Megan Joy Releases “Free to Fly” Album Plus Her Story of Finding Sobriety


The new album from Megan Joy went up on iTunes last week. This is the second album for the American Idol Season 8 alum, following her crowdsourced effort, Megan Joy, in 2012.

The set contains 12 tracks, including the first single “Boy Next Door.”

Check out samples of each song at iTunes before you buy. You can also purchase a hard copy of the album from Megan’s website, HERE.

Download the new Megan Joy albm, “Free to Fly” from iTunes

The closing track “Sweet Love” has been posted to You Tube. It may be the most adventurously produced song recorded by an American Idol alum. I am definitely going to check this album out when I get a minute.

Sweet Love

Switching gears a bit, Megan posted a first person account on the site about her battle with drinking. As she struggled with her broken marriage, partial custody of her son, and the pressures of making it in the business, she drank to escape. You can read her essay at Party Sober.

To my extreme surprise I ended up with a ticket to hollywood, the day I turned 23. I had already made the heartbreaking decision to have my son only half the time and I had to decide if I wanted to peruse this opportunity and have him even less. But I knew that If I could just hang in there and make top ten that I would go on tour and make enough money for a new start. This was so painful I could never try to explain it. I decided I had to continue on. But I started to find myself forming new habits. When I wasn’t working my ass off on the show or making a quick visit home I would drink. I didn’t know how else to stop the pain. It wasn’t a problem….yet….and I found myself in the top ten. After I met my goal I gave up on the competition and was cut. I got to go home, just for a minute before heading out to tour the country. I was in another world. So high from all that I got to see and experience and still so so low from the death of my marriage and absence of my motherhood. Once I was on tour I only got to see my son every once in while and I was close to insanity. Any time we had a day off I was on my way to the nearest pub to drink away the pain. Drinking was a solid crutch by this time. After the tour finally ended I came back to all sorts of opportunities to continue singing. with my custody schedule being 4 days on 4 days off I stayed home with my son on my days then flew to LA to write and record. I was so exhausted and still heartbroken that my habit of drinking away pain continued on. I was pretty much convinced that I had no control over the habit any more. It owned me.

Megan eventually quit cold turkey and by her account, only drinks “on very special occasions.” She doesn’t consider herself an alcoholic, just someone who developed a very bad habit.

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  • Jon Glass

    I really like this album. I bought it, and I am enjoying it, Good for you Megan!

  • Face

    that was actually quite good… much better than I expected… good for her… wish her every success…

  • macfae

    I haven’t listened to her entire album but I enjoyed “Sweet Love”.
    Her voice is very easy on the ears.
    I thought she had some originality early on idol but seemed to lose herself as time went on. Now I see why.

  • b_james

    She is one of the few idols whose music I REALLY enjoy. Good for her!

  • chillj

    Very unusual and interesting song. I will check out the album, also.

  • weareallinnocent

    I really like it. I’ll definitely check out her new music. I thought she should’ve stayed longer on the show, too. I liked her a lot.

  • stef

    This song is one she had up on her MySpace shortly after her AI season, I’ve always liked it – had forgotten it wasn’t on the album she put out from her Kickstarter project. Look forward to hearing the rest of the songs.

  • Jon Glass

    I really like the songs “Lovesick” and “Boy Next Door” and “Some Girls”. Check those out!

  • Happyhexer

    Thanks so much for this post, MJ! I just ordered Megan’s new CD from her website (which I really need to bookmark) through the link in your post. I don’t do iTunes and so far (last time I checked) Amazon doesn’t have the new CD. (Amazon says new music from Megan Joy is coming & to sign up to be notified.) I did the Kickstarter thing and love Megan’s earlier EP. “Sweet Love” was one of the songs on Megan’s old MySpace page that I had hoped would be on her EP, but wasn’t. I hope you will check out Megan’s CD when you have a chance to catch your breath.

    And since I’m thanking you anyway, can I add how much I appreciate your Idol recaps & the videos? I enjoy reading your recaps even when I’ve watched the show in real time. But I had to work last night and missed Detroit. So I’m playing catch-up through your site.

  • Happyhexer

    I know I’ve said this before, but I really owe you one, Stef! Thank you for helping me to discover Megan Joy. I never paid any attention to her on Idol. I knew she had an interesting, quirky voice, but I don’t think she was able to demonstrate what she does best within the constraints of Idol. I hadn’t pegged her as a singer-songwriter type, but that she is! And she knows how to use her voice well on her own material.

  • Madilo

    I liked her on Idol, she had a nice little voice that’s beautiful and wish her success and health.

  • scoobynacks

    A few thoughts: I’m glad for the explanation about Idol. It’s a shame she stopped trying because she could’ve gone farther. She’s a real talent. About quitting cold turkey, people pat others on the back for that based on the willpower aspect, but it can kill you when you just stop all of a sudden with alcohol. Heart attacks can occur. I hope people are more aware of that and don’t just decide to quit cold turkey too without more thought about whether they’ll need medical help to do it. She got lucky. As for not being an alcoholic and only drinking on special occasions, hmm. She just said she felt like it owned her. Kind of a red flag statement. We don’t know all the details to know whether she could have a sip of champagne at a wedding and then no more. I hope that’s true. I’ve heard far too many alcoholics claim they aren’t and just had a problem but now can drink occasionally. I’m afraid I’m skeptical, but I wish her and her son the best.

  • stillcrazy2195

    Very enamored with this work!!! Hits my sweet spot! Re: her belief that she can now drink successfully in moderation- best of luck in that. Not being snarky, just by her own description of her past use of alcohol as anesthetic, I would be very skeptical of this working for her in the long run. Would love to be wrong. If I am not wrong, my hope is that she would recognize that without having to accrue much wreckage…. It IS possible to have a quality life and be sober!!!

  • Madilo

    The song is so cool !