Paul Jolley – Eleanor Rigby – Ryan Seacrest KIIS FM (VIDEO)

Watch Paul Jolley sing “Eleanor Rigby” for a studio audience at the Ryan Seacrest KIIS FM radio show in Los Angeles.

Although it was the song that got him kicked off the show, the judges’ critiques were way harsher than the performance merited.

Check it out below.

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  • lightoftruth

    Paul didn’t deserve to leave, but he’s probably better off! He’s been getting lots of appearances and no need to stay on the show and allow those judges to bash your performances week after week! imo, he definitely was not the worst singer.

  • Xentusk

    hmmm… He’s persistent, I’ll give him that. Sings the song that got him eliminated AND sang “Alone” again as a save me song, even though the first time he sang it, it appeared to be a bad fit for him.
    This performance really does show that he has a better shot in theatrical performance than as a ‘pop’ star.
    Furthermore, how does ER and “Alone” reinforce his insistence that ‘pop/country’ is his lane?
    No matter what he believes for himself, his style and technique says otherwise, IMO. Maybe he could advance his career if he has a better understanding of his talent and work towards his strength instead of fighting it.
    If he wants to be pop/country, why does he not do pop/country songs? I don’t get it :P

  • Derrick Johnson

    100% agree if he goes the Pop/Country he will not go anywhere

  • chillj

    Shoot me. I really like his version. Very, very nice!

  • Chablis

    I think his getting eliminated had Less to do with his singing and more About his and everyone else’s lack of understanding of what type of artist he wants to be.

  • sumidol

    and he wasn’t female, that was his greatest downfall this year, they want and will get a female this year the way they set this up and watch the ratings plummet even further. You need both

  • Liteasy

    Absolutely – they gave him bad critiques, because they didn’t want the voters to like him, and believe it or not, there are those that go by what the judges say. They were so unfair to him right from the beginning.