New Glee Spoiler May Freak You Out


I heard this Glee spoiler yesterday, and dithered on whether to post it or not.  Actually, I was pissed off to learn it myself. This is the kind of thing I’d rather NOT have spoiled.

As it is , the crew member who blabbed on twitter was probably fired.

So, if you really really want to see this juicy (and slightly disturbing) Glee spoiler, click the jump.

The McKinley High Prom Queen and King will be…

Kurt and Karovsky.


I was rooting for Lauren and Puck myself (Yay fat chicks!) Oh well.

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Via E! Online

UPDATE: I just read a super-sekrit spoiler I promised not to link to, that reveals the mean kids vote Kurt in as queen to humiliate him, but he eventually prevails–getting revenge on those who try to hurt him…

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  • cookbunny

    Okay, immediate theory?

    Ballot switch. By any chance did they use an empty protein powder jug to put the votes in (shades of Grinch Sue in “A Very Glee Christmas”)? But then it begs the question, who would rig the results in THAT direction, and why?

  • CarieB

    Wow. I liked your theory about Santana and Karovsky WAY better.

  • hypertwink

    I read somewhere that the it was a Carrie-style of pranking where the popular kids thought that it would embarrass Kurt. I also heard that Kurt takes the situation and runs with it. Karofsky OTOH isn’t very happy with the situation. Either he’s already been outed and they played pranks on both Kurt & Dave or he was campaigning to be Prom King but it all just went pear-shaped. I assume that this would be the setting for his comeuppance/transfiguration/epiphany.

  • JJ123

    That is surprising but I’d rather have it be those two over Lauren and Puck….I LOATHE them as a couple!

  • bentley1530

    I am going to have faith that the journey will make this spoiler pay off in the end.

  • blowfish

    Wow. Didn’t see that one coming. But I guess maybe I did. Who is Kurt going to the Prom with? Will Blaine be his date? this could be interesting.

  • TwigLA

    You know, when I was a senior in HS, a rather unattractive and completely unpopular girl ran for prom queen along with all the soc’s.

    People, mostly jerk guys, started voting for her as a joke. You voted by putting a dollar in a can with your picture on it at various businesses. She ended up winning and was thrilled.

    When the joke came out, the girl who was runner up gave her her gown. A bunch of kids chipped in to get her makeup and hair done. Someone donated a limo to bring her to the ceremony. The boyfriend of runner up won King and proudly escorted her.

    It completely made her life and the joke backfired on the jerks.

    I imagine this storyline will go the same way. But to be honest, I’m tired of everything being about Kurt.

  • workdog

    Wow, TwigLA, that was absolutely awesome and humbling what the students at your school did for her. What a gentleman and lady those young people are. Honestly, that is such a bullying thing to do and Karma baby is not going to be kind to those who did that to that girl.

  • neonorange

    Had to come out of lurking to also say … WOW TwigLA. Very inspiring story.

  • cookbunny

    Speaking of a “Carrie”-style prank…is it possible that they’ll rig it to dump the World’s Biggest Slushie on Kurt (red, of course)?

  • t2

    Heh — poor Quinn. Double heh