Matt Giraud’s New Single “Thank You” – First Listen

Season 8 Idol, Matt Giraud’s new single “Thank You” is a collaboration with songwriter and pianist Jim Brickman, who, according to his wiki, is the most charted male adult contemporary artist to date! (is that really true?)

Brickman has had successful collaborations with artists such as Michael W. Smith, Martina McBride, Lady Antebellum and Donny Osmond, and I suppose Matt is hoping tome of that success rubs off as his brand-new single is released to radio today.

  • Listen to “Thank You” HERE or if that link doesn’t work, HERE.

The arrangement is sweet, and super-smooth, and Matt’s vocals are like buttuh, but I can’t hear the tune on any other format than Adult Contemporary.  I’m hoping next time, Matt rocks out in the way we KNOW he can.

Nevertheless–Good luck Matt with the new song!

No word yet on when it will be available for download from digital outlets like iTunes.

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  • hazuki

    Love the song, is quite addictive. I think it can do very well on Adult Contemporary. Not so sure about other formats, like you said. I wish Matt all the success, cause he is my favorite from S8. I always thought he could do well as an AC artist.

    Oh and speaking of Itunes download, they said it it’ll be available on Itunes in September..

  • OvenMitt

    Hehe. Sounds like an inspirational song that would play during some heartwrenching moment on, say, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. But I love Matt, and I’m glad to be finally hearing some new original music from him.

  • csprof

    MJ, thanks for posting. Matt’s voice sounds great, and now it is going to be heard by lots and lots of folks. I am thrilled to death that Matt is now on the radio. The song is up to 6 adds already, and across the country. A major career milestone for Matt today!

  • mr

    Aww- that sounded great!

    Good luck Matt!!!

  • Jx223

    I am glad to see that Matt has gotten 6 adds today in the AC format. He’s my third ranked favorite from Season 8, I hope things work out for him. Maybe he will end up getting a nice amount of airplay with this song.

  • crys

    Great job Matty! Yay! I like this song. I’ll be requesting it in my area for sure! I do agree w/ MJ, though. I know Matt can rock it out. We’ll just have to stay tuned. I know he’s got lots more in store. But still, hurray for this single. I love it!

  • poster

    Love it! Love Matt, and Love Jim Brickman. I agree about the inspirational, heartwrenching platform. I wish all the best to Matt-he has tons of talent.

  • TwigLA

    Neither link worked for me, so I couldn’t hear it. Hopefully it will show up somewhere else to listen.

    Good luck, Matt!

  • tessa

    I’m beyond happy that Matt’s on the radio!!!! This is a step in the right direction for Matt as he prepares to release his own music! Feels great that established artists believe in him as much as his true fans do. The song is sweet and very addictive! After listening to it a few times, I couldn’t stop replaying!

    We can’t wait for Matt’s own music too! So far everything he’s played has sounded good to me! Lots of groove and then there are the ballads like “I Miss You Tonight”. Simply swoon-worthy.

  • funnymonkie

    I love the single and I can’t wait for the first time we get to hear it on the radio!

  • dhunken

    Matt really has a great radio voice. I like the song. I hope it does well in any format. #signMattGirard already please.

  • dhunken


  • onlinepastrychef

    Nice, Matt! Best of luck to him. It is a little bit up-in-the-air-arm-swaying, but he does sound really good.

    And now OvenMitt, there’s just one thing left to say: “Welcome home, Giraud Family. Welcome Home!” :lol:

  • weese

    He sounds great. I probably wouldn’t want to hear this more than once though.

  • JoCeeisme

    I’m not really a Matt fan but I liked that, hope he does well with it.

  • hazuki

    I’m glad non fans liked that :)JoCeeisme

  • steph6449

    Lol! I am a terrible person, as I really loved Matt on the AI Tour, and he seems like such a nice guy, is Danny’s AI bff, etc. But I really can’t say I cared for that, which is about the same as I felt trying to listen to some of his AI recordings. Bad, bad me–I really do want to like them :?

    He sounded great when I saw the YT from the Milwaukee auditions with Matt and Danny singing with the crowds. Maybe I just like him better live than recorded.

    ETA: is this on iTunes? Maybe I need to buy 10 copies as penance, lol.

  • movin2thabeet

    I think Matt is a talented guy, but this song is way too sappy and not that well-written. I don’t see it getting far on AC radio, although obviously I could be wrong. Seems more like something you’d find on a TV show, a corny one, at that. One listen is more than enough for me. Could Matt be going down the bumpy road that Michael Johns has travelled? – stuck with weak material that does little more than help him tread water (and play corporate events).

  • girlygirl

    Matt sounds real good but I’m not a fan of this song. I can’t see it being played on anything other than AC format stations. But at least Matt is going to be heard on the radio, so that’s a start!! I just hope that he comes up with better, more current-sounding material in the future.

  • BootStar

    I really like Matt, but that song is serious cheese. Yuck.

