Nigel Lythgoe Gets Into a Twitter Tiff after Attending Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Wedding

Modern Family star, and sometime So You Think You Can Dance judge, Jesse Tyler Ferguson married Justin Mikita in New York City yesterday. Playwright and screenwriter, Tony Kushner officiated the ceremony.

“Never been happier. XO Goodnight!” Jesse tweeted early Sunday morning.

SYTYCD executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe,  attended the wedding. And in typical fashion, got in a little twitter tiff over gay marriage. Interesting that this person calls herself a “traditionalist,” yet she models soft-core porn. Things that make you go hm.

Via People Magazine

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  • Mainstreet_USA

    “Interesting that this person calls herself a “traditionalist,” yet she models soft-core porn. Things that make you go hm.”

    MJ: On the issue of gay marriage, you have to get use to the hypocrisy of members of the marriage equality opposition. “Walk with the Lord on Sunday, but walk with the devil every other day”, in other words.

  • MissMyEm

    First time ever, I think, that I’m supporting something Nigel Lythgoe said. He said it well. Good for him! I never understand people who like to crap on someone’s happiness. So yeah..yay Nigel.

  • Ari

    Why are we giving this anonymous person any attention

  • Beaugard Stevens

    Must be wonderful that everything you say is some potential news item.

  • Cindy


  • Face

    after all his school boy ‘being considered gay is something to make fun of’ antics during his reign on AI… who’d have thought Nigel was a champion of gat marriage!

  • Miz

    Good for Nigel! …. and Congratulations Jesse and Justin.

  • Reflects On Life

    Congrats to Jessie & Justin!

    A statement, a response, and a rebuttal do not a Twitter riff make.
    From the headline I was expecting sth a lil longer, like at least 5(?) back-and-forths.

    And porn has been around forever. It’s about as traditional as it gets. ;)

  • Ronnie D

    Just another person using the term “traditionalist” to cover up their bigotry. I agree with Nigel for once. lol

  • girlygirl

    Not sure how Nigel responding once to one person equals a twitter tiff. For what it’s worth, I side with Nigel on this one, though.

    Congrats to Jesse & Justin on their marriage

  • Q_3

    Doesn’t seem like a Twitter Tiff to me to send one civil response to someone. Even XX was not really awful compared to some of the stuff on Twitter.

  • dreamr

    Wow… that’s it? I was expecting a bit more than this, given the title…

  • waitingforthe1

    when did three tweets turn into a tiff?

  • Kariann Hart

    This? This is called a Twitter Tiff? Naw.

  • Jake W.

    The funny part is that this chick is parading her ass all over twitter, yet she wants to talk about traditional marriage. Classy!