Pentatonix Perform a N’SYNC Medley! (VIDEO)

Listen to Pentatonix cover N’SYNC, this boyband-tastic a cappella super medley! Whoo hoo. The Sing-0ff winners will be back on tour in 2013, so watch out for that.

Pentatonix will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Friday December 15.

  • Lin Brand

    They make N’SYNC sound relevant!  I love them <3

  • hayes

    So underrated. The beat is sick, the harmonies are amazing.

  • poipugirl

    WOW!  They are on Leno now!  So awesome!  Is this their first late night big time show?   

    I loved NSYNC back in the day!   Still use NSYNC’s Xmas album along with 98 degrees’ Xmas album in my Holiday rotation!

  • Susan

    LOL… that was cool. :)  Of course I liked ‘NSync back in the day!

  • Bazzle

    This group is crazy. Crazy good. They should be vocal coaches on singing shows lol. Avi + Kevin = Magic. I wonder what Avi’s lowest note is… my god.

  • tierbee

    Gaaaah, I love them. I missed them here in DC – going to have to go to Richmond and catch them I do believe :)

  • Listening

    These guys are incredible. Kevin’s beatboxing is insane. And Avi’s bass voice just sounds unreal. Once again another unbelievable acapella performance.

  • zaclona77

    Holy moly! I always found NSYNC a total cheesefest but this was amazing… now should Justin really look for a reason to come out of it and start recording music again, this would be the way to look (sorry Tony Lucca).

  • usedtobelucy

    I love ‘em. Everything I have ever found by Pentatonix is in rotation on my iPod. You go, guys.

  • Emmuzka

    They are so incredibly good, especially the guys providing rhythm and base, that one forgets that it human voices and live, and not a machine.

  • aquayers

    They should release this medley on iTunes. It’s so good!!!!!!!!