One Direction – Story Of My Life – Through the Dark – SNL – (VIDEO)


Superstar boyband, One Direction, were the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week. Check the out performing “Story of My Life” and

“Story of My Life”

Through the Dark

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  • iluvai

    First of all, I adore Paul Rudd. He’s so funny. The sketch where he is the crazy 1D fan was great because I’ve been living this reality with my 1D fan daughter and it is all so true. These loyal fans know everything 1D and you better have your facts straight! I thought 1D’s performances were great and they are growing up. The SOM skit was also very funny.

  • tammy

    Yes! Through the Dark is my favorite track from their album!

  • listening

    This is the first time I’ve heard Through the Dark. It was very nice I liked it. And I feel like they’re working on their vocals. I think that was one of their strongest vocal performances. There were a few shaky moments when they got tender with the song but it kind of worked b/c of content like they were getting all emotional. Nial and especially Louis still have the weakest voices but they all sounded great in the chorus which bolstered the song.

    I noticed this song had a Mumford and Sons vibe like The Story of My Life which has been doing so well for them around the world. I see this as another big hit for them, It’s a beautiful song. I hope it becomes a single haven’t heard the rest of the album but this is definite gold. They shouldn’t have a lower tier song after the success of Story of My Life they should continue that wave of sales and continue to look like a juggernaut, this song will do it. I’m very good at this stuff I called the Story of My Life I knew that was way way way waaayyyyyy better than Best Song Ever.

  • Madilo

    They did great and the song is getting a boost on iTunes.

  • Dumdedum

    Great performances, they looked really comfortable up there – Niall was having a ball. Louis vocals weren’t exactly fabulous but Liam and Harry sounded great (plus Harry’s sparkly shoes). Zayn seemed a bit tired but still impressive. They’ve let him riff at the end of his solos – Niall did well to come in on time in SOML (03.18). If people still think they can’t or don’t sing live point them to Through the Dark at 1.20 or to the start of The Today Show’s Kiss You when he forgets the lyrics and makes up whole new ones, to the great amusement of his bandmates. Or one of a thousand youtube videos from their tour when they make each other laugh or Zayn lets rip on Rock Me and Last First Kiss.

  • Dumdedum

    It’s their next single, don’t know when it’s being released although I suppose with iTunes it doesn’t really matter. They showed a clip of the video on 1D Day and it’s black and white tour footage, looks good. I’d really like them to release Happily as well, fun song with the remarkable lyric “And can he feel my traces in your hair? Well sorry love but I don’t really care.”

  • Dumdedum

    P.S. Thanks for posting this video – in the UK we can’t access any official NBC stuff.

  • wordnerdarchie

    I don’t know their names, but in my opinion 1D should be a 4 person instead of 5 person group. The one guy is really weak vocally.

  • listening

    Okay good for them for making Through the Dark their next single, smart move.

    But Umm does that lyric you quoted mean what I think it means…? And let me clue you guys in my mind hast gone completely dirty. No No No it can’t mean what I think it does that’s pushing it too far for a boy band w/ such a young fan base demographic. I’m pretty sure they’re trying to bump up the age range of their fans but that’s too fast.I’m gonna have to listen to this song, Happily.

  • Kesia Monteith

    WHYYYYYY does everybody in pop these days want to be Mumford and Sons? It seems that is what 1D has become, a retread of folk pop acts. We have come a long way from Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”, LOL. Boybands use to be FUN, forget dance moves, pop groups use to mix some funky flavours in their songs. Even Nsync had songs that were jamming, hell even Backstreet Boys had those kind of songs before they became a Hot AC act.

    I just hate that people think being acoustic with guitars is the only way of being “authentic” in pop, and that is simply not true. Even before Take That became more AC, they had more fun urban-esque jams, along with other 90’s brit groups like Five. I just want pop music to be more exciting these days, and not think exciting means dressing up in meat dresses. Either pop nowadays is for shock value (more than ever, at least), or to be guitar driven.

    Sorry, give me all the thumbs down you want. I just prefer “They Don’t Care About Us” 1D or “Kiss You” 1D.

  • cheese

    I heard the album while my daughter (ex-1D fan) listened to it on Spotify. These are the only “Mumfordy” songs and among the few listenable songs on the album for us. There is a song written by Ryan Tedder that’s decent, but nothing like these folky songs. A good chunk of it sounded like High School Musical stuff and there are at least two songs that sound like “Jesse’s Girl” so I can see why they released these as singles.

