New Carrie Underwood Song For ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Hits iTunes 11/16

Update 3: Official press release HERE.

UPDATE 2: Video of Swedish pop boy band EMD performing “A Place For Us” added after the jump.

UPDATE: David Hodges confirmed the song is “A Place For Us”,  co-written with Carrie and Hillary Lindsey

There is new Carrie Underwood music coming exclusively to iTunes on 11/16 according to an announcement on Carrie Underwood’s official site:

Carrie co-wrote & performed a song that will be featured on the end credits of the December 10th movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. In working with the movie company, Fox, we will be releasing the single as an iTunes exclusive on 11/16/10.

We’ve got information on the song and the cowriters involved, after the jump.

Carrie teased fans in a summer blog about having gotten together with a couple of her friends for writing sessions that resulted in 3 songs, one of which she said was for a “special project”. She was pretty proud of herself that she had a surprise up her sleeve her fans hadn’t already figured out.

Enterprising fans later discovered “Distant Lullaby” and “See You Again” as new additions to Carrie’s cowrites at BMI and “A Place For Us” as a new Carrie cowrite at Harry Fox Agency SongFile. All 3 songs are cowritten by Carrie, her frequent collaborator Hillary Lindsey (“Jesus Take The Wheel”, “Wasted”, “So Small”, “Last Name”, “Just A Dream”), and frequent Idol collaborator David Hodges (“What Can I Say”).

Matching up with the timing are some David Hodges tweets from early August, when he was in Nashville on a writing trip. Here’s one from August 6th:

Wow! 3 incredible days of writing again. Hillary Lindsey & (insert mystery artist here) are awesome. Such a great trip.

Here’s another one from August 8th:

Last 4 days have been some of the most rewarding as a writer. Great songs, great artist, great hang. Wish every week could be like this.

David Hodges also responded to a Carrie fan in late September saying we’d hear a cowrite with Carrie soon:

RT @Typo21 @hodgesmusic When are we gonna hear “Distant Lullaby”, “See You Again”, or “A Place For Us”?! // Soon. It’s gonna be good!

Looks like soon will be in about 2 1/2 weeks! Carrie fans also have her cover of Loretta Lynn’s 1971 hit “You’re Lookin’ At Country” to look forward to. That’ll be out November 9th when Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute To Loretta Lynn is released.

VIDEO: Here’s a live performance of the song by Swedish pop boy band EMD. It’s very Idol coronation song-ish so here’s hoping Carrie’s performance makes it more interesting.

ScandiPop says that EMD’s version of the song is also for the Narnia soundtrack so it’s looking like different versions of the song will be recorded by different acts around the world and Carrie’s version will be used in the US and Canada.

Recorded especially for the new Narnia movie due out later this year, it’s a fittingly inspirational and anthemic ballad. The chorus is almost as beautiful as the boys themselves! And the middle eight is divine too, with great vocals from Danny. Below is the live version, which is great, but we get the feeling that the instrumentation on the studio version is gonna be an epic string fest, of Take That proportions.

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  • leilamaurizia

    Whoa! Carrie’s “surprises” have really been surprises this time around. No one saw the Olay endorsement coming and no one figured this out either. She and her team have been excellent at keeping everything under wraps now; unlike before, when fans skilled at research spoiled surprises.

    Yay, this should be good! With Hillary Lindsey AND David Hodges! There are supposed to be even more surprises, right?

    ETA: Wait, the co-writers aren’t mentioned. Probably them though.

  • gangreen29

    That’s cool, I can’t wait to hear it! I wonder what the sound will be like. I can’t imagine a Narnia movie ending with a country sounding song, I’m thinking some kind of power ballad.

  • great4AI

    YAY what a great news… I love Carrie’s song for Enchanted Movie – Ever Ever After, and now Narnia Movie wow, can’t wait. Hopefully she’ll make a Music Video as well like she did for EEA.

    I saw some tweets that David Hodges already confirmed the title of the song is “A PLACE FOR US,” Source:

  • Incipit

    I saw some tweets that David Hodges already confirmed the title of the song is “A PLACE FOR US,”

    Gene Pitney? PJ Proby? – Is that you? Great. Now I have West Side Story on the brain.


    Very cool for Carrie – lady knows how to diversify.

  • madison

    It’s very Idol coronation song-ish

    You said it!

    “We can be the kings and queens of anything if we believe
    It’s written in the stars that shine above
    A world where you and I belong
    Where faith and love will keep us strong
    Exactly who we are is just enough.”

    It sounds like it came out of a random inspirational cliche generator.

  • stwbcross

    In this day and age, it’s wonderful to have an “A-list” artist wear their faith on their sleeve in spite of the constant criticism of “cliche”, “cheesy”.

    Reminds me of the Jesus Takes the Wheel situation where another well know country artist passed on the song because she thought that the song was stupid.

    And if you ever have the privilege to see Carrie sing these type of songs live, you’ll understand that she believes every word of it, no matter how cliche others think it is.