One Direction – “Midnight Memories” – Music Video

New music video from the most popular global recording artists of 2013.


Vevo just premiered One Direction‘s new music video for their next single “Midnight Memories“. The video was filmed the week before Christmas in London.

Harry Styles, One Direction’s youngest member, is enjoying his last day as a teenager today. Tomorrow is his 20th birthday.

Mateja Praznik

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  • No Thanks

    Another winner! I love Harry telling the old lady to “call me.”

  • Mateja Praznik

    What can I say, that boy likes older women.

  • Face

    quite a lulz worthy video…
    like they fact they don’t take themselves seriously…
    and that they embrace their Anglo-Irish roots with lyrics (Addison Lee cabs etc…)… London locales… & type activities kids their age would do at midnight (Kebab shop etc…)…
    shame the song is a bit below par… is the Def Leppard ‘feel’ a deliberate thing?

  • mitchellvii

    Huh, I usually like their music but this was kind of weak sauce for me.

  • iluvai

    I think I add fuel to the fire for my daughter’s love of them. They are just so cute and talented. I enjoy them. They are lulzy and awesome.

  • Oldhag

    You just kind of have to love them for featuring old ladies on scooters. Not my favorite song of theirs but it’s still ahead of It’s Gotta Be You.

  • Oldhag

    I think a couple of them have delusions of one day being rock singers. I suppose stranger things have happened.