Monday Ratings: The Voice, DWTS, Smash Hit Series Lows

Ratings are in from TVByTheNumbers

NBC notched the nightly win with the advertiser coveted adults 18-49, even as The Voice dipped 10% to a season low (and series low for a performance show) 3.6 adults 18-49 rating, vs. a 4.0 rating last week. At 10pm, Smash dropped a tenth to a season/series low 1.9 adults 18-49 rating, vs. a season/series low 2.0 rating last week.

Dancing with the Stars slid two tenths to a series low for a performance show 2.8 adults 18-49 rating, vs. a 3.0 rating last week. After a week off, Castle returned up a tenth to a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating, vs. a 2.1 rating in its last new episode.

Series lows for all of our shows last night…

8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10p) 3.6 10 9.939
ABC Dancing with the Stars (8-10p) 2.8 7 16.338
CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.0 9 7.272
FOX Bones 2.1 6 6.970
CW Gossip Girl 0.6 2 1.118


CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.3 9 8.436


CBS Two and a Half Men 3.7 9 11.038
FOX House 2.0 5 5.622
CW Hart Of Dixie 0.6 1 1.324


CBS Mike & Molly 3.1 8 9.561


ABC Castle 2.2 6 11.495
NBC Smash 1.9 5 5.958
CBS Hawaii Five-0 -R 1.6 4 6.114

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  • raya

    Putting DWTS aside for a second and understanding that there is a downward trend in ratings in general, I would think TPTB behind The Voice have to be concerned at the downward trend.  Yes, they still won the night in terms of demos and etc. but I think The Voice needs to do some serious retooling in off season.  I know it is facing solid competition for ratings, but the fact that it hasn’t stabilized yet is concerning.  For all the complaining about Idol and its ratings decline, at least the show seems to have stabilized of late.

  • Kirsten

    It’s a little hard to compare season to season since it aired on Tuesday nights last year, by this point in the competition it was June, and they didn’t have as many live shows (they inserted the 24-16 round. Last year it started at 16).

    So, if we compare it to the 16-8 round (quarter-finals?) here was the ratings last year:
    9:00 4.5 12.2 M

    If we compare it to the third week of live shows:
    9:00 4.3/12 11.81M

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot of things that happen in an episode of the Voice that just don’t make sense.  I had trouble reconciling how mentor performances, the M5 performance, the contestants performing, and the quick eliminations all fit together.  It seems like some of those things should have been saved for filler in a results episode.  

    I saw some people complaining about the duets during AI performance nights, and while those are filler too, at least they only consist of the contestants, and can be looked at as just another way for AI to let us get to know the singers.

  • Bug Menot

    I wonder if NBC is rethinking their decision to air The Voice in the fall as well.

  • Whiteshirt

    Since it’s pretty much the only time all week that NBC wins the slot, I don’t think The Voice is going anyway any time soon.

    Some retooling is probably in order though.

  • Valentin432

    The downward trajectory is very steep from the second episode (I do not count the superbowl episode because it was a special circumstance) to last night 14th episode, the ratings have declined 86.1% in the demo and 79.5% in total viewers.

    For comparison sake, between Idol’s 1st episode and last week’s peformance episode which was number 28 on the season, the show has lost 48% of the demo and 30.5% of total viewers.

    Looking at the trajectory for the season, it’s pretty clear that the battle rounds are a momentum killer but even more worrying IMO is the lack of interest for the live rounds.
    I would have expected to see at least a bump for the first live show just like there was one for the first battle show.

  • Tinawina

    I agree. I mean almost everything on Mondays has been trending down so its not all on them, but at the same time the gap between the audition eps and now is pretty huge. Hell, the gap between the first battle rounds and now is huge. And there is no indication that it will stop anytime soon. There was no bump when it switched to the live voting rounds either. TPTB have to be thinking about this, espeically if it is really supposed to anchor NBC’s fall schedule.

    ETA: or what Valentin432 just said. LOL!

  • raya

    Agreed.  The Voice is still beating just about everything else that NBC airs, so I don’t think it will change anything in terms of it airing in the Fall.  But they do have to figure out how to sustain the show once the blind auditions portion of the show is done. 

  • Kirsten

    The downward trajectory is very steep from the second episode (I do not
    count the superbowl episode because it was a special circumstance) to
    last night 14th episode, the ratings have declined 86.1% in the demo and
    79.5% in total viewers.

