Paul McDonald – Live With Regis and Kelly – VIDEO (UPDATE: Plus Access Hollywood)

Paul McDonald kicked off his New York City media tour this morning on Live with Regis and Kelly where he sang a sweet acoustic version of Smokey Robinson’s “Tracks of My Tears” and answered questions about Twilight gal-pal, Nikki Reed. I’ll bet that’s going to get old fast.

Coincidentally, Nikki’s co-star, Robert Pattinson was also a guest on the show…

Video after the JUMP…

Paul on Regis and Kelly

Paul sings “Tracks of My Tears” on Access Hollywood


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  • lili_anne7

    I really liked Paul on this, he did a good job.

  • hapi

    I really like this guy a lot. Hope mucho
    success for him.

  • cfletch

    I’m going to miss him on this week’s show. Even if people didn’t like his singing, (which I did) who could not love his personality?

    If all else fails, he can always do toothpaste commercials.

  • tomr

    Very likeable. Voice is shot! It needs some rest soon. Wish him the best.

  • songsungblue

    He is incredibly charming. I’m always curious to hear how the kicked-off idols sound on their media tour – usually more relaxed, and closer to how they’ll come off later. In Paul’s case, he seems way more committed to the experience. With a couple of exceptions, he always seemed a little befuddled on the Idol stage – like, WTH am I doing here?!

    I find the Nikki Reed thing kind of amusing. How many times could they possibly have seen each other in person, since she’s filming in Vancouver? There’s something totally sweet about declaring he’s her boyfriend in public, like he’s given her a valentine in grade school! ;) I hope she’s not using him. He seems like a doll.

  • annieO

    moving to LA Paul? Hope you bring The Grand Magnolias with you – the CD is fantastic ! Don’t let LA over-produce your sound – it’s prefect with the GMs.

  • Mel1

    Why would Nikki be using Paul? Isn’t she more famous than he is?

    Does Paul not have much range because his voice is shot, or is that typical? Can’t wait for his original music.

    Who’s that guy with Kelly?

  • standtotheright

    Why would Nikki be using Paul? Isn’t she more famous than he is?

    Yeah. Twilight actor>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Top 5 finalist on AI, to say nothing of lower placing finalists.

    Whatever. I hope they’re happy.

  • songsungblue

    Well, she is – but dating someone on AI would generate a lot of publicity. Eh, he’s a big boy ;)

    I think his voice is shot. His pre-Idol music has a lot more range. Just google Grand Magnolias on youtube, you’ll see.

    Seth Meyers from SNL. Heh! I had to look it up, it was nagging at me. He looked so familiar.

  • flyaway

    Let’s see. Over 80,000 followers on twitter? Check. Album in the top 50 itunes downloads? Check. 400,000+ hits on American Dreams video? Check. Movie star girlfriend? Check.

    I think anything Paul puts out (vinyl, itunes, cds) is going to be a winner and he has enough buzz to make it as an independent.

  • meyers77

    Mel1: Can’t wait for his original music.

    You don’t have to wait. Grand Magnolias or Hightide Blues. On iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, it’s all there. Enjoy.

  • mariangela

    That was great! Paul is just adorable… the complete package for sure. I love his style, his looks, his voice…He deserves to be super successful and happy. You can tell he is genuinely a great guy. Nikki is a very lucky girl.

  • primeminister

    oooooo, I like the acoustic version!

  • hicksaholic

    I really liked Paul on Idol but after listening to his preIdol stuff it’s apparent how much better he really is than his time on Idol revealed. His voice was much stronger preIdol as was the material he was singing. I think both of these things, in combination with his charismatic, easy to like personality will ensure his future success.
    I find it funny how much his back story is like Taylor’s, both from Alabama, attended Auburn, toured for a long time with their bands, strength as a live performer, likeable personalities…
    Makes me wonder if we have a few others like them in Alabama waiting to be discovered.

  • Reflections On Life

    In Paul’s case, he seems way more committed to the experience.

    I agree. When he sang this song on AI, he smiled his whole way thru it, as though it were some kind of ditty. In this performance, he really only smiled when he sang “you see my smile looks out of place” (and sometimes when he was struggling with hitting a note). So he sung it this time like he understood the lyrics.

    I saw in another interview somewhere that he said he might like to include “Tracks of My Tears” on his non-AI touring setlist.

    At least for the next cpl of weeks, Paul is gonna mention the name “Nikki Reed” on all the most popular talk shows and radio stations several times a day. So that’s instant free publicity for her. If they part ways in a couple of weeks, then yeah, she was using him. If it goes longer than that, makes sense that he was using her. Anyways, she’s an industry veteran, so I’m sure she can take care of herself.

    I love that he says “yes I would” in his interviews when asked if he’d change anything about his run on Idol. Glad that he’s humble and self-aware enough to learn from his mistakes. It always cracks me up when an ousted Idol says “I wouldn’t change a thing” or “Everything happens for a reason”, leading me to wonder if they are too self-defensive to ever learn from their experience.

  • tierbee

    He’s so darn charming, just love him. I would totally go see him in a small venue – even my sister who is very fussy about “I don’t want to pay money to go to concerts” wants to see him :)

  • songsungblue

    It always cracks me up when an ousted Idol says “I wouldn’t change a thing” or “Everything happens for a reason”, leading me to wonder if they are too self-defensive to ever learn from their experience.

    Me too, but I think that might be partly from an AI media-training blitz. They probably tell them to ‘own’ the experience, and it will make them look stronger, not to mention that it also stops leading questions like, “why did you make that mistake? did someone give you wrong advice?” etc. I’m sure they scare the pants off these kids, telling them that they shouldn’t make mistakes in front of the press! They’ll kill their chances!

