‘Nashville’ Episode 19 – Recap & Discussion Post

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Welcome back to ‘Nashville’! We pick the story up the morning after the last episode left off, where Juliette is meeting with a security firm. Juliette is adamant that Dante’s fraud cannot get out for the sake of her reputation, and isn’t worried about the loss of $500k because she can make it back in two weeks. In the middle of her meeting, Emily picks up a call informing them that Juliette has been nominated for CMA Female Vocalist Of The Year. Juliette is pleased and determined to win.

Deacon and Rayna are cuddling after a happy night together, when the phone starts ringing. Rayna isn’t going to pick up but Deacon sees that it is Maddie, so Rayna does. Rayna has been nominated for CMA Female Vocalist Of The Year, says Maddie, and so has Juliette. Rayna is pleased. Bucky calls and Marshall calls. Meanwhile at Casa James/Conrad, Teddy is with the girls, and talking about their mom’s news. Daphne wants to make Rayna something special to mark her 9th CMA nomination. Teddy tells Maddie that he got the email about her school’s father-daughter dance tomorrow, and wants to talk to her about it. He asks Daphne to excuse them, and tells Maddie that he understands that this is a difficult time for her and that she rightfully puts a lot of the blame for her parents’ divorce on him, he would like to escort her to the dance just so she can hang out with her friends with no obligation to him. Maddie says she’ll think about it.

Scarlett is trying to help Will nurse his hangover. Gunnar walks in, and awkwardness ensues as Will talks about how he was so drunk last night he has no idea what he was doing (right) and reveals that Gunnar took the stage and has a producer wanting to cut his demo. Scarlett is excited for Gunnar and wants to hear the song. Gunnar says he doesn’t think she’ll like the song, and though Will tries to charm his way through all the awkwardness, Gunnar hints that he should leave. Scarlett teases Gunnar about the death of a bromance, and Gunnar snipes at her for it without telling her what actually happened.

Back at Juliette’s home, Juliette wants Emily to call Marshall and find out how the label intends to support her nomination, she wants a full media blitz. She had asked Jolene to come over, and when she does, Juliette explains that Jolene was right about Dante. Jolene tries to apologize for bringing Dante into their lives but Juliette wants none of it – she doesn’t blame her mother but Juliette’s focus is on her wounded pride.

Meanwhile Rayna is now at Casa James/Conrad, where Tandy has come over. Rayna reveals her tryst with Deacon, and Tandy is intrigued. But Tandy tells her that it could just be a one-night thing and that after just coming out of a 14 year marriage, Rayna’s in no state to be making serious decisions about relationships right now. For his part Deacon is getting lectured by Coleman about throwing away a great relationship with Stacey for a chance with Rayna. Deacon tries to tell Coleman that Rayna is the love of his life just like Coleman’s wife Audrey is the love of Coleman’s life. Coleman tells him that unlike Rayna, Audrey hasn’t been messing with his mind all these years.

Juliette and Emily are in Edgehill Republic offices for a meeting with Marshall. He congratulates her, and when Juliette says she can’t help but think her nomination has something to do with her new material, Marshall asks Juliette to perform her new single at the nomination celebration party he’ll be throwing. She agrees, and says she hopes she can count on the label’s support for the win. Marshall says the label will be supporting all its nominated acts. Juliette tells him that Rayna’s won 4 CMAs already and this won’t mean as much to her, but it will mean a lot to Juliette. When Marshall starts talking budget constraints, Juliette says she doesn’t, and Marshall tells her she can do all the campaigning she wants. Juliette clearly intends to.

Maddie comes home from school to a waiting Rayna, who has received a ton of flowers congratulating her for her nomination. Maddie complains to Rayna about Teddy wanting to go to the father-daughter dance. Rayna says that it means a lot to Teddy, and Maddie should go, which is not what Maddie wanted to hear.

Coleman meets up with Tandy, and pursuant to her offer of an alliance, Coleman turns her down, saying he’s not interested in being a pawn for her or her father. He tells her Teddy’s not a bad man, and says this gesture of hers was more about Teddy cancelling the city’s contracts with Lamar than anything else.

Bucky and Rayna are in the label offices, where Bucky tells her that the label picked up 11 nominations, and the nomination party celebration will be on the General Jackson boat (where in real life, Sony Nashville holds its annual Country Radio Seminar boat cruise). Juliette will perform first, then Rayna. Bucky also tells Rayna that Liam sent over some mixes along with a ripped up plane ticket to St. Lucia. Rayna assures Bucky that Liam will get the album done. She sees Deacon, and they head to a guitar closet for a makeout. Deacon suggests a cabin getaway, but Rayna tells him she has the girls this week and is planning to celebrate with hot chocolate and smores. Deacon is game for that too, and assures Rayna that he loves the girls and isn’t just in this for a hot romance, he craves the family lifestyle too.