    While still steep, it’s only down 46% in the demos (from 6.7 to 3.6 – unless I have the numbers wrong). I think you may have divided by 3.6, but it should be the starting number if you want to talk about percentages decline. If I have 100 viewers and I get down to 50 viewers, I’ve lost 50% of my viewers, not 100%. I think this effects all those percentages.

  • Anonymous

     “I wonder if NBC is rethinking their decision to air The Voice in the fall as well.”

    Probably. But it’s not like they have anything else, either. heh

  • No Thanks

    The blind auditions are the best part of the show.  The rest of it just seems like muddled chaos.  The battle rounds last too long.  It’s like a long, dragging 2nd act of a movie. And to this day I find the elimination process utterly confusing.  And I REALLY hate the contestants performing with the mentors.

  • Anonymous

    Given NBC’s problems, I don’t think anyone expects that The Voice will be canceled, but it’s clear that changes need to be made, because it they aren’t, then the ratings will just keep falling during their next season.  

    I think that this does show that the Voice doesn’t need to air in the fall.  Even with all of the X Factor’s issues, that show would probably destroy the Voice, and just speed up its demise.   They need to really address the issues this time around.  This show had a chance to beat AI’s rating this year, and probably would have lead to the X Factor being canceled. 

  • Anonymous

    I think have The Voice and DWTS during the same time is hurting both of them.  I’d watch both programs if they were on different night.  Granted, I do record one of them but rarely go back to watch it.

  • Valentin432

    You’re right the math was wrong, I corrected it.

  • Nick

    Am I being mean if I’m secretly happy to see the ratings continually decline for The Voice? I wouldn’t feel that way if they hadn’t been so cocky about the show after this season premiered–and even before. You had NBC, the judges, and everyone else bragging and talking about how Idol isn’t what it used to be. They were gonna be the new kid in town and take Idol’s place.

    Well Idol is kicking your trash now. And they still create more stars, and give the audience a better connection with the contestant they’re voting for. The Voice is good in the moment sometimes, but it’s so forgettable immediately afterwards, and I think that’s why they’re losing viewers. Just my thoughts…

  • Anonymous

    Oh how the mighty have fallen…remember when people thought it would beat idol this year?

    I wonder if the audience has caught on that the contestants careers aren’t benefited from this show-it’s the coaches. What fun is that?

  • Kirsten

     Thanks for the numbers! It’s interesting to see the trends over the season. Watching from week to week (up a tenth, down two tenths, whatever) tends to obscure the overall trend. Thanks for coming up with the overalls.

  • hcpoirot

    I agree with all of you that the best of The Voice is blind audition. After that more train wreck specially:

    1. Battle round. No . No.
    2. The live round was too quick. A WINNER just has to sing 4 episodes in order to win from 24 to the finale.
    3.  Although I love the judges but their time screen eclipse more than the contestants. And with them also singing in the live rounds, they appear more than Idol and X factor judges.

    Compare them with X-Factor where the winner has to sing at least 10 episodes from top 16.

    Idol winner had to sing 12 episodes from top 24.

    If The Voice really care to make the show as long as Idol , they had to retool the show.

    Keep the blind audition. Cut the battle round and make this period shorter. Make the live show longer. We need to know the contestants. And less the judges times when the live round begin. Yes, the judges can promote their new album and singles but other than that, let the contestants sing more.

  • Tinawina

    Well, it does reinforce just how much better Idol’s format is. It is sort of idiot proof. Look at all the ways TPTB screwed it up this year – the weird, disjointed auditions; the over dramatic Hollywood rounds with our first ever “no singing, all puking” episode; the pimping of auditioners only to suddenly drop them without explanation (heh); old musty dusty done-to-death cheeseball songs, etc.. yet at the end of the day, people are likely to have become so invested in someone competing that they keep watching despite it all. Kvetching about Idol is something of a national pastime but folks still watch it more than anything else on TV.

    And for all the complaining, next year they will just change the judging panel again and people will grumble but watch out of curiousity and somehow, months later, end up hooked once more. All they ever really need is one charismatic singer for people to follow and voila! They have a season. Bastards. LOL

    Special shout out to X Factor, which I hate, but it held on to viewers much better than The Voice has. They may have even retained at a better rate than Idol did this year. And with Britney Spears, they have a shot to get more people watching the premiere than last year. Damn them.

