Paula Abdul Visits Ellen Degeneres!

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Cat fight! Nah. Paula Abdul doesn’t think Ellen Degeneres was hired to take her place after she quit the show over a salary dispute. In fact she compliments Ellen on judging skills. It’s easy for Paula to be magnanimous when you consider that she was right all along. The show DID suffer after she left.

But, Paula hasn’t dropped by to talk about Idol! She’s promoting her new dance competition Live to Dance. The live semifinals begin on Wednesday. Paula needs to drum up some business–the show took a 25% ratings hit between the premiere and the second episode…

Also, Paula judges Ellen’s dancing!

Video after the JUMP…

Part 1

Part 2

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  • windmills

    The show may’ve suffered without Paula but that doesn’t mean she deserved however much $$ she was asking for. The show had put up with Paula’s lack of professionalism for too long IMHO.

    There isn’t a good example yet of an AI judge being able to thrive outside the Idol brand. The AI brand might’ve been heavily tied up with the original 3 judges but the original 3 judges’ brand was just as tied up with AI.

  • Yvonne13

    Good post, Windmills. So it’s time for both show and ex-judges to do some serious rebranding. I didn’t miss Paula last season. Those who did should be tuning into her dance show to save it from the ratings drop it suffered from night 1 to 2 last week. Shows how much people miss her. If she cannot survive without sitting between Simon and Randy at a judges table, she might want to try some other direction besides reality TV talent contests.

  • bmms

    Such a fake smile in the first picture. I never cared for Paula and I’m not surprised her new show decreased in viewership. Agree with Windmills comment.

  • sammy

    Not surprised that her show has taken a dive. I watched for 15 minutes….very bad. I did not miss Paula on Idol at all last year, nor will I miss Kara dioguardi this year. I will miss Simon.

  • luvadamlambert

    they shouldve bitch slapped each other :P

  • GreenHippo

    I happen to love Paula’s dance show “Live to Dance”. I enjoyed the judging way better than what Idol had to offer so far. However I will give Idol a chance this year again. In Paula’s words “Thank God for DVRs.” I will DVR both and FFWD thru all these annoying commercials, which Idol will be worse, since it is such a high grossing show. My Watching priorities will be Live to Dance then Idol.

  • abbysee

    I did miss Paula on idol, but we all know that just because you love an ‘actor’ on one show, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will routinely follow him to whatever other show he stars on next. So that really has nothing to do with the drop from the debut to the second show. Idol is idol, Dance is dance.