Matt Flint Wins SYTYCD UK – Jennifer Lopez Performs

Tap dancer Matt Flint was crowned the winner of So You Think You Can Dance UK yesterday. According to the BBC, the 29-year old “battled it out” against fellow finalists Katie Love and jazz dancers Luke Jackson and Kirsty Swain, before being voted the UK’s “Favorite Dancer.”

Can you imagine a 29 year old tap dancer winning SYTYCD US? Me neither.

Flint won £50,000 and an invitation to appear on the US version of the show. See ya soon, Matt!

It was “the best thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Flint told host Cat Deeley.

Head judge and creator, Nigel Lythgoe said, “It’s going to be a delight for me to take Matt to Hollywood and see him dancing there.”

SYTYCD UK has struggled in the ratings on BBC. I’ve heard reports that it won’t come back.

Special guest star, Jennifer Lopez, performed “On The Floor” during the telecast. Watch her performance below.

Video: Marituda

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  • Buffynut

    I think this JLo performance is 100 times better than that ridiculously extravagant thing she did on Idol!

  • pmreyn2010

    I agree with Buffyflint. I think sometimes, less is more. You don’t need to smash glass and rise in the air on a ridiculous platform to have a good performance– this performance seemed more intimate to me, in that she owned the stage rather than trying to run all over the place on the huge stage in the Idol performance. Much better.

  • Buffynut

    I agree with Buffyflint

    Thanks for the new name! I like it! :)

  • TylerWV

    I was surprised a tap dancer made it through in the US. Of course, Nigel is a tap dancer so that may have counted for something. Ive never been a fan of tap, even the Gene Kelley and Ginger Rogers thingys.

  • stellamarris

    it was good but she is such a great dancer that i dont understand why she was only walking from side to side rather than dancing. she was really great when she danced with mark anthony.

  • MrDuffin

    Why can;t she sing live?

  • mikeymike0581

    Love her and glad she performed in the UK. Go J.Lo!

  • butte009

    Can you imagine a 29 year old tap dancer winning SYTYCD US? Me neither.

    Matt was the front runner since auditions. :lol:

    Some of the better dancers in the Top 20 were not native British (Gian Luca – IT, Rithy – BZ and Shane – AUS) so couldn’t muster the votes to stay in. Other technically better dancers were sent packing because they weren’t the sweet, nice girls or freaks misfits. For example, the deaf girl whose solos reminded me of a 5-year old recital came in 4th

  • yaddabing

    Jlo, why are you performing this? I guess she’s trying to make into the top 5 biggest-selling singles of the year. I think she’s at #6 right now.

  • stelladallas

    How does Nigel find the time to do all the shows (and the travel) that he’s involved with? No wonder he’s so cranky at times! LOL

    I looked up some performances of Matt’s on youtube. He is adorable and a fantastic performer and dancer…very charming. No wonder he won! It will be fun to see him on SYTYCD here.

  • larc

    It’s not surprising that Matt won. He really excelled almost every week and in dance forms other than tap. Here is a mix from his performances for much of the season. If big movie musicals were still being made, his future would be guaranteed. It may be anyway.

    There was an old Hollywood star who was a bit of a dancer himself that Matt reminds me of. His name was Jimmy Cagney. :)

  • hypertwink

    I also looked for Matt’s performances and he’s a great dancer. Charming as heck too. He had a bit of luck with the fance lottery when he got styles that fit his dance background, although his 1st performance was the dreaded Foxtrot but his charm and talent shone through.

    His Broadway with Charlotte was divine. And the Boys’ Group dances were hot.

  • joomlakitty

    I also looked for Matt’s performances and he’s a great dancer. Charming as heck too