Madonna and Psy Dance Gangnam Style In New York City (VIDEO)

K-Pop superstar Psy joined Madonna on stage for a little dancing last night in New York City. Do you think this is officially the death of the Gangnam Style meme?

On her latest tour, The material girl has flashed everything from her nipples to a swastika, campaigned (badly) for Obama, and now she’s jumping all over a meme that’s in it’s last throes of pop culture relevance.

It’s been amusing to watch her attention-getting antics. Or not.

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  • James M.

    Well, I have to give credit to Gangnam Style for being the only pop fad that I really liked in recent years and for kicking that shitty Call Me Maybe song to the curb. I still call for Carly Rae Jepsen’s figurative incarceration for that song, whatever that means. 

  • Sherry

    I don’t know, call me whatever, but I’m Madonna’s age and granted she still looks great, but comes a point when you need to stop flashing your ass in concert.  The Gangnam Style thing hasn’t gotten old for me yet.  It’s good fun.  And Madonna flashed a swastika — why and just why? Hope it wasn’t a tattoo, yeesh.

  • Leandro

    Madonna randomly showing her ass. This old Lady is Gaga.

  • OffLeash

    Must be hard being an aging pop star with the pop industry the way it is. Newsflash to Madonna: Flashing your butt doesn’t make you look younger and still current, it only makes you look ridiculous and somewhat senile. 

  • Jordana33

    Madonna still dances better than the younger competition, so I’ll give her points for that. My take on the ass-flashing is that unless you’re a toddler (or someone  on a nudist beach),  there really is no appropriate age to show your ass in public. 

  • mmb

    I went to the show on Monday night (sadly, we didn’t get Psy…  I’m a life-long fan of Madonna, I’ve been to other tours, but she pissed me off this time around.  Her opening act was Martin Solveig, a DJ.  Most of these celebrity DJ types are reallllllyyyyy boring in person (David Guetta is somewhat of an exception bc he is pretty energetic).  He played for about an hour and then there was an hour and 15 minute wait until Madge arrived on stage — at close to 11 pm. I’ve been to tons of concerts and I’ve never had to wait til almost 11 for an arena act to finally hit the stage.  Everyone around me was pretty annoyed too.  She didn’t pulll this shizz at her prior tours…so I don’t know what to make of it.  That being said, the show’s production values are fantastic, she looks amazing — and her dancing is really good.  Its definitely a show for adults — lots of violent imagery etc.  The tour set is very heavy on MDNA songs and some of her lesser hits….I’ve no issue with focussing on your latest work, but at this point in a career people come to see and hear you do your big hits.  There was this kind of feeling that she just doesn’t give a crap about her audience and what they want.  At one point she basically took her pants off and asked people to throw money at her almost bare butt for Sandy relief efforts.  LOL.  Heck if my butt looks like hers at 50 whatever, I would never wear pants.

    Psy = Lou Bega

  • Sam

    Why would it be the death of the meme? Doesn’t the fact that Madonna is doing the dance show that it’s alive and well?

  • abbysee

    Ouch! Madge jumping on this fad must be a sign of the apocalypse.

  • Kariann Hart

    mmb, my daughter saw the concert last week and indeed Madonna was almost 2 hours late.  People actually did boo her.  She is very inconsiderate of her audience.  It was a good concert but too much focus on her current music.

    Tina Turner was rockin’ into her 60’s but she always was a classy lady.  Madonna can not come across as classy.  Too bad…