Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Nirvana – Cut Me Some Slack – 121212 Concert (VIDEO)

One of the many highlights from last night’s 121212 Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden was the blow out jam with Paul McCartney fronting a band made up of the surviving members of Nirvana.

Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear joined Sir Paul to perform a song they wrote together called “Cut Me Some Slack.” It was the first time the Nivana boys played together in almost 20 years.

Check it out. Did you watch the concert last night? What were your favorite performances?

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  • EH

    Thanks for putting this up! I was waiting for it, but I fell asleep at my desk 30 minutes after Paul said “this is for all the Wings fans!” 

  • mmb

    Thanks for this!  I’m sorry to say I fell asleep somewhere during The Who’s set, and didn’t wake up until Sir Paul’s fireworks.  Really wanted to see this (and Billy Joel who I missed entirely :(   )

  • hoosiermama2

    I wasn’t familiar with the song, so this didn’t do that much for me, but Paul could sing Blackbird to me all night long! I really liked Billy Joel’s set and was surprised how much I liked Chris Martin (especially dueting with the R.E.M. dude). It was quite the concert (the parts I saw–missed the beginning).

    I did wonder why the Stones only did two songs when The Who did 5 or 6?

  • Anny_nanny

    I think this recording is of a better quality.
    I liked everything. ))))))))))

  • Allison

    I just enjoyed watching Dave Grohl’s face!

  • Maj

    Loved it. I’m a Beatles/Macca fan, not a Nirvana fan but I thought it rocked. Paul is pretty cool. And so is Dave. That’s all.

  • standtotheright

    I wasn’t familiar with the song, so this didn’t do that much for me

    Well, you wouldn’t have been, as they literally played it for an audience for the first time last night.

    It wasn’t groundbreaking, but it managed the neat trick of neither sounding like Wings nor Nirvana while still seeming like the product of a genuine rock band.

    It’s apparently going to be on Grohl’s Studio City documentary soundtrack next year. I wonder who else was invited to the party?

    As for fave performances, Drunk Uncle! Except not at all and why dear god why I don’t understand…


    Springsteen/E Street on Land of Hope and Dreams
    Vedder/Pink Floyd on Comfortably Numb
    Everything Clapton did for every second he was on stage
    West on Jesus Walks/All of the Lights
    Martin/Stipe on Losing My Religion
    McCartney on Blackbird and Live and Let Die (I liked the idea of finishing with ESOM but not everyone seemed equally rehearsed.)

  • Ronnie D

    This is amazing!

  • Miz

    I came in at Adam Sandler and fell asleep just before Billy Joel ended.

    Faves for me were Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen. I also enjoyed the Who, Bon Jovi, and Alicia Keys.

    Hated Kanye and that stupid drunk uncle shtick.

    There should have been more women represented.

  • Allison

    Ditto on more rocking women needed. Can not get into Kayne and drunk uncle was not necessary. Really all performances were good, Roger’s voice is noywhere near what it used to be, but he still delivered for his age. (would have preferred the shirt on, no need to see his scar.)
    Wondering where rock will be in 20 years when these guys are all retired?  Seems like there’s going to be a big hole,

  • chillj

    I’m in the tank for The Wall.  I have always loved it and adored last night’s version, particularly.

  • chillj

    I read they have a pay per view performance on Saturday.

  • Li Wright

    The Stones Rocked it!  Alicia Keys was good, she was very serious and classical….loved her subtleness….

  • Anny_nanny

    Paul McCartney live 121212, 37’15”

  • CB40

    Billy Joel had the best set and I loved his rewording of Miami 2017 and of course, New York State of Mind. Just electric.

  • girlygirltoo

    I was a little worried when I heard about the McCartney/Nirvana collab, but it turned out pretty cool.

    I loved the concert — it was probably the best show start to finish I’ve seen in a long long while. I could have done without the Adam Sandler schtick though.

  • justmefornow

    That was one epic lineup last night! Thanks for posting this, I fell asleep before Paul came on, (aging is a bitch, lol.)
    Even though some voices last night didn’t have the range they once had, every act brought it and rocked the crap out of that place!  That’s what I love about great rock, it’s timeless. Some pop music trends will come and go, but rock is forever.

    (Kurt Cobain is somewhere smiling from this performance.)

  • kmd23

     I could not agree more. Billy Joel was the best. New York State of Mind was amazing. I liked Springsteen and Bon Jovi too. That concert was great.

  • hoosiermama2

    Thanks standtotheright–I must not have been paying attention that it was the first time that song was performed! They did rock out with great enthusiasm! :-)