One Direction – Best Song Ever – First Listen (AUDIO)

The new One Direction single “Best Song Ever” has leaked!  It’s the first song from the X Factor UK alum’s forthcoming third album.

The song will be available on iTunes on July 22, but you can listen to the full song right here.

Check it out below


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  • No Thanks

    It’s really, really, REALLY good! For 1D, this is THEIR “Best Song Ever”.

    I’m not sure if it will be on the next album. This song is a part of the “This Is Us” movie promo.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Lord, why does Louis get more solos? Leave the REAL singing to Zayn & Liam, mmkay? Plus, high five to the beat boxing and epic high note. I see you, Zayn ;)

  • No Thanks

    You heard Louis? I heard Harry for sure. A little Niall and Zayn. The high note is either Zayn or Liam. I think the beatboxing is Liam.

  • Kesia Monteith

    I thought I heard someone “not great” per se, so I assumed it was Louis. LOL. I heard the high note is Zayn, so thumbs up to him.

  • samuelgrant

    Their best song yet! However, like most of their tunes, it needs more Louis and less Harry.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Damn leaks! Video teasers look promising, too.

    All their official music videos have over 100 million views on Vevo.

  • No Thanks

    Looks like the video will be fun!

  • Mateja Praznik
  • Listening

    Umm this is pretty much what I expected. So not the best song ever but they don’t care. There’s a reason people don’t name songs the Best Song Ever b/c it’s a tough bill to live up to and it sounds pompous.

    I guess when you’re as big as One Direction you don’t care. When I think about what’s required to be the best song ever meaning, depth, emotion, dynamics, a good beat, and excellent vocals. This isn’t even close.

    But that doesn’t matter none of it matters they’re one direction and it’s going straight to the top.

    I like some of their other songs but not this one, this annoys me it’s just so pretentious, cocky and not what it billed itself as.

  • No Thanks

    I think you’re taking the title too literally. Part of the lyrics are “We danced all night to the best song ever”. So it really isn’t about them thinking THEIR song is the “best song ever.”

    It’s obviously tongue ‘n cheek. Just look at the video previews. They boys are in on the joke.

  • Listening

    Hmm maybe you’re right maybe i’m being too hard on them. I’m probably a little biased too b/c I was already ticked off by the name so I could of been primed to find fault w/ it.

    I get that they’re singing about listening to the best song ever but this song and concept is just a little too cutesy for my blood. But that’s kind of their MO for music videos they goof around and act silly. That’s what their fan base wants that’s what their fan base gets. I just kind of want more from them.

    Umm I guess i’ll let this one go and just keep on listening to Rock Me over and over again. I love that song.

  • girlygirl

    well, it’s not The Best Song Ever, lol

    (and yes, I know the title is tongue in cheek)

  • Jake W.

    I like their other material better, but this is alright.

  • No Thanks

    I loved “Rock Me” too. Should have been a single.

  • Broddybounce

    There is another recent song titled “Best Song Ever” — well, actually it’s “Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)” by Ready Set — so much better.

  • SM

    These kids are what…about 20 now? So maybe a good 5 more years before they go the way of the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, etc. …And then 15 until their reunion tour.

  • Juli

    Best Song Ever will be in their next album