    The Voice needs to get it together because I don’t want XF to beat them. **pouts**

  • Hazehel

    For comparison sake, between Idol’s 1st episode and last week’s peformance episode which was number 28 on the season, the show has lost 32.43% of the demo and 23.35% of total viewers.

    Not as good as season 10, but that was considered a successful season.  Similar figures for many other seasons, so at least it wasn’t failing.  Nigel is pulling out all the stops to try to keep the viewers interested.   
    I do think last season’s number for The Voice at this stage was skewed by Idol watchers switching to The Voice after Idol had finished to get their weekly fix of singing show (the ratings saw a big bump upwards after Idol finished), so perhaps what you are seeing this season is  what would have happened last season without that bump.
    They need to figure out how to keep the viewers feeling connected to the contestants, without that I don’t think people will come back week after week to follow how the contestants are doing .   People voting for their favorite is one way to keep viewers caring about the contestant, so letting the judges arbitrarily kick off contestants in this voting stage might not be a sound idea. 

  • Loretta

    The Voice is proving to be more manipulative and deceitful than Idol ever thought of being.  They are not even trying to hide the man behind the curtain!  I just can’t play along so if they thought their ratings fell this week wait til next.
    If I have no say in who stays and who goes why watch?  Why Vote?
    Raelynn stays and Jordis is gone?  Really?  BLAKE WTF is wrong with your ears?
    Jessie is gone?  REALLY WTF Christina 
    So by by the Voice.  Hello XFACTOR

  • Peach Mango

    As tasteless as I think all the JLo and Steven Tyler promotions on Idol are, they are NOWHERE half as bad as the exposure being given to the judges on The Voice.  At least on Idol, you tend to complain more about how the judges are taking time away from guest slots (which could perhaps be filled by former Idols), but at least they are NOT taking valuable screen time away from the contestants.  Hard to form a bond/connection with contestants when a show is designed around promoting the judges at the expenses of contestants.  

    And man, does it show in how the contestants’ careers just flounder afterwards (talking about X-Factor too).  

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly. And they even called it “the new number 1 show” earlier in the season.

  • Anonymous

    Nigel is pulling out all the stops to try to keep the viewers interested.  

    I agree with what Tinawina said in the post above yours.  The ratings for this season have been stable despite all of the wrong moves that the producers have made.  The Voice can learn something from AI, and AI can look at the Voice and XF and see what doesn’t work.  For all of the complaining about the voting system, viewers don’t like when the vote is taken out of their hands.  It’s why if ABC’s duet show doesn’t have a way to include the viewers in what happens, it won’t do as well as AI, The Voice or the XF.

  • Doran Rayne

    Airing the Voice in the Fall will only hasten the decline. They need to retool everything post auditions and replace all four judges as apparently that’s the main part of the show. The average viewers who are not fans of Xtina, Blake, Adam, Ceelo don’t care about them. Get a fresh panels of stars.

  • Anonymous

    Very sad for SMASH, otherwise, since I don’t watch the others, it doesn’t bother me. I find it strange through about SMASH, ( Which I did’t get to watch until after midnight) is that my facebook page is awash in folks posting about las night’s episode, so I thought the viewership must be up!

    Granted I have a lot of theatre friends on FB, but todays’ posts about the show are probably at least three times what I’ve seen in the past.

    Sad, because I think the show is just getting better and better.

  • Nick

    Looking back, I am very shocked SMASH got a second season pick-up so easily. Frankly, if I was the head of NBC and pumped our entire marketing budget into that show and it was performing how it has–I would expect to be fired. But they renewed it? Hmmm… Not to say that I’m not personally happy with the decision, because I’m a Kat fan, but I feel like something else is at play.

    Maybe they asked the showrunner to step down so they could keep the show, but do a massive revamp for season 2. The only problem I see with that is no matter what they do to fix the show, how will they get viewers to give it another chance? If no one watched the first season, why would they pile in front of the TV to see what season 2 has to offer? They won’t.

    But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’ll see the flaws and fix them, have an amazing season 2, and build up purely by word-of-mouth until it becomes a… Smash! (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

  • Anonymous

     The thing that is at play is that NBC is struggling to find any kind of hit drama.  They have had modest success with Parenthood (a favorite of mine), but overall – they just can’t find the next big thing.

