Madonna Nip Slip - Flashes Breast in Istanbul (VIDEO)

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Warning: Click bait dead ahead! If you are offended by boobies, I suggest you skip this post. Got to hand it to Madonna flashed a boob last night during a performance of “Human Nature” in Istanbul, Turkey. The material girl is currently on a worldwide tour.

You got to hand it to her, Madge has still got it going on at age 53. The wardrobe malfunctio (on purpose) happens at the 2:59 mark.

Via Popdust

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  • musicality

    ewwwwwwwwwww………sorry but she’s gross

  • OffLeash

    LOL. At 53? It will sound ageist maybe to some but please, there’s something disturbing about a 53 year old woman flashing her boob. I felt the same way when Steven Tyler flashed his butt too lol.

  • No Thanks

    Not related to the nip slip, but Sasha Mallory from SYTYCD is on this tour with Madonna as one of her dancers.

  • Steph

    LMFAO! This is so funny.

    Desperate woman doing desperate things.

  • Anonymous

    What will she be flashing at 60?

  • Anonymous

    gosh, that show seems boring even with all the props and dancers.

  • Anonymous

     I don’t want to see anybody flashing their boobs, no matter if they are 23 or 53. Although Madonna’s in much better shape than most 20 year olds, so maybe her boobs are, too :)

  • justmefornow


  • Anonymous

    sorry she’s gross doing this in a predominantly islamic country where the mores are more strict

  • Jessicas Street Team

    And this has relevance here because…? :-/

  • halo9125

    Does anybody else think Interscope totally wasted their money when they signed her?

  • revcat

    So true! I doubt she will be invited back. No class.

  • Sue

    Believe it or not Turkey actually has topless beaches on the western coast and Istanbul is one of the most secular cities. Had this happened in the central or eastern parts of the country the reaction would’ve been pretty violent.

  • Leandro

    At 53? With all due respect, don’t want to be ageist, but no thnks, I’ll not see this video. Next topic.

  • Ronnie D

    It’s just a nipple. lol 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, breasts stop being breasts @ a certain age.  I think she has better tits than many 30 year olds!

    ETA: Ok, so I watched, she shouldn’t have. Young or old…..she shouldn’t have, lol.

  • Moria Polonius

    Steph 1 hour ago LMFAO! This is so funny.Desperate woman doing desperate things.

    I would say, woman used to doing controversial things doing controversial things. It’s kinda her shtick… and it still works, apparently. 

  • Leandro

    Not only the age, the whole situation is kinda sad. But anyway, she isn’t relevant anymore. Moving on…

  • Anonymous

    Well, the audience seemed to like it, so I suppose it served her purpose (whatever that may have been).   No biggie to me, though. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Evening all,

    Well, last week I saw the Cuckoo Amazing Grace Jones’s Ageless Legs at 64 years old singing and hula hooping which was mesmerising:-)

    This week Madonna’s breast at 53 yrs- well in some areas of my culture no one bats an eye no matter how old you are; but please do not expose your fanny you could be imprisoned:-) A sin of course.

    Here is the big BUT-if it is not respectful in a country it should not be done. So Madonna yes you are brave but its not so clever to cross the line:-) 

    As an advocate of the AGELESS CAREER  Mantra-no matter what it is. I will be ecstatic when the time comes for the birth certificate to become absolute-we are living longer and better:-) Functional age over the  biological age makes sense and its the way to go!

    OH Yes we can!:-)



  • h jones

    If I want to go to see a body part I would go to a strip joint not a concert.  I know Istanbul at least parts are really progressive but find this is disrespectful particularly in this part of the world where women have been thrown into prison for much less. 

  • Larc

    There was a time some people might have paid to see a Madonna wardrobe “malfunction.”  Not so much anymore.  In fact, she may be reaching a point many would pay for her guarantee of none.  ;)

  • Anonymous

    I read a bit on the subject.
    True that it’s tolerated on the beaches although apparently some hotels ask the women to put the top back on.  It seems to be considered somewhat disrespecful in general. We have to consider also that there has been a rise of islamic values since several years now in Europe in general.
    I really wouldn’t do that down there but in other european countries especially France, not a problem ;)
    Regarding Madona, a nipple is no biggie and for the audience, surely not a big thing too if they bought a ticket to see her.  But in the context that it’s for sure publicized, i dont’ think it helps the secular side of the country 

  • steph6449

    Hmm, definitely did that on purpose whether in the moment or planned, idk. 

    I still love Madonna, in part because of and sometimes despite her more OTT directions through her career. But after having to get past the sex book and some of her other interesting ~moments over the years, this one is really in the minor leagues, lol.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing a 65-70 year old woman in a tube top dress this weekend, I don’t think any part of Madonna’s body is going to offend me lol!
    Of course I see boobs that age everyday in the mirror so I’m not sure I need to see hers ;)

  • Guest

    i videotaped my reaction:


  • Li Wright

     She’s desperate.  She has a 360 deal with LiveNation & her record company, so she’s got to sell a lot of records and tour tickets.

