a Colton fan and i could only wish in every possible way but of course that’s so weird – definitely not to that extent. P2 and Colton are good friends… P2 seems to be a very nice person too…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was having a panic attack.

  • Chris

    He has never been in the Bottom, no need for sympathy votes. Elise and her dog story made me raise an eye brow but not this one.

  • Zarke

    I want Jessica to win. But my prayers to you P2. You have to be there at the finale with Jessica.

  • Miz

    Wishing Phillip the best in getting through this. Having family members and friends who have suffered this condition, I can empathize. 

    I sincerely hope that no one is perceiving this as his Mother pandering for votes. People request thoughts and prayers for family members, friends, and total strangers on FB all the time.It does not appear that Phillip has tried to use this illness in the slightest to advance himself.

  • Tess

    I have no problem with Phillips mother saying whatever she wants on her facebook page…a mother’s concern can often be endless.  Do I think she is pandering for votes, nope.  Seems to me that a local Albany Georgia blog site has just taken this story and run with it without really knowing the “facts” as to really how Phillip is feeling and to whether his condition is affecting his performances or his ability to stay in the competition.

    Seems to me that Phillip is pretty damn low-key to begin with…don’t see him much as an external type A personality…he seems to be much more of an under the radar type to me.  

    I really think that if Phillip couldn’t “deal” with the discomfort that he wouldn’t be foolish enough to put his health welfare on hold for five more weeks.  If he was in “real kidney stone” pain he’d be climbing walls and would be pretty damn irrational at this point (based on my experience).  If he has discomfort from the stent a low dose painkiller probably can handle the pain for hours at a time…this may contribute to his low-key demeanor.

    Personally I think his health is being well managed and shouldn’t affect his status on AI other than it may be showing us a more mellow P2 than he actual is.

  • Anonymous

    Phillip has never been in the bottom 3, so I don’t think he needs sympathy votes.  It’s only a mother’s concern for her son.

  • hcpoirot

    Of course Phil should not withdrawn if he still can sing. Not like SYTYCD where they had to dance. It will be much tougher.

    He had the best chance to win and secure a record deal. He had to stay as long as he can cause his chance reaching finale is very good.

  • Anonymous

    Man, it would be so awful to be going through this show with something like this bringing you down.  Hoping he feels better soon.

    I wonder how long until producers bring out a medic in scrubs on stage (like with Lauren last year).

  • Tiffany

    Bo Bice was sick a lot during his time on Idol.  On top 2 night, he was very sick.  They kept thinking he was getting food poisoning with all the vomiting and stomach pain.  I can’t remember how many times he was taken to the hospital.  Finally he had corrective surgery on his colon.  He also broke his foot during the tour.  Wishing P2 the best.  My hubby had kidney stone surgery, they aren’t fun.

  • Axxxel

    I just call it wishful thinking… why not… they did it in X-factor…

  • Linda Foltz

    When he sings he sometimes grimaces.  I’ve been thinking it’s just the way he sings.  But maybe, that’s causing him pain from his kidney stones?

  • Anonymous

    Alright.  Hate to say this fan girl, but lets just let him go this week.  if he is having all of these problems u should be getting his rest before tour.

  • Madred

    Idol needs to run medical testing on contestants before they have them join the top 24. There are too many sick people who can’t handle the stress of the endless demands and I suspect most of them don’t realize what they are getting themselves into before the show. 

  • Sandra Urli

    God Bless Phillip.. Here is a chance of a life time.. He made it this far and now has Kidney stone problems… My husband had them and when I went to the hospital to see him, I thought he was dieing.. thats how bad and in pain he was…. I feel so bad for Philip.. Just watching him, He is my favorite, He has a quite soul about him.. Easy going.. thanks the band members when he is done singing.. LOVE his style… its different…. I hope he is able to make it though and then as a few weeks to rest….

  • Rosemary Pareja

    This is about the stupidest comment one could make.  Where is your human heart, I guess buried in an Alaskan iceberg.  Don’t make these remarks, remember bad karma could jump up and pay you a visit.

  • revcat

    I just hope PP has whaterver medical procedures he needs and at least a couple weeks to recuperate before the tour, it pains me to think about anyone not feeling well. Jimmy said anyone else would have quit. Yes there were other Idols who were sick, all eventually got better, but that doesn’t mean Phillip isn’t going through hell but doing his best to downplay it.

  • Candice Y

    Phil-Phil is the real deal. We are praying for him to get better soon. Can’t wait to see him on stage when he is feeling better! 

  • Suzanne Smith

    Wow! I was just off work for a month because of a stent in my kidney. You go, Phil. I have so much respect for you as I know how bad it hurts! Take it to the top!! 

  • Beverly S

    Tell him to drink lots of Lemonade…….It works! :-)

  • Glen Ford

    Phillips should go back to flipping burgers and let the real performers on stage

  • Glen Ford

    It`s because he can`t sing