VIDEO: Carrie Underwood & ‘The Sound Of Music-Live!’ Cast Rehearse For The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


Playbill was out late last night covering Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade rehearsals and got video of Carrie Underwood, Ariane Rinehart, Michael Campanyo, Peyton Ella, Grace Rundhaug, Joe West, Ella Watts-Gorman, Michael Nigro, and Sophia Caruso rehearsing a medley for Thursday’s performance, which will be a teaser for the 12/5 primetime NBC broadcast of The Sound Of Music – Live. Looks like Carrie and her castmates will perform “The Sound Of Music,” “Do Re Mi,” and “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” at the parade. Check out the video here:

Meanwhile, the Rodgers & Hammerstein organization has posted a video detailing the history of Sound Of Music productions (live and in film) over the years, featuring a variety of Marias over the years. The video, narrated by Rodgers & Hammerstein president Ted Chapin emphasizes the many productions of the musical that have been staged over the years as well as the organization’s belief that fresh productions of the musical will help it to live on and maintain its relevance with a whole new audience.

Don’t forget you can check out 2 sets of 30 second clips from The Sound Of Music – Live! cast album due out next Tuesday 12/3 here.

Also check out more pictures from a dress rehearsal via the Associated Press:





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  • Landon Cox

    Oh hey there Rolf

  • carola99

    This looks so promising! I am so excited!

  • merkureye

    Carrie vocals will be superb as always. The only question is her acting skills. From her stage presence at the CMA’s and elsewhere to her acting in her music videos, I see innate acting ability. I believe she will nail the part in TSOM.

  • carola99

    I believe so too. I think she will surprise many people. I think she has this natural ability for acting. Can´t wait! Plus have you noticed the great chemistry she has with Stephen Moyer? Perfect for their roles