  • hazuki

    @victoriashawcom Just found out my @jimbrickman single THANK U w/@immattgiraud is Billboard’s most added AC song this week! Omg! :)

  • JoCeeisme

    Yes the song is cheesy but I liked Matt’s voice on it and i am not usually a fan of his voice, still hope it does well for him, some people love cheese!

  • girlygirl

    Aww, Kratt!


    #Everyone request @jimbrickman feat @ImMattGiraud new single called “Thank You”. Hits radio today. 1 minute ago via Echofon

  • 3DoorsDownFan

    Let’s not forget that this is not Matt’s original music. This is Jim Brickman and Victoria Shaw’s song that Matt is singing. I think it’s impressive that artists and writers respect Matt and want him to sing their stuff – and considering how well Jim Brickman is generally received, how could Matt possibly have turned this opportunity down?
    I think Matt’s vocals are amazing as usual. If you want to get a sense of what Matt’s original sound is like, you should listen to these concert clips. You will get a much better sense the type of music Matt will put out on his own.
    Brand New Day
    I Miss You Tonight
    Baby Girl
    If I say Hallelujah

  • tessa

    @3DoorsDownFan You couldn’t have said that better! #thankyou :) This is good for Matt. He’s gonna go for the ride! I can’t say I loved it at first listen, being it’s different from Matt’s own compositions, but after a few listens I was hooked. Now I can’t stop replaying it.

  • cher

    Sounds pretty good even on first listen. I like it, but I’d prefer a song where Matt “rocked” it out while playing his piano. Either way, it’s all good. Happy for Matty G. Finally has a song on the radio. Yay Matt!!!

  • csprof


    My new song is 4 all my fans out there that have stuck by my side no matter what. You’ve changed my life. What are u thankful for? #thankyou

  • 3DoorsDownFan

    I liked the song on first listen…alot! He sounds incredible and the music sounds great as well. Yeah the lyrics are a little cheesey but they fit the song. Will it be a smash hit that anyone besides his diehard fans remember a year from now, I don’t know but really that is not the point of this song. Hopefully this song gets Matt noticed because Matt sounds amazing despite what he is singing and really tell me the last time there has been a life changing song on the radio. I can totally see this song on AC radio.

    Matt’s original music is all that I knew it would be! His music has meaning and is better than majority of the crap on radio today. It is all Matt! He is such an incredibly talented musician and it totally confuses me why he hasn’t been picked up.

  • JosieX

    I like it. Matt sounds great! I’ll buy it when it comes out. I’ve always liked Matt and I’m glad that he’s getting to do collaborations with people like Jim Brickman and Anna Wilson, it’s great that they recognize his talent and wanted to work with him. Very happy for him and hope there’s lots more music to come from Matt.

  • arwen

    i really like matt but this song not so much, it’s cheesetastic all over, but at least he’ll have some radio presence.
    and because kris is a good friend and is supporting it, i’ll download it on itunes once available :)

  • hazuki

    It’s available to stream on his myspace.

    Seems a little different from what we have heard.

  • tessa

    Sounds even better on his myspace!!

  • csprof

    The myspace version is a completely different instrumental arrangement with the same vocal track! Much richer, and prettier. The myspace version must be what will play on the radio.

  • crys

    In case anyone doesn’t know, “Thank You” is also on Matt’s Myspace page, in case either of the two links don’t work. The quality is a lot better too. :)
    Here’s the link:

    ETA: LOL. you beat me to it, csprof!

  • pabby6060

    Hallelujah! Finally, some well-deserved radio play for the seriously talented Matt Giraud!! Matt was my hands-down favorite from AI S8, and I’m thrilled that he’s getting some exposure on radio, even if it’s not one of his own original songs. Yes, I would have preferred one of Matt’s original songs as his first release, but his voice is amazing regardless! And, I’m thankful that Jim Brickman and Victoria Shaw see the amazing talent in Matt that we fans love! Here’s hoping he is able to follow it up soon with something that truly showcases his vocals and maybe rocks it out a little bit. #thankyoumattgiraud!

  • cranberry

    I´m so excited!Have always loved Matt Giraud´s voice! The song is perfect.Big!Emotional!I believe it will be played a lot in radios.

  • wjmtv

    It’s a nice song and he sounds lovely, but I truly believe his home is in jazz. He’s got too much soul for AC.

  • Q3

    Matt getting airplay is great. And, although I hope he can build a Jazz-R&B-pop career (threw in pop because I want him to make some money), I am just happy he is getting on the radio. (Not loving this song much, however.)

    Matt is my #2 fav from AI8 (and in my top 5 all time) and I hope he can break thru. Matt was so much better live than on Idol that it just proved to me how the TV show can hide some talented people with how they are presented and how the present themselves. One of two things that made me glad I saw the 2009 Idols Live! Tour.

  • poster

    Q3, I couldn’t agree with you more. Matt is one of my favorites from AI8, too, especially after I saw him live in concert. He just has a lot of talent. I love his original “Miss You Tonight” and I truly believe he could have a hit if he were able to record that for mainstream radio.
    Also, I like this song but much preferred the song with Anna Wilson, loved it!