Matt Giraud – Big Brothers Big Sisters Benefit – Battle Creek MI

Matt Giraud performed at a  benefit for the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization in Battle Creek, MI Thursday night (Aug 19).

The Season 8 Idol sang his new single “Thank You” , a lovely new ballad called  “I’ll Hold On To You” and more.

Check out a few HQ videos, after the jump.

Videos after the JUMP…

I’ll Hold On To You

Thank You


You Don’t Love Me – Brand New Day

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  • Indigobunting

    I love that Matt has been involved with that organization for a long time.

    Sounding good Mattie!

  • 3DoorsDownFan

    I was there at the Battle Creek BBBS concert! Matt put on an incredible show as always but the moment of the night for me was when he sang his new song I’ll Hold On To You. It is an incredibly heart wrenching song. I literally had tears dripping down my face for the entire song. Never before has a song touched me so deeply! The only other song that has come close to that is Kelly Clarkson’s Because of You. Matt is an amazing lyricist and all around great musician. For me no one can tell a story and connect to music as much as Matt. Not accounting American Idol shows I have been to see Matt live 5 times and I never tire of watching him perform because each show is entirely different! If you only watch one of these videos definitely watch I’ll Hold On To You… it is Matt at his best! See if it doesn’t hit you on an emotional level… just beautiful!

    Please stupid labels #signmattgiraud already!

  • csprof

    MJ, thanks for posting these! Wow, I was so moved by “I’ll Hold Onto You”. Also, I think “Motel” is musically one of Matt’s best songs yet.

    And it is cool that this was a benefit for an organization Matt has been working with for years. Matt’s “Little Brother” must be so proud of him.

  • 3DoorsDownFan

    Oh and I made MP3’s of I’ll Hold On To You, Motel, and Brand New Day. You can get them here…

  • csprof

    Love from Normund Gentle/ Nick Mitchell:

    @ImMattGiraud New single “Thank You” isdaBOMB! This man will be winning a Grammy one day – PURE TALENT N LOVE THE BEST!!

  • hazuki

    Well looks like I have a new favorite from Mr. Giraud. Hold On To You is great. It has that country/soulful vibe to me!

  • tessa

    Matt never disappoints. He’s a treasure box of talent and heart, and so way underrated. He deserves so much more. I love that he’s performing to huge crowds and showing off masterpieces one at a time. I wish someone in the industry would give him the opportunity to record a major label debut album and tour already!! He needs to be seen and heard everywhere. If you believe in his talent, please help request his single “Thank You” with Jim Brickman from AC stations. I seriously think it can take him places if we do our part. His devoted fans have all the info you need to help (search for mattgiraudfans forumotion – radio requests). #ThankYou #SignMattGiraud!!!!

  • crys

    How Pretty is “Ill Hold on to You?” I like it a lot. But I LOVE “MOTEL”! I actually got to hear the lyrics more clearly this time. It is my favorite. I hope he’ll get to continue working with Michelle Featherstone. They make a pretty sick collabo.

    Thanks for posting & #signmattgiraud!

  • hazuki

    Man, Matt’s charisma has IMPROVED alot. Check out this video of Lets Get It On.

    Oh and If I say Hallelujah.

  • steph6449

    I like that first song I’ll Hold On To You. Nice one from Matt.

  • csprof

    hazuki, thanks for posting the other videos. The LGIO video is hilarious — the crowd is going absolutely nuts. I enjoyed seeing Matt singing If I Say Hallelujah with the choir because I love that song. The middle school girls were apparently very excited about singing with Matt.

  • catira

    Awww. Matt always impresses me.
    He is so so talented and still no one is willing to give him a break and sign him. I just keep praying and praying that a record label will be interested once and for all.
    He deserves it so much…

  • idolbeat

    Thank You and Motel – beautiful, although they are all great!
    When does Thank You go on iTunes?

  • cranberry

    Thanks for posting,great videos,great songs! Hmm it´s getting hard to pick the favorite song from Matt,there are too many already. That EP is going to be epic!

  • cranberry

    ..Oh and Lets Get It On! I´m in a very good mood after watching it. Thanks for the link!

  • csprof

    idolbeat, so far we have only heard that “Thank You” will go on ITUNES in September (from Matt) and soon (from Jim). No actual date yet. Hopefully that will be around the beginning of September. Jim’s CD goes for sale in October, and this is the featured single.

  • MaryM77

    Thank you so much for posting these videos, love them!!

    Matt’s show this past Thursday was outstanding. I had tears in my eyes when he was singing “I Say Hallelujah” with the children’s choir. I absolutely love every new song he has written and has sang at his shows. I Miss You Tonight, Baby Girl, and Whatever It Takes are a few of my favorites, but seriously they are all amazing. He has so much talent and I am proud to be a Matt Giraud fan. =)

    Matt puts his heart and soul into every song and every performance. He deserves a record deal more than anyone I know, he is so talented and such a great guy. I can’t wait to hear his new single, Thank You, on the radio. I have been requesting it like crazy, and all of you that are reading this should too!! It is such a great song. =) Love ya Matt!!

  • Christina

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. There is NOTHING in the world that makes me happier than when I see Matt perform live. I go to every one of his shows I can get to, even if it is a 6 hour drive. He’s AMAZING; the epitome of a true musician. He really does put his heart and soul into every song and the audience can feel it. He blows my mind, plain and simple. I don’t know how else to say it. I love him!

  • graciecat

    Love all these songs by Matt! Right now I can’t pick a favorite. Also,it is so great to see him continue his work with BBBS! Matt is a true talent and it is great to see him doing what he loves so well. Big things in the future for Matt G.!!

  • sgr91

    I think what makes Matt such a rarity, is that he is truly multifaceted. He has an amazing voice and has amazing piano skills. Beyond that, however, (and for those of you who have not seen him live, you’re missing out) he is actually an Amazing live performer. He knows how to engage an audience, his warmth and sincerity come through not only in his music but also in his interaction with the audience. Now you can add to all that, the fact that he is truly a gifted song-writer. He wrote or co-wrote just about every song (I believe every one but Thank You) and in as much as he has said that he has a passion for it, its clear that he also has a gift for doing it. Listen to the lyrics and melody of “I will Hold on to you” and tell me you don’t come away touched. I really truly hope that the music industry wakes up and supports someone who is as amazingly talented as Matt is, so more people have a chance to be touched by his music.

  • hicksaholic

    I’m with the rest of y’all. Can’t understand how such a talent could go unsigned. I wish he could tour nationally (come south Matt) to broaden his exposure. I think he would be a great opening act for somebody like John Mayer.

  • csprof

    “Thank You” is up to #25 on AC today!!!

  • tessa

    Hmmm, liking the John Mayer opener idea! :)
    That’s a nicely done Mattified version of “Thank You”, quite different from Jim Brickman’s. I love how Matt has his own unique sound now. I don’t know what those labels are waiting for! I can’t stop listening to “Motel” right now, even though it’s hard to pick a fave coz everything’s he’s written so far sounds awesome. He definitely has material for a full length album, and bonuses! :D
    Yay for #25!!!

  • crys

    I LOVE THE JOHN MAYER IDEA! I can totally see it.