Cut to Avery playing “The Morning Of The Rain” with the roadies, when a road manager interrupts him and tells him to get back to work.

To DOWNLOAD “The Morning Of The Rain,” written and performed by Jonathan Jackson click HERE.

Juliette is planning to send Juliette bobbleheads and little bottles of Dom Perignon champagne to all 7500 CMA voters. An expensive proposition that will cost over a million dollars, but Juliette will stop at nothing.

Gunnar is in studio with producer Jack Nelson, who tells him he isn’t as into the ballads and wants to focus on the raw, rock sound he heard from Gunnar live the other night. He is excited about a song called “Gun For A Mouth,” and wants to set up to record the next night.

Deacon heads back home to discover Stacey with Sue. Stacey starts to apologize for overreacting, but Deacon stops her and starts to confess all. Stacey is embarrassed and hurt, and starts to walk out. Sue follows her, and when Stacey tells him he has to stay, Deacon tells her to take Sue because he’ll be better off with her. Stacey agrees and leaves with Sue.

Juliette is on her 3rd mimosa of the day, as she goes through racks for potential dresses. Jolene wants to slow her down, but Juliette chides her and denies that her drinking is a sign of any kind of trouble. Mimosas are not what people drink when they’re upset, after all, they go to vodka.

At the mayor’s office, Coleman turns in his resignation. Teddy is angry but Coleman says the only voice that is being represented in this arrangement is Teddy’s. He thanks Teddy for the opportunity.

Will tries to make nice with Gunnar and encourage him to play Jason’s song for Scarlett. Gunnar tries to brush him off when Scarlett arrives. Scarlett invites Gunnar to the Edgehill CMA party that night but Gunnar is supposed to be recording. Gunnar says he’ll postpone the recording session because he doesn’t want Scarlett to go to the party alone, but Will steps in and says he’ll take Scarlett. Scarlett says that would be fun if that was OK with Gunnar, and it is OK with him. After Gunnar leaves, Scarlett asks Will if he thinks something is bothering Gunnar, and Will lies and says no.

Back at Casa James/Conrad, Teddy and Rayna are having a friendly conversation where Teddy congratulates Rayna on her CMA nomination as he waits to escort Maddie to the school father-daughter dance. Teddy apologizes to Rayna for the way he handled his relationship with Peggy, which prompts Rayna to confess that she and Deacon may be a thing now. That sets Teddy off as he tells Rayna to honor the agreement they made when Maddie was born. Rayna promises she wouldn’t do anything to hurt Maddie or Teddy or threaten their relationship. So yeah, Maddie is Deacon’s daughter and the plan is to keep hiding that. What could possibly go wrong?

Juliette has graduated to vodka on her way to the Edgehill party, and turns down Emily’s offer to accompany her. Emily finds out that Dante has also charged a $17k diamond ring to Juliette’s credit card before it was frozen. Juliette calls him a cheap bastard. Rayna hits the red carpet for the Edgehill Republic party while eying Deacon, and Tandy heads to the “back,” wherever that is. Rayna and Juliette do a photo op together complete with label head Marshall Evans and a quote denying any competition to the media while they take slight jabs at each other.

At the father-daughter dance, Maddie is glum with her arms crossed, and Teddy is standing awkwardly around while Juliette’s “Hypnotizing” plays. Maddie wants to leave, and Teddy tries to talk to her by telling her how much she means to him. He says when she grows up she’ll understand some of this parent stuff, and she says she already does, and they’re weird. Teddy laughs and agrees, and begs for just a dance. Maddie says fine, and then Teddy breaks out into a dorky routine. That seems to wear down Maddie’s sullen act for the night, and she dances with her dad.

Juliette is now downing flute after flute of champagne on the General Jackson when Marshall tracks her down and says he has left message after message for Dante and hasn’t gotten a response. He wants to talk to him about Juliette’s CMA campaign. Juliette is now drunk, and says she fired him, he quit, or something. Marshall suggests she talk to Glenn again because she needs a manager. Juliette says she needs no one. Marshall asks how many drinks she has had. Juliette wants to know what’s with people keeping count of her alcohol consumption.

Jack Nelson is pretty excited about the song Gunnar just recorded and wants to know if he has more. Gunnar breaks out Jason’s lyric book, and Jack is impressed by the darkness of the lyrics. Jack says there’s not much of that in country anymore, it’s mostly beer and trucks these days. You don’t say! Jack says this stuff doesn’t read as Gunnar just from looking at him, and wants to know if it’s a persona or true. Gunnar cracks about it being all true except for where the statute of limitations hasn’t expired. Heh.