  • OffLeash

    Oh well, she should’ve retired when she still had that legend aura about her IMO. Since she’s too old for a midlife crisis, I suppose she had to make a comeback because she needed the money.

  • Anonymous

    Her album just dropped out of the Billboard 200 so I’m sure she planned this.  I doubt this will do anything to give her any positive buzz whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, didn’t Guy Ritchie say that making love to Madonna was like cuddling up to a piece of gristle?

    But yes, feels like desperation to me.

  • Axxxel

    Sasha Mallory ? She was a dancer at the Glamnation Tour of Adam Lambert (American Idol season 8)… If I am not mistaken, Adam’s ex-musical director of that tour is also currently touring with Madonna… but he has toured with Madonna before , long before Glamnation tour.

    Eta: Adam Lambert’s ex musical director’s name is Monte Pittman.

  • OffLeash

    Ouch! What a nasty comment to make publicly even if it’s true. Ugh! Now I wonder if people will start buying more tix to her concerts hoping she’ll flash her boobs live. Not! 

  • steph6449

    Madonna isn’t a top artist on current pop radio charts etc. at this stage of her career. The same becomes true for virtually all acts whose careers last decades. At a certain point, they just aren’t as fresh for radio, their original audience gets older, etc. Madonna has done far better than most in maintaining her career and music now into its fourth decade.

    Whatever may or may not happen on radio or pop iTunes charts, she is still a major touring act who can pull audiences worldwide. She’s also capable of pulling off a global extravaganza like the Superbowl halftime show this year.

    I like that she is still out there doing what she does. How long she continues, not sure but Tina Turner for example toured well past the age Madonna is now, as do many male acts. So why not keep going as long as she enjoys it and has the audience to come see her shows.

  • Sparkles

    Looks like it was a little chilly in Istanbul

  • Anonymous

    Ew, Aatami, nasty stuff. 

  • Anonymous

    Hon, breasts really don’t change much; they ust get bigger (unless you nurse).

  • Anonymous

    They are prolly newer than most.

  • Anonymous

    Not an attractive boob. sorry.

  • Axxxel

    Yeah, I don’t think Indonesia is scheduled on her world tour but after this nipple stunt, I don’t think she will be welcome. Not much fun for the more secular muslims in Indonesia who already had to miss out on Lady Gaga who cancelled her concert in Indonesia after the wave of protests of more conservative muslim groups.

  • Tinawina

    I thought it looked pretty good. LOL

    I don’t get it, but then again it’s Madonna. She lives for this kind of attention. I agree with the comment upthread that after her Sex photo book, everything else seems tame by comparison.

  • Steph

    Not really. lol.

    She should retire.

  • Miz

    Umm, that sounded terrible. I would have probably walked out, but it wouldn’t have been over the gratuitous nipple showcase.

  • breakdown

    I think older women can remain sexy but you should have also learned some class by her age.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna has never had any class, I don’t think she’s going to develop any at her age.

  • steph6449

    Madonna can be crude and no doubt sometimes goes for shock value. 

    But as to classy, I guess that depends on one’s definition. IMO she has had her classy moments, both as an artist / businesswoman, and in other ways.

    It’s one of the things I have always found interesting about her is that she can be both.

  • Anonymous

    I totally disagree.  She is the epitome of uncouth.  And don’t get me wrong, I loved her when she was first starting out.  And that’s my 2 cents on Madonna.

  • Anonymous

    How nice for her children.

    I like the bulbous veins in her arms.

  • Anonymous

    omg, so true and funny! 

  • Anonymous

    Good grief I hope not!  :)

  • Kariann Hart

    No, Madonna should not retire!  I just watched a rerun of a fabulous concert put on by Cher at age 54.  If these talented ladies can keep up with two hours of entertaining their audiences, then more power to them!  Tina Turner was also touring in her 50s. and 60s.  If they have the energy and endurance to do a good job, then I want to see them.  What a catalog of great hits these women have!

    Madonna needs to realize she doesn’t have to pull these stunts.  Time to leave those days behind.  She’s a member of the RRHOF and doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone!

  • mgoldenerrc

    Sasha Mallory was also a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance. I read that Madonna is making Sasha lick a gun as part of her dance routine. Yuck!!!

  • steph6449

    Taking for example her album Ray of Light, what would be so uncouth about that particular effort?

    Now, talking about the Sex book, or parts of her Truth or Dare film, different story. But my point was she is both uncouth and classy, at different times / contexts. And sometimes at the same time ;)

    Which I don’t always like, but I usually find interesting :)

  • Stefan Wind

    Madge should take a page from Cher and age with some class.
    Her personality sucks and she just isn’t cool anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I only have one comment…WHY??????
    what was the point…apart from to revitalise the most dreary song and lacklustre performance. 

  • Anonymous

    you are right.  :)