New Music Tuesday: Crystal Bowersox, David Archuleta, Gina Glocksen

Download NEW music from Idol alums, Crystal Bowersox, David Archuleta and Gina Glocksen!

Crystal Bowersox – Dead Weight

The first single, “Dead Weigh”, from the upcoming Crystal Bowersox album All That For This is available NOW for download. Click to check out a full stream of the song.

Crystal’s sophomore record will be available on March 26.

David Archuleta – Don’t Run Away

While David Archulta is in South America on a Mormon Mission, his team is busy back at home, releasing new music! Download his new single, “Don’t Run Away” from iTunes

The song is from his forthcoming album, No Matter How Far, set to be released on March 26. Click to listen to a full stream of “Don’t Run Away.”

Gina Glocksen – Help Yourself

Season 6 American Idol alum, Gina Glocksen, has a new song out titled “Help Yourself” Download it from iTunes.

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  • curtis

    Casey Weston from season one of the voice also has a new single out, her album will be out feb 28th

  • Danny Latham

    Gina Orr is pretty busy today with Crystal’s and Archie’s singles coming out on the same day. Dead Weight is awesome, and her album is going to be epic. 

  • MarthaPB

    Great for David A to release music while he is away.  The song is awesome and the vocals are amazing! Can’t listen to it enough!

  • revolution

    Yup very busy day for Gina…going to be a busy year with Crystal blowing up! Tour, new album, TV gig, Broadway!!

  • Fan Dja

    Bought my Don’t Run Away by David A!  I love the song and his voice is perfect, front and center.  I’m so impressed with his team and Gina Orr, she’s a busy lady

    It was at #618 earlier it’s at #153 now on itunes!!

  • kimak

    I am loving David’s Don’t Run Away and even more excited for No Matter How Far in March.  I never thought we would be getting so much considering!!

  • bsms

    Wow, I’m loving David’s new single, Don’t Run Away. His lower register is so soothing.

  • Heidijoy

    Love Don’t Run Away by @davidarchie   Downloaded the single from ITunes.  thanks for posting the Link and the article  MJ
    Also pre ordered the Album  No Matter How Far   from Amazon!! Due out March 26 

  • GRjourney1

    I bought and gifted several copies of Don’t Run Away.  Couldn’t get my itunes gift card to work, but such a bargain at $1.29.  I would pay so much more for David’s music.  His voice is just beautiful!

  • LongKissGoodnight

    In this picture Crystal looks like I imagined Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games would.

  • ??Marylee~#DA2014??

    What an exciting time for David Archuleta fans! Even while he’s far away he continues to shower us with musical gifts & surprises! I am just crazy about his new song “Don’t Run Away”. CONGRATS to David for a FABULOUS lst single from his upcoming album “No Matter How Far” to be released next month. Thank you from your blessed fans all over the world!  #DA2014

  • rhed31

    I love Don’t Run Away! So glad David and Crystal have new music today. :)

  • violet4ever

    I picked up David’s Don’t Run Away at 11PM last night when it showed up on iTunes.  I am touched that David obviously spent a lot of time before his mission planning how to keep us all happy while he’s away.  I have the CD No Matter How Far on preorder and I’m looking forward to it.

  • JM Harmony

    Love that we are getting new music from David while he is away. He and his team worked hard to make sure his fans had more music in his absence. David really is a great guy and his singing….well it speaks (or sings) for itself, love that voice.
    Love the song ‘Don’t Run Away’, very nice and his vocals are wonderful. Bought it from ITunes, thank you David! So looking forward to his new album too.
    Wish success to all with their new songs being released today. 

  • escape

    Crystal needs to lose the dreadlocks.  Time for something different.

  • jdanton2

    Stefano from Season 10 of Idol’s single Yes To Love is on itunes today. 

  • revolution

    Confirmed! this song is on Crystal’s new album!

  • revolution

    Heres the full track list, although Crystal tweeted we wont recognize them, said that Steve Berlin Funked them Up!

    All That for This  // FULL TRACKLISTING
    1. Fall Into Place
    2. Dead Weight
    3. Amen (new song that she hasn’t performed live yet!)
    4. All That For This
    5. Here’s Where The Story Ends
    6. Home is the Place 
    7. I Am
    8. Movin’ On (new song that she hasn’t performed live yet!)
    9. Shine
    10. Stitches featuring Jakob Dylan
    11. Someday (tribute to Mark Brink)
    12. Til the Whiskey’s Gone

  • Fan Dja

    Hoping for David’s tracklist for No Matter How Far soon!

  • aj rabin

    Why? I love Crystals look. She looks like a female Jason Castro.

  • Caro3278sweet

    I’m not a big dread locks fan, but for some reason, it works on Crystal. I also think it sends out the AAA/alt/folk vibe that she’s shooting for in her music. So, I come down on the side of keeping them.

    Now onto the music.

    Flove the new single. Definitely buying this record. Can’t wait!

  • kayd23

    So glad that David was able to release new music while he was away. I really like the Don’t Run Away song. Good news that Crystal also has new music out.

  • kayd23

    I agree that Gina Orr is busy with managing David and Crystal.

  • Jake W.

    Love Crystal’s album cover.

  • DorkAngel-GBW

    I love the music/production? in Don’t Run Away, especially that simple piano parts (don’t know how else to describe it) and the guitar at the end. I love that David’s vocals are front and center and STELLAR! I got my copy as soon as it became available on itunes. I hoping much success for Crystal, Gina, and David’s new music.

  • Liteasy

    Crystal looks like a little girl on that album – so pretty!