One Direction – “One Thing” Music Video and Tour Dates

One Directions’s brand new video is here!  The X Factor UK alums–a boy band manufactured by Simon Cowell–are back with the new single “One Thing”.

edit: Mateja & I crossed wires! Here is our combined post – mj

And while the impish teens are as cute as ever, everything about this production should seem familiar.  The bouncy song is a Backstreet Boys ripoff, while the video borrows liberally from The Monkees (who were basically The Beatles for kids who couldn’t get down with Sgt Pepper).

A little 90’s a little 60s–We’ve got a couple of eras covered here! Not that your average teen or tween will be bothered by a little “borrowing”.

Now that One Direction have conquered the UK more or less, Simon is taking the act stateside.   The album, Up All Night is due to hit these shores on March 20.  This spring, the boys are set to embark on a US tour with Nickelodeon stars, Big Time Rush.  Check out the tour dates at the bottom of the page.

Can Simon make vocal groups happen again in the US?  We’ll see.

One Direction’s debut single, “What Makes You Beautiful” is nominated for a Brit Award in Best British Single category. This one of the three fan voted awards, so we will see what Directioners can do about this.

“Better With U” Tour Dates

Date                      City                                        Venue                                                 

Feb 24                   Chicago                               Rosemont Theatre
Feb 25                   Detroit                                Fox Theatre
Feb 26                   Toronto                              Air Canada Centre
Feb 28                   Albany, NY                         Palace Theatre
March 1                Mashantucket, CT            Foxwoods
March 2                Washington, DC               Patriot Center
March 3                Boston                               Agganis Arena
March 6                Durham, NC                      Durham PAC
March 7                Nashville                           Bridgestone Arena
March 9                NYC                                    Radio City Music Hall

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  • No Thanks

    I’m not hearing Backstreet Boys at all.  But I DO see The Monkees.

  • Anonymous

    I think u & Mateja posted the same thing, LOL

  • Justin

    They have catchy pop songs and are the biebs of the UK, so good for them. Hopefully XF US will produce someone with the biebs or katy perry’s pop culture relevance too. I doubt american idol ever will again.

  • Tinawina

    They are cute and the song is bubblegum fun. However, we already have a Big Time Rush and that’s all I kept thinking about when looking at this BTR Goes to London episode. But maybe they will catch on bigger than that here! They do have a charm about them.

  • Anonymous

    wow…it is the monkees all over again…many of the same moves and camera shots….very charming….young girls will go nuts I’m sure….doesn’t matter which side of the pond you are on

  • Anonymous

    To think we’ve got so much great music in our country and it seems that Wand Erection (not a typo) are being marketed as the one of the best. It’s just ridiculous.

  • No Thanks
  • Anonymous

    I like the Monkees comparison, it is way more appropriate than the Beetles comparison they tried to sell on the show. 

    I am very interested to see how they are received here.  I have to admit, they are one of my guilty pleasures, so I’ll be one of the ones purchasing their album when it becomes available.  They just remind me so much of the boy bands of my youth.  Yeah I know, no fool like an old fool.

  • Philip Dudley

    I thought it was fun! Shallow, but fun! Pop music is not deep with world changing meaning.

  • V Jemmy

    As I’m watching this, all I can think of is that I wish that they were wearing clothes that fit.  Everything looks so tight that I’m getting uncomfortable.

  • Mauricio Arizmendi

    You are the one uncomfrtable, I’m hard LOL

  • JEssy

    why couldn’t they succeed in the us.  they’re cute young boys- the typical boy band formula…id think the tween girls that cry at beiber would go wild – five for the price of one…each pimply girl gets her own guy to swoon over

  • Anonymous

    I think girls gonna buy their music for sure, they’re so cute, very different in looks , i like the outfits , idk i like what i see for teens. So good luck to them in US and Canada ! :)

  • Ronnie D

    The one boy with the dark hair always seemed like the oddball one to me. He doesn’t really fit in. The one with the curly hair reminds me of a young Mick Jagger lol.

  • No Thanks

    Over 1.4 million views in 24 hours.  I expect them the lay waste to the US.

  • Emmy


  • Mateja Praznik

    YAY for the boys!  WMYB is already double platinum in Australia and currently sitting at #7 on iTunes!