Mac's The X-Factor Top 13 Power List

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This is really just a lot of shooting in the dark, and theorizing. We will get to see a leaderboard at some point this week, and then power lists become way more informed than they need to be.

1) Alex and Sierra
Based on their consistency in performance, I think Alex and Sierra are probably the least likely to be eliminated this week. I’m not sure if we’re looking at our winner yet for this season, as no one has convinced me. However, these two clearly know who they want to be as artists, which will go a long way in their remaining in the competition.

2) Rachel Potter
I think Rachel had a good past two weeks, and works well now as a female country artist. That “type” does well in singing competitions. On top of that, Rachel has a ton of work experience, and already a smallish pre-show fanbase that is ready to vote for her. Whether or not she lasts long in the competition is a different thing, but I think Rachel has enough votes to survive this week.

3) Khaya Cohen
While I blasted her for clearly faking her vocal sound, I don’t think that the average viewer cares. Khaya seems to be hitting it off well with the viewers, and may be Demi’s best shot at having a horse in the finale. Ellona is a polarizing contestant, and Rion just doesn’t have the talent needed to reach the end. Khaya is a good singer, regardless of whether or not she fakes the “Adele” sound. I wish someone told her that, so she wouldn’t feel like she had to.

4) Josh Levi
I think Josh came back this week and attacked his songs like he needed to. His second performance was arguably one of the best of the night. Even people who don’t like Josh recognized that. Typically when a contestant is “saved” like that, they aren’t eliminated right away the next week. Based on that history, Josh should be safe this week. That being said, I think the boys category is the weakest, and I’m not sure any of them will make the final five.

5) Jeff Gutt
