New American Idol Promos Feat Mariah Carey and Keith Urban (VIDEO)

Watch two new American Idol promos, featuring Mariah Carey and Keith Urban. Both are a departure from the Nicki Minaj-centered promo, which features soundbites of the hip hop artist that portray her as Simon Cowell mixed with the wackiness of Paula Abdul.

By contrast, Mariah and Keith’s spots are serious minded, with the pop star comparing her own early journey to pop stardom to the hopefuls who turned up to audition. Keith is awed by the transformation he sees when a singer enters the audition room and opens her mouth to perform. SPOILER ALERT. We get a glimpse of a big voiced singer!

Watch below

Mariah Carey American Idol promo

Keith Urban American Idol promo

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  • zaclona77

    eh, honestly, there is not much new that any judge could possibly offer after 11 seasons… but could we get more Keith Urban, please?

  • jlscott13

    Yay! Mariah Carey! Love her. She’s the perfect judge. If anyone should be judging singing talent, it’s her. :)

  • Dennis

    In that Keith Urban video that’s not shown on here, that singer is Denise Jackson, she’s auditioned quite a few times.

  • Klaine

    Do these promos actually air on TV or just online?  I havent seen many of them.  But it is getting me excited for the new season – Idol 3.0 (although I really wished Randy would have been gone and we’d have a fresh slate)…It also shows me how much of a better show – and better run show- Idol is vs XF, which looks like a total train wreck in comparison.  From the more detailed promos airing months before premiere, to new judges who look like theyre going to be good (esp Mariah and Nicki) an dyou just know every female contestant is gonna be in awe of Mariah and shell get her ego stroked a lot, to the auditions with no music or background showing whether they can really sing and stay on tune and on and on.  XF 2.0 really has disappointed me – from the lower quality talent – to an all teen category – to Britney who h as been a huge failure- to the backstage shenanigans we keep hearing – to annoying LA Reid who t hings too highly of himself – to Simon’s old schtick, to Khloe who makes me long for Steve Jones – to the backstage drama of the manipulation, to the ‘fake’mentoring which seems to include 1 meeting and a rehearsal, and I could go on and on.  If Idol gets high ratings – at least can beat The Voice, it  will once again solidify its place in history – esp in season 12.  I wonder if the VOices spring season with Usher and Shakira will compete against Idol at all like they did with XF.  That would definitely be an intersting battle if Voice won it.  I still want to know the psychological reasoning why The voice always goes with 1 female vs 3 men – seems thats the way international markets do it too.  I havent watched more than a few snippets here and there but it seems t he changes they made were all positive…the stealing sounded interesting and having the top singers advance regardless of choice is also an improvement

  • abbysee

    I think Mariah is going to be an incredible judge. Serious, astute, articulate and confident. That would be an idol first Imho.

  • Claude Dee

    I am loving all of these American Idol promos!!! So excited! 

  • hillstreetblooz

    Mariahhhh!!!  That’s my girl – all day, everyday. She the BAWSE :)

  • Li Wright

    Well, I notice Nicki Minaj is making the talk show rounds…and Mariah?  Where’s Mariah?

  • Kariann Hart

    I am glad they were impressed by seversal singers.  I do like to compliments they made.  I do like the seating arrangement byt wonder if they are going to change it?

    It should be interesting to see what they say about the show as I am sure no one wants a negative report. This should be fun! I hope they bring back Taylor!