    Paul seems like he’s way too honest to worry about being self-protective. It’s definitely refreshing. It makes me think that he must actually like Nikki Reed, whatever eventually happens between them. Eh. Twenty-somethings and their relationships…;)

  • Niall

    Nikki Reed is probably in for a whole lot of “I hope she’s not using him” type posts around the web. Lordy, it almost never fails when a guy from AI gets a girlfriend but I’ve rarely seen it in the reverse. LOL

    Here’s a thought. Maybe they just like each other, regardless of whether or not this ends in marriage and kids. Isn’t dating what young, single people do?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Paul seems like a nice guy and is very likeable, but he just croaked his way through that performance. He sounded worse than on Idol. I hope that he can fix the problem soon.

  • raginirish34

    The reason he doesn’t seem to have much range is because he has nodes of his vocal cords. He acknowledged it on his twitter but claims it doesnt effect him.

  • alison8701

    If anything, I’m wondering if Nikki is annoyed by Paul’s lack of any inhibition or pretense of privacy in regards to their relationship. I mean, he’s not being overly revealing, but he’s quick to name drop her. And I think it helps him. I’m trying to not be cynical.. but Paul is doing what he can to promote himself. And dating an actress will help.

    Usually celeb couples like to keep things private… but he is just like HEY LOOK EVERYONE, LOOK AT WHO I’M DATING IT’S NIKKI REED. and how serious can it even be? It’s just not “dating” it’s BF/GF. it just seems strange.

    usually people are coy. But maybe it’s just Paul’s personality. He might not even consider that he might want to keep a few things to himself

  • songsungblue

    To be fair, a friend of mine met her husband through Skype [he lived in Australia], and they barely spent any time together before getting married – and they’re celebrating four years this week. So it’s not impossible, I guess.

    Still – I find it kind of funny that they’re all GIRLFRIEND-BOYFRIEND! OMG!! too. ;)

  • jlc

    Didn’t like him on Idol–didn’t like him on Regis & Kelly. Hate that every word he sings is prefaced with “ah”. What is that? Still not getting the appeal of Paul.

    However, in his defense re. the girlfriend: Kelly brought it up, he didn’t.

    P.S. I love Seth’s laugh.

  • luvadamlambert

    Amazing song

  • gabriel oak

    Paul is so much more interesting than most of the remaining candidates left on the show. But he does need to rest his voice and gets those nodes removed from his throat.

    I’ve been listening to his pre-Idol recordings and I’m really enjoying them. Better than the junk we have to sit through on Idol.

  • rnittygritty

    paul is in a band already called grand magnolias doesnt anyone know that?

  • rnittygritty

    grand magnolias is the band paul is in now

  • Dlynne

    I love his pre-Idol music. He is a great songwriter, too. I hope he returns to The Grand Magnolias at some point because their sound is distinctive. Their album was released late last year and it’s polished without being overproduced. There’s nothing manufactured about it. You also get a better idea of what Paul’s voice really sounds like before his throat problems. Hopefully, with some rest, he’ll be well before tour.

    I liked this performance. I actually think he sounded better than during a couple of his Idol performances. I think this is a good song for him but he really is best when he’s singing his own material.

  • googletot

    I imagine AI will be pretty dull without Paul there. He was like a big brother to some of the younger ones, and some of the guys have been tweeting that they miss him.

    Funny how some people suddenly like him now that he’s not on Idol. Where were they when he needed their votes?

  • Landmd

    I sure im going to miss Paul on idol!! I thought I would be ok with it, but Im finding myself not to excited about the rest of the season.
    Paul sounded great today!! You could tell he need to rest on the access hollywood one tho!

    Looking forward to what is next for Paul!! Still have the Grand Magnolias cd’s till he has something new for his fans!!

  • songsungblue

    It’s interesting that he says the producers [and I bet he means Iovine et al] are ‘pumped’ about his original music. “Go get kicked off so we can record some real music.” Hmm. Not to put the tin foil hat on, but I wonder about that.

  • Bobug

    For those of you that are saying Paul is quick to name drop (Nikki)….he is not the one bringing it up. In every single interview I have watched someone else brings it up.
    I love Idol & Paul was one of my favorites but he is better off without the show imho.

  • flyaway

    I don’t think Paul is lying (or being lied to) about the producers wanting to release his music. Iovine said “out of a million voices, you’d always be able to recognize Paul”, “it’s got to be killing you to do these covers”, “you were born to sing your own tunes” and JLo said he was the whole package, all he needed was a producer.

    His statement about probably having to put out a solo first (before returning to the Grand Mags) and his twitter about a 4 song EP on vinyl and i-tunes sounds like we may have some new Paul music before the tour.

  • ri

    can’t believe i have to watch Idol now without Paul. do i even want to continue?

  • gabriel oak

    I bought some of Paul’s songs by his previous band Hightide Blues as well. There are some good songs on those albums.

    This is the first time that it’s been clear that Paul is going to do a solo album too. If it’s his own songs it might work. He should do the song with Kendra on the album.

  • meyers77

    I imagine Paul might have to (contractually) put out a single (Paul McDonald) album before he can get back with the Grand Magnolias. But after the AI tour, I imagine he can have whoever he wants play with him on any tours he (they) might do.

    Paul wrote most of the GM and HTB’s music, along with Jonathon Pears. So his single stuff should be pretty similar. Plus they (GMs) have a few songs around that they haven’t recorded yet (at least on CD’s).