Official Video: Kree Harrison’s Grand Ole Opry Debut, Duet With Keith Urban (Bonus Carrie Underwood Video)

Photo credit: Dipti Vaidya for The Tennessean

The Grand Ole Opry has posted official video of American Idol Season 12 runner-up Kree Harrison fulfilling a lifelong dream by singing at the Opry, including Keith Urban’s heartfelt introduction, Kree’s performance of her single “All Cried Out,” and her gorgeous duet with Keith Urban on Kris Kristofferson’s “Help Me Make It Through The Night.” Kree was supported on stage by friends & fellow musicians Misa Arriaga and John Osborne of the Brothers Osborne as well as the Opry band.

Check it out, you can really see on Kree’s face how much it means to her to be on that stage!

“All Cried Out” (includes Keith’s introduction of Kree to the Opry audience)

“Help Me Make It Through The Night” (duet with Keith Urban)

You can listen to full audio of Kree’s Opry set, including her touching performance of the hymn “In The Garden,” a fulfillment of a promise she had made to her father, HERE.

BONUS: The Opry has also posted video of Carrie Underwood performing her most recent #1 hit “Two Black Cadillacs” at the Opry as part of her celebration of 5 years of Opry membership.

Tomorrow, fellow American Idol Season 12 finalist Janelle Arthur makes her Opry debut. Good luck, Janelle!

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  • LeahKittyS

    WOW how is this possible?! Kree is clearly overwhelmed with emotion
    and she still sounds this…beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, none of them cut
    it. When’s the album coming out?

  • Wfish88

    All Cried Out sounds so much better here than on the finale. She’s a class act… We need a record deal announcement! PS: I loved “In the Garden” but the video is now removed !!

  • AM

    Kree sounds amazing here!!! Can’t wait for her debut album. I really think she has what it takes to be a country legend.

  • CanadianLady

    I listened to the livestream, but this is way better!

  • Mahalo2

    LeahKittyS, it seems for now, Kree has not yet been signed with a album label. She is writing and recording in the studio now (by reports). I had this conversation with Windmills in the Idol Headlines thread yesterday — Wm is speculating that 19R has signed or will sign Kree, and 19R will help Kree shop her songs/demos to record labels if Interscope passes on signing Kree. I didn’t realize that as of 2011, only the winner is guarantee a record deal. I’m hoping Kree does release a full album, not just an EP.

  • macfae

    I love everything about Kree – her demeanor just exudes grace and heartfelt emotion and her voice is incredibly rich. ..
    Gorgeous inside and out.

  • voco_qara

    Her voice is gorgeous. I really hope she gets signed

  • Wfish88

    19M is slow to release any info on record contact announcements. There wasn’t any offical announcement about Jessica until she announced it herself at the iHeart music festival, and even after that 19 never did a press release

  • Mahalo2

    Gosh, I hope that doesn’t happen to Kree — talk about a no-win situation. Did Jessica still get a lot of promos and appearances showcasing her music before and after the Idol 11 tour?

  • Erlinda

    Kree’s voice is radio friendly. I have itunes library full of her AI songs. Hope she comes out with her own album someday. Can’t wait. Thanks Keith for that wonderful duet with Kree.

  • Mahalo2

    I bought almost all of her AI songs, too. Really, when I listen to all them at once, I keep feeling her songs are part of an entire album! I guess I’m hopeful, album-wise, something good will happen for Kree this time around.

  • Wfish88

    Besides tour, she only big appearances were the iHeart Music Fest, PBS Memorial Day, and the Democratic National Convention. 19 did a bad job keeping the buzz going after IDOL. Didn’t turn out well when she finally released original music.

  • Mahalo2

    I think that’s the trick, somehow keeping the buzz alive until new music drops. We’ll see then, by their actions how invested 19R is in Kree. So far, she’s been having some pretty high profile publicity.
    Gives me hope.

  • Mahalo2

    This is pretty funny — Kree filled in a comments card from in the Opry dressing room, right before she performed. My favorite reply is sooo Kree!
    — Right now I could really go for ___________ (Kree said: A Hug)

  • macfae

    I’ve done the same too and managed to find a little of her older music here and there so I have a glimpse of what she would do given the opportunity.
    I really hope she gets signed and that she will get a producer who will really work with her. She’ll need management who is willing to push push push and Country radio be willing to play another female artist.
    She has the talent, now we’ll just have to wait and hope.

  • g122y

    Up until now,i cant still believe that Kree lost to Candice.. It was such great year if Kree won Ai back to back with Danielle in the Voice