Oscar Pool Winners!

Congrats to the Top 5 winners of the Oscar Pool!

1st movin2thabeet 72
2nd SysTemP 64
3rd msbio2120 63
4th Summertime 62
4th wink7619 62

The winner got 21 out of 24 categories correct

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  • ptslittlecomment

    Congratulations one and all!

  • madnessinmotion

    Congrats, movin2thabeet!! Great job!!! I just checked and I was oh-so-close to winning. I came in 111 out of 146. :)

    Thanks, mj, for the pool. Somehow that made the whole thing a lot more fun even though I guessed so badly.

  • Miss Blue

    Congrats to the winners! I would have only missed one category if I hadn’t changed a few based on Roger Ebert’s picks. Dang it. Anyhoo, finished in 21st place. Do I get a ribbon?

  • movin2thabeet

    Woah. I have never gotten anywhere near guessing the Oscars. Either I’m getting better at understanding the rules of the game being played, or the Academy is moving closed toward my own tastes, or I’m moving closed toward the Academy’s tastes. Either way, thanks.

  • Montavilla


    I came out 91. Not that great. I kept messing up the more technical awards, guessing Inception when I should have guessed Alice in Wonderland and vice versa. Also, I’m crap at the short films. I’m going to take the advice next year and look them up on YouTube beforehand.

  • Tristessa


    So out of curiousity, what time was the best picture awarded?

  • http://mjsbigblog.com/luvadamlamberts-american-idol-tour-2009-washington-dc-re-cap.htm luvadamlambert

    lollll wow i was 120 haha