  • standtotheright

    I want more urban music and funk in mainstream pop too, but I want it from grown men, not boy bands. I did the NKOTB thing as a kid, and I laughed at friends who asked me to the last tour. That stuff did not age well.

    No Diggity is still the shit, though. I agree about that.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Well, that’s the thing about 1D…they’re young. They can have the more jamming material, or do more upbeat fair. It’ll fit their youth. Songs like this age them, honestly, I mean they are only under 21. I agree that old school boybands songs don’t age well, I just like some groove in my pop, ya know? Maybe I’ve also just outgrown these boybands as well ;)

    And yes, No Diggity will always be the shit. :D

  • Kesia Monteith

    I think this is my problem with 1D, they’re kids bop meets more generic Ed Sheeran. I like folk, but this…it’s just dreary to me. And frankly, boring. I just like Kiss Me, because they seem more animated performing jaunty pop tunes. That, and I need Zayn to go give me an R&B album already. THAT I am here for, yes ma’am. LOL

  • Mateja Praznik

    If you haven’t noticed yet, One Direction have a problem trying to convince the US radio that the general public wants to hear their songs on the radio. Every song since “What Makes You Beautiful” peaked between 15 and 20 on US TOP 40 radio. Last year they released “Little Things” as more somber single, but it didn’t really work for US radio. So this year, they decided to try with this Mumfold & Sons sounding stuff. It’s still pop/rock. I’m sure they will switch to whatever new trend emerges in the future.

    The callout scores for “Story of My Life” are really good, so hopefully the song makes into TOP 15 on TOP 40.

  • taylor

    I saw that on the Call Out chart! This song jumped onto the chart at #3, which is pretty exceptional. TSOML is a really good song and fits in very well with what’s being played on radio. Lots of people I know (including males) like this song and haven’t liked anything by 1D in the past. If US radio doesn’t jump on board with this one, then they are simply too biased to ever consider a song from this group.

  • taylor

    The guy with no socks? That’s the one who stands out as the weakest to me.

  • No Thanks

    I LOVED “They Don’t Know About Us”! That was SOOOOO 90s boy band.

  • No Thanks

    I concur about “No Diggity.”

  • wordnerdarchie

    That’s the one.

  • Lauren143

    I also think the one with the blonde hair, Niall, has a pretty weak voice. I am relatively impressed with the other three though.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Agree – like both those songs – and quite a few others – “Half a Heart” – “Happily” – and a number of others from MM. And from earlier albums – “More Than This” – “Same Mistakes” – “Over Again” – “Little Things” – not deathless ditties, but enjoyable, competent tracks.

  • Holden17C

    The guys sounded good, but I don’t understand why they tend to put their hands on their bellies when they sing. It looks weird.

  • Dumdedum

    Louis’s writing the songs now so you can be sure that he’ll keep some solos for himself :( He and Liam co-wrote Through The Dark and some other good songs on the album so some promise there for future albums. The new music style suits his and Niall’s voices a bit better than pop but he didn’t sound great last night.

  • Dumdedum

    I think everyone is thinking that when they hear the lyric. It is extraordinary, the rest of the lyrics are cheeky but not bafflingly adult. Little White Lies is pretty adult too, even a bit seedy. I’m glad you were bopping to Happily, it’s a great singalong in a car tune. Maybe there’s an more innocent explanation and we can go back to it being 12A.

  • Dumdedum

    I think that’s just the music they’re into and it will fill the arenas they’re touring next year better than the ballads from their first 2 albums. Before X Factor Harry was in a little indie music band and his voice has always been a bit too husky for pure pop. And their songs have always had guitar backing rather than r&b beats. The bubblegum pop world just rented them for a few years until a new pop-pop act comes along – is there anyone on the horizon? Zayn seems to favour R&B though so maybe he’ll go off and do some stuff on his own.

  • Dumdedum
  • J3$$!C@

    my station has been playing a song(dont know the title but they do say “Diana” alot). not sure why they didnt sing that one. I kinda like it.

  • Kaylo17

    Louis sounds great on the Title track. He’d probably sound good doing Punk rock too. He’s got the voice for that

  • hayes

    Through The Dark is for me the best track on Midnight Memories, along with Strong and Happily. I for one don’t mind the Mumford-y new sound. The new CD doesn’t have a lot, I think it’s more on the rock, guitar driven side rather than folk.

  • Iffilayo

    it’s a diaphragm reminder. They’ve probably been training a lot with a vocal coach. That’s where the control and power originates from when singing.