Mariah Carey Debuts New Single “The Art of Letting Go” – Full Song Audio

“The Art of Letting Go” is the long awaited single from ex-American Idol judge, and pop legend, Mariah Carey. She debuted the song today on her facebook page.

Well, at least she’s passed on the auto-tune this time. It’s nice to hear her voice front and center. But will she be able to hit those high notes live?

Listen below. What do you think?

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  • mmb

    love Mariah but um…where is the chorus? I’m not joking. There is no chorus. Where is the hook??? Parts of the verses remind me a lot of Kelly Clarkson’s The Trouble With Love Is from Love Actually (which I have watched roughly 17 times in the last several weeks….) Mariah sounds great ofc

  • Porfivor Nixon

    Wow. At a first listen, to me, it’s just terrible. It’s too wordy, it sounds like she is trying to stuff too many words in some of the melody- “exceedingly painful”- I guess she should be applauded for putting in four syllable words but it doesn’t flow very well. And there’s not much melody, a lot of sounds like free form singing and she’s making it up as she goes along.

  • b_james

    I love, love, love that we can hear her just sing melody. But this song is so boring.

  • Amy Beth

    I’m surprised she’s releasing a song this time of year. She could cannibalize her annual hefty Christmas downloads.

  • Garrett Clayman

    Not as good as #BEAUTIFUL idk why they are trying to relaunch her album again, #Beautiful didn’t do that poorly, and yes the verses do sound like “The Trouble With Love Is”

    Ugh, I love Mimi but this is not great, like this is album filler #NotPow

  • Jenna

    I like the production, not very catchy though.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Will she be putting out a retro cd? This song sounds so dated.

  • jsnj

    Hmm…well I just read the few comments so far. Seems I’m in the minority, but I loved it. I like melody, phrasing and the more aged texture to her voice if you will. As for how she will sound singing this live..well at least she’ll be able to sing most of it live and it will sound like the same person. Her “live” voice is decidedly more husky and granular than her recordings. I hear that same tone in this recording and I really like it. Sounds alot less manufactured. I just hope she doesn’t do the same old tired sex kitten posing in the video that she likes to do.

  • Blackbeat

    Its just ok. So-so song but with proper promotion it will gain radioplay and chart well.