Back on the boat, Deacon and Rayna run into each other backstage and Deacon starts to kiss Rayna. She pulls back, saying she’s concerned about the cameras but Deacon knows there’s more to it. Rayna says she can’t talk to him about it right now while drunk Juliette tells Deacon to get ready for their performance in 5 minutes. Deacon quits Juliette and walks off from Rayna. Juliette gathers her roadies and says she needs a guitarist. Avery volunteers. Juliette tells him she’s changed her mind and will play something other than her single, and orders him not to screw up.

Will is schmoozing on the General Jackson when Scarlett arrives, and he encourages her to network. Scarlett finds the whole thing awkward so he grabs her hand and tells her he is going to do the bragging for her.

Juliette grabs another glass of champagne as she takes the stage to sing “Used,” which she dedicates to her manager, who is getting engaged tonight. Meanwhile Rayna tells Tandy that her talk with Deacon didn’t go well, and Deacon leaves the party angry. Juliette concludes her well received performance, and Avery thanks her for the opportunity to play. Juliette kisses him on the cheek.

To DOWNLOAD “Used,” written by Heather Morgan and Ross Copperman and performed by Hayden Panettiere, click HERE.

Coleman is unpacking his boxes at home when his wife comes in. She agrees with his decision. Coleman tells her Tandy, Teddy, and Lamar all have their guns trained on each other, and he just has to stay out of the way. Audrey says he’ll still be standing to take over the position that was rightfully his after they’ve done each other in. Coleman is non-committal. This, especially the language chosen, just has to be a set up for something in next week’s season finale, dontcha think?

Rayna has a well-received closing performance on the boat, and meets Scarlett and Will afterwards. She asks Scarlett if she’s seen Deacon and Scarlett says she hasn’t. Scarlett introduces Will, who says he has a demo he’s love for her to listen to. Rayna tells Scarlett to introduce him to Bucky, and he can give Bucky the demo. Scarlett is impressed by Will’s forwardness. Rayna rejoins Tandy and says Deacon can read her like a book. Rayna isn’t sure what to do, and Tandy says she should do what she’s been doing all these years: not say anything. Tandy tells Rayna she has a ride (go Tandy!) and sends Rayna home.

Avery walks a stumbling Juliette back to her limo, and she invites him back home with her. Avery tells her that isn’t a good idea, and sends her on her way.

Deacon jumps into Rayna’s limo and tells her that whatever secret she’s hiding, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the here and now. Rayna cries and tells him he loves her.

Teddy and Maddie return home after what turned into a nice night out. Maddie tells him she wishes he & Rayna were still together and they were still a family. Teddy hugs her.

Gunnar is listening to his demo of “Gun For A Mouth” when Scarlett walks in. She unplugs his headphones so she can listen too, and tells him the song is great.

Meanwhile Rayna and Deacon are singing “The End Of The Day” on his couch while Juliette stumbles home, and Scarlett realizes as she’s cleaning up after a sleeping Gunnar that he took Jason’s song. Gunnar acts like he doesn’t see a problem with that.

To DOWNLOAD “The End Of The Day,” written by Madi Diaz and Sarah Siskind and performed by Connie Britton and Charles Esten, click HERE.

Jolene tends to Juliette at home, and though Juliette resists at first, they have a moment where Juliette finally starts to break down. Jolene’s phone rings, and it appears to be Dante as Jolene starts laying into him. Juliette grabs the phone, and from what she says Dante appears to have some kind of tape on her. Ruh roh! And there’s your cliffhanger for next week!

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  • ellen8

    As usual, the music from Nashville is great !!

    Man, I could feel the chemistry coming off the tv screen between Rayna and Deacon !! Also I’m ok with Juliette and Avery. Gunnar always seems to be at his own pity party.

  • http://twitter.com/Miztig Miz

    Thanks for the recap. I missed it last night. I’m looking forward to watching.

    I may be in the minority, but I don’t mind spoilers before I get a chance to watch something. It lets me know what to watch out for and allows me to pay attention to nuances.

  • http://twitter.com/Miztig Miz

    Thanks for the recap. I missed it last night. I’m looking forward to watching.

    I may be in the minority, but I don’t mind spoilers before I get a chance to watch something. It lets me know what to watch out for and allows me to pay attention to nuances.

  • bestmusic

    I really hope they let Rayna and Deacon be a couple. Probably dreaming.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000075236182 Diana Adams Tyler

    I love Nashville and am glad Deacon and Rayna got together. I must say I think Rayna is the worst actress on the show. When Deacon jumped in her limo, you could see the pain in his eyes and on his face. She looked like she was just ready to sign an autograph or go do the dishes. I really wish she would put more expression on her face. Im surprised how good the girls on the show are. I remember their parents performing on Can You Duet.