Mariah Carey to Perform Medley of Hits on American Idol Finale

Mariah Carey will perform a medley of her biggest hits on The American Idol finale on May 16, according to Showbiz 411. Mimi is also set to debut her new music video for “#Beautiful,” a duet with R&B singer, Miguel.

Ex American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez will also be performing on the finale, according to reports, as will Adam Lambert as Angie Miller’s duet partner. The Band Perry will perform with Janelle Arthur and 60’s pop star, Frankie Valli with the Top 5 boys.

American Idol producer reached out to alum, Jennifer Hudson, to perform, but nothing has been confirmed, yet.

Via Showbiz411

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  • Brian Wilkes

    That’s cool. I wonder if they are seriously considering bringing back JLo next year. I’m not excited about the possibility, but it would be better than the other rumored people they are going after.

  • girlygirl

    I’m surprised she isn’t simply singing her new single. Wouldn’t that be better promo for her ?– especially is she could get Miguel to join her, as he does on the actual single.

  • taylor

    Miguel couldn’t be there, so it was going to be kind of silly to perform it for the first time without him.

  • milwlovesadam


  • Ira

    Let me get this right, JLo is going to lip sync while Mariah Carey holds a vocal masterclass?

  • H.A.

    I like the idea of Mariah medley of her biggest hits. She has some great songs.

  • Miz

    They’ll be showing the video for the new single, so it would be redundant for her to sing it live also.

  • Miz

    It would be nice if the top 5 girls sang the medley with her.

  • Guest

    I think he is on tour now or something, and won’t be available to join her on the finale… I can’t wait to hear them sing this live, somewhere soon.

  • YeP

    After watching The Voice this week, I’ve really lost interest in Idol… It seems like a basic cable show in comparison… And I have no desire to see or hear Nicki Minaj again

  • Karen C

    Maybe she’s going to sing a medley with the girls as backup, they usually do something like that in the finale. The contestants usually sing something by the artist, then the artist joins them.

  • Laura Corn

    Great that Mariah will be performing. Just seems a little like overkill to have her and Jlo on same show.

  • Taylor

    Keith Urban is releasing a new single to country radio next Monday, so I’m 99% sure he will be performing his new song in the AI finale.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    Well then she is obviously not quitting before then- there has been so much speculation- although she might flip Nikki the bird after her performance

  • Miss Blue

    I will tune in for this just to see Nicki’s face while Mariah is performing. I wonder how many tweets she can send during the medley. This could be epic.

  • EvenMoreron

    I’d love to see Dreamlover, Always Be My Baby, and hell, My All maybe J.Lo will see it’s too damned hard of a song for anyone to sing live, even Mariah.

    Or maybe Vision of Love with Kara DioGuardi and Bikini Girl as back up.

  • abbysee

    Overkill? Lol. Mariah is a singer, who also writes. Jlo (who I like) is a dancer first and foremost.

  • Not fit to print

    Bieber? The guy who calls the Sistine Chapel the 16th Chapel? The guy who’s primary connection to Anne Frank is the hope that she would have been a Belieber? How articulate will he be? Selena Gomez, his on-again, off-again girlfriend, sitting beside him? And Pink, who says she’d never do it? No mention of Harry Connick Jr., who says he’s been asked? This is either a totally made up article or Idol put this out to get headlines.
    Totally agree that JLo would be a better choice than any of them. Still mad about what she did to Hayley but I am ready to forgive after seeing this bunch of names.

  • Not fit to print

    Well she’s sort of getting both. A nice reminder of what a powerhouse of hits she was and (possibly) proof that she’s still got it.

  • Not fit to print

    Out with the old and in with the semi-new.

  • Not fit to print

    I hope Idol doesn’t show Nikki’s face. Mariah would be furious and it will make Nikki look even worse than she does now. If Idol does that, it will be a sure sign that the show is done with both of them.

  • Ronnie D

    I have a feeling Mariah only came on Idol to promote herself and her new music lol. Other judges seem to use Idol for that, so I guess it’s no shock. She better sing live is all I got to say lol.

  • Ladyguard

    They might bring J-Lo back? Oh Yuck. She was hated last year. One of the worst judges ever.

  • raminasr75

    What I find odd is that Nicki seems to have grown up loving Mariah’s music and she respects her as an artist (the comments about When You Believe for example) , but then there is this odd hatred on a personal level between them. Their relationship kind of reminds me of Raina James and Juliette Barnes on Nashville. lol

  • Anon

    If Candice gets to the Finale, I think Idol would bring back Jessica Sanchez and Deandre Brackensick to perform with her. Man, their version of It Doesn’t Matter Anymore last season was so good. It is worthy of being shown live!

  • Anon

    It’ll be cool too if they will bring Jessica Sanchez and Deandre to perform with Candice Glover in the Finale. Their version of It Doesn’t Matter Anymore from last season was so good. It should be shown live!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I am totally against that idea.

  • MyDailyComment

    Do the top 5 boys suck enough to not deserve anyone better than Frankie Valli?

  • Kariann Hart

    What a great idea! Have you gotten the message to American Idol TPTB? That was one of the best Group Performance!

  • Kariann Hart

    I’m with Anon, too! Sorry Fuzzy, but it would be so cool. Plus, I love the way they changed the song.

  • Kariann Hart

    May I ask why you would be against this idea?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I have nothing against Jessica or Deandre, but IMO, any one of the final 3 should be dueting with a much more high profile artist.