    If Smash was on CBS and performing like it is on NBC, it would be gone – they don’t have room for a freshman drama that is pulling in “eh” ratings.

    Eventually, this can help NBC – because it gives them a chance to allow shows to grow, while CBS doesn’t have as much room to do that.

  • Anonymous

    I think the show will always be an acquired taste no matter what. It has its loyal fans, Like Firefly and Arrested Development, etc. but wil never appeal to the mass market, which seems to prefer legal procedures, car chases and murder to drama on and behind the Broadway stage. This is one of those shows where you have to think to keep up and viewers of network TV at least do not seem to like that very much.

    The reason for the renewal, I think, is the name power behind it. It’s show runner was the sacrificial lamb for the deal to be renewed most likely. I do see a major revamp coming though next season. Of course, I think the show is oging to win osome Emmy nominations for Megan Hilty and Christian Boyle – maybe Angelica Houston. Having those creds will at least put a feather in NBC’s cap.

    Starting last night with the timid little “Karen as Marilyn” number probably did very little to draw in channel surfers and may have even driven some casual viewers away. I think it needs to have a “grab ’em by the balls” number at the beginning for awhile to keep viewers hooked through the first few minutes of the show.

  • Anonymous

    All of CBS’s 9/10  oclock hour shows have pretty much the same formula, just different stars and locations. They must save a lot of money recycling scripts!

  • Pam

    As much as I grumble about Idol from time to time, it’s still has a better format than the Voice.  The judges manipulations with the Voice and front and center and they of course get more benefits (as far as sales bumps go) than the current crop of contestants do.  One thing I wish AI would do is show us the rankings for the contestant performances.  That is one thing that Voice does that I do like.  The talent that is left on the Voice is becoming more lackluster as the eliminations continue which obviously isn’t good for ratings. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad that AI doesn’t tell us the Itunes rankings, or the percentage of votes that the contestants get, like The Voice did last year.  I noticed that The Voice didn’t give the percentages last week.  I think it takes a lot away from the show, if people believe that the Itunes rankings are showing who the favorites are.  Plus, I don’t want that information to have an effect on the contestants’ performances.

  • Anonymous

    I think Smash got a renewal is because NBC would have total egg on their face after spending millions in advertisement, only to have the show flop, which it did. 

  • it’s me

    the show hasn’t flopped!  it’s rated quite a high in the scripted show area for nbc.  also, the 7-day dvr ratings are almost double the live rating.

  • it’s me

    i read somewhere that ALL the shows last night were down in ratings which include CBS comedies & ABC shows.  So it’s not just NBC.  i think the nice weather keeps people outdoors instead of indoors watching TV.

  • Anonymous

     Its a hit for NBC, anything on NBC that gets above a 2 is good. Its not a flop.

  • Pam

    Here are last night’s final ratings from tvbythenumbers.

    The Voice,  How I Met Your Mother, Bones, 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men & Dancing with the Stars were each adjusted up a tenth while Castle was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday’s preliminary ratings.

    NBC The Voice (8-10p) 3.7 10 10.028
    ABC Dancing with the Stars (8-10p) 2.9 7 16.646

  • Kariann Hart

    If following “Smash” from the beginning, it is very addicting.  Maybe with summer reruns, it will pick up new fans?  Yes, I see several Emmy nominations from the show.  Angelica Houston seems quite likely.  Maybe Steven Spielberg can come up with a new angle next season?

    I don’t think “The Voice” should be on in the Fall, but they may need to fill that spot.  There seems to be more game playing and manipulations this season.  At least two of the mentors should change in the coming year.

  • TylerWV

    Two of my fav shows are going down the tube for me this week.  I hated Smash this week.  Is Uma supposed to be comedy relief?  Surely they didnt seriously cast her as any kind of a Marilyn figure.  The Voice is now so NOT about the voice that I can barely stand to watch it once I have recorded it.  When CeeLo kept Erin and Blake kept Rae Lyn over Jordis I almost barfed.  Its kill or be killed among the coaches to see who wins this thing and Im not talking about the contestants.  Also, CeeLo seems to be phoning it in this season and did we need a near naked Xtrina performing with a childrens choir? I will give Blake props for always letting his team shine when the coaches perform with them in a group number.

  • TylerWV

    I wonder if the instant elimination is a way for NBC to cut the number of episodes since the Voice is declining in ratings?