One Direction, Carrie Underwood 2013’s Most Charitable Celebrities

Taylor Swift leads the 20 most charitable celebrities, a list compiled by

One Direction comes in at #2. According to EW, they “began 2013 by volunteering as a group in Ghana under the auspices of Comic Relief. Individual group members, too, have shown big charitable impulses; DoSomething says that Harry Styles and Liam Payne raised over $800,000 for cancer research this year as well…”

Carrie Underwood is the only Idol alum on the list. But two reality show judges and a host make an appearance: Blake Shelton (The Voice coach), Demi Lovato (X Factor judge), and Ryan Seacrest (American Idol host.

Via Entertainment Weekly

1. Taylor Swift
2. One Direction
3. Beyoncé
4. Paul Walker
5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
6. Sandra Bullock
7. Kerry Washington
8. Ian Somerhalder
9. Ryan Seacrest
10. Carrie Underwood
11. Jennifer Lawrence
12. Alicia Keys
13. Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul
14. Miley Cyrus
15. Demi Lovato
16. Blake Shelton
17. Mindy Kaling
18. Kevin Durant
19. Kendrick Lamar
20. Justin Bieber

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  • sweetmm

    I guess that’s why TS continues to be successful; what goes around comes around :) Hoping her career continues to sky rocket cause this lady shares <3

  • Tess Herself

    I think it needs to be pointed out that this list is compiled by using published reports from fundraisers. It has nothing to do with private donations, or stars that sponsor private charitable organizations or people who actually give time to charities that are not “fund” raisers. It’s just about raised money for certain events.

  • breakdown

    “Raising” money is not the same thing as being charitable yourself. I applaud the fund raising but that’s not quite what’s being stated here.

  • RemusL

    Actually, “charitable” may be defined as being generous in giving giving money/goods or giving help for free (e.g. fund-raising, providing a service).

    Many celebrities actually donate a lot of money as well, though most of the time, the precise dollar amount is kept confidential. However, their high profile endorsement of the charities is much more significant than their own monetary contributions. Bill Gates, the world’s current 2nd wealthiest individual, knows this only too well. He personally donates a lot of money and is committed to eventually giving away most of his 60+ billion dollar fortune (same as Warren Buffet). Yet, he realizes it’s even more important to inspire the general public to give to charity, even if the amount they can afford to donate is small, because collectively, the public’s donations will dwarf that of the billionaires.

  • Sassycatz

    There are plenty of people, including celebrities, who give of themselves, as well as their names, to raise money for causes. Most don’t get the press Swift does, but that’s not what it’s supposed to be all about, is it? So, I suspect their success has little to do with how much they give to charity since, in reality, we have no idea who is “most generous.”

  • Damien Roberts

    Kind of sad to see Paul Walker’s name so high on the list.

  • Oldhag

    Does it really matter if they donate time or donate money? The point is they are voluntarily doing something to help others in very real ways. They don’t have to, plenty don’t, so it says good things about their character that they do.