Pentatonix - "Hey Momma/Hit The Road Jack" - Conan - VIDEO

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Just in time for the return of The Sing-Off, the show that launched them, Pentatonix performs on Conan! Watch them sing (REALLY SING) a mashup of “Hey Momma/Hit The Road” from their latest studio album PTX Vol. II.

The group also reissued it’s PTXmas EP, which includes “Little Drummer Boy” on it’s seven song track list. The set landed at #7 on the Billboard 200 this week! The music video for “Little Drummer Boy” has become a viral hit, racking up nearly 17 million views! Check it out.

  • tierbee

    Every time I look at Facebook another one of my friends is sharing that “Little Drummer Boy” video – love it. Thanks for posting the video from Conan – I stayed up to watch them but I was half asleep so glad to watch it when I’m awake ;)

  • tierbee

    (Shallow note – was Avi always that cute? Heh.)

  • AlesheaDominique

    Yes and nothing wrong with being shallow on occasion. I was just thinking how pretty Kristy (sp) with her darker hair.

  • Landon Cox

    Scott can get it any day. And twice on Sunday

  • Christopher Auyeung

    TV shows are so bad at mixing their sound. They always need to turn Avi and Kevin way up and Kirstie down.

  • Gwen

    So awesome. Sometimes, I forget that Avi and Kevin can actually sing.

  • sporkle

    mj, I think you mean 17 million views ;)

  • emme1000

    Love them! Happy to see them doing so well.

  • tufar

    wow. amazing. sometimes i think there is no more music in this world but… these guys give me hope. because… they are fucking great, they are. and… they deserve everything that’s (hopefully) coming to them.

  • Alectric

    It’s Kirstie, FYI.

  • Goodvibes27

    Pentatonix are the singing competition success story of 2013, and so well deserved.

  • knave

    I’m so glad to see them achieving success. They were the most exciting thing to happen to reality tv in a LONG time I thought, it was a shame the show itself was struggling. And it’s awesome that it seems their very success is partly to thank for the show coming back!

    I thought they were amazing on the show but they’ve gotten even so much better since. It’s such a pleasure to watch them.