Pentatonix, Kim Locke, Diana DeGarmo, Ace Young – Hollywood Christmas Parade

It’s coming at you! A ton of Christmas performances I’ve been saving up for the holiday! Right here, we have Pentatonix, Kimberley Locke and Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young performing for the Hollywood Christmas Parade special.

Kimberley rode in the parade and sang “Silver Bells”. Pentatonix and Ace and Diana performed at a separate event at Universal Studios City Walk.  The parade is an annual tradition in Los Angeles and airs on the Hallmark Channel.

Check out the performances below.

Pentatonix – Angels We Have Heard on High

Awesome. Always

Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young

They sing an original song. Welp. All I have to say is they are 100% ready for that return trip to Branson. This isn’t a Christmas song either, but whatever.

Kimberley Locke – Silver Bells

Kimberley arrives sitting atop a convertible.

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  • ??EvHeaD??ozzy??

    I love Diana :) She’s an amazing singer and she actually seems like a REALLY sweet person :)

  • Niall

    Diana and Ace performed two songs that day. One was a cool version of You’re a Mean One Mr Grinch but it didn’t air. I usually love Diana as a performer but she has to work so hard to not vocally blow Ace out of the water that it hinders her. Keep the hubby at home next year, DD!

  • CSFan

    Kim Locke looked and sounded great.

    Diana sounded great, even though the song was just ok.

    Ace has a very limited wheelhouse and it’s brutally obvious when he steps outside of it. He needs take an objective look at the talent gap between he and his lovely fiancee, and make the choice to let Diana do her own thing musically (except for charity event type appearances).

    They are PERFECT for each other and I can’t wait for the wedding but professionally? Ace is an anchor around Diana’s neck.

  • Kariann Hart

    It is so nice when Idol alumni do so well!  I love Diana and Ace is just so pleasant to look at!  I wish them the best!

  • RustySax

    Me thinks you can see Diana’s influence on Ace – he’s “cleaned up well” with the short hair! LOL!  They’re both talented in their own way, so perhaps the synergy will provide them with lots of opportunities.

    Kimberly sings so effortlessly and with such class.

    Merry Ho Ho everyone!

  • overthetop1

    Ptx–excellent as always (but what’s with Mitch’s weight? He must be 20lbs heavier than when they won last year–hope he’s ok)

    Diana and Ace–cute song, wisely becoming a country duo, wisely Diana on melody since she’s by far the better singer.

    Kimberley–who could hear any silver bells over that wailing? (I just don’t think silver bells is a song to be belted.). And that dress shows every bump, including the unflattering ones.

  • durbesque

    I’m pretty sure that a singing teacher or an acting teacher could get a lot more tone out of Ace.  Then he could act a little and put his musicality to better use.  Maybe not match Diana, but narrow the gap considerably.

  • stargazed

    Kimberly Locke has one of the best voices to come off Idol but her career just kind of went nowhere.  It’s really unfortunate.

  • Goodvibes27

    Actually, I follow Kimberley on Twitter and she keeps very busy with concerts and appearances. I also saw where she has the top Christmas songs out of all the idol alum. She also charts on the dance charts quite often.

  • Scott Lawrence

    I got goosebumps when Kimberley Locke hit that note towards the end of the song and just held it.  Such an amazing talent!

  • Christine

    Ace is an excellent singer and actor btw, he does not need a singing or an acting teacher. He just NEEDS to be on his own again.

  • pj

    I enjoyed all three performances.   I didn’t really watch that show with Pentonix, but they sure do have a great group sound.   

    Kimberly sounded great. She was before I started watching Idol, but I think she’s made a good career for herself in the entertainment industry.  I think Ace wrote her current single.  

    Ace and Diana embrace the cheese.  I think they know it.  They’re both very talented. I can see why fans of each might want them to quit doing everything together.  I don’t much care either way.  I mean, at this point all three acts are pretty much sealed to have decent careers in entertainment.  Perhaps not SUPERSTAH!  Yeah, I rewatched that movie recently.  ;-)