American Idol XIII Top 31 Contestant #11


I’ll be posting several American Idol Top 31 contestants previews every day in the run up to the American Idol XIII premiere on January 15.

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There was a video of American Idol Top 31 contestant, Majesty York, performing Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” but it’s been taken down. Maybe the singer didn’t feel it would hold up under scrutiny.

What we’re left with is this video of Majesty performing the worship song, “Love Came Down” for what appears to be an audition.

Watch it below.

Majesty York Liberty Worship Audition from Rochelle York on Vimeo.

Majesty York – American Idol XIII – Atlanta Audition

Majesty York – American Idol XIII – Road to Hollywood

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  • andy190

    in the love came down video she doesn’t sound too good i dont think she will go far

  • macfae

    I agree – , that was not good. She must surely have improved since then; otherwise, I can’t imagine her going through to top 31.

  • Kariann Hart

    Not too bad. I need to hear her sing an upbeat song. That was a huge problem last year. Too many ballads. I hope the producers will correct that.

  • Blirel

    I like her and the song angie did it last year and she has a good voice

  • Sue tiedemann

    The problem last season was that they did too many ballads.

  • helo23

    Lol Majesty lol

    Anyways, she’s probably fodder. Very mediocre, to me. But one question: How come almost every season the contestants (not all) take down their vids online? Don’t they know that its a good thing to have people look you up and thus, gain fans before live shows? You don’t know if TPTB will even show you at all til the live shows. No one wants to be a garret Haley

  • macfae

    I always thought idol requested them to do it

  • Miles (Grumpy) (VI)

    This pales in comparison to Angie’s wonderful performance of this beautiful song (top 6 week I believe).

    I suspect some time has passed since this video. She has excellent pitch and captures the emotion of the song in her own way. Could be interesting if she has grown at all.

  • b_james

    She sounds like she has a cold. Love this song though. The original is actually pretty upbeat, but Kari Jobe made it a ballad.

  • jt1826

    Majesty is a wonderful singer. I think you guys will be surprised when the season starts. Let me know then what you think.

  • andy190

    Do you know of any other videos of her?

  • jt1826

    There is one online on YouTube I think of her singing listen by Beyoncé. I think once you guys get to hear her you will like her. I know her personally and she can really sing.

  • Team Majesty

    I’m excited for you all the hear her. She sounds good in these videos but they don’t do her any justice. I promise yall will LOVE her. She can sing anything…and she’s unique.

  • Adamdebomb

    I love this type of singer, not fond of the “belters” and “screamers”. She was my fav last night. I want to hear a pretty tone, pretty notes, nice pitch etc. I love people who UNDER sing. Works for me.


    OK — her audition on Idol turned out to be FANTASTIC. One of the best I have ever heard. And she has a youtube performance for “Flags” that is just beautiful. I think she might have a very narrow style — but it is amazing — so while I don’t think she will necessary win, if she stays true to herself, this could launch her career enough to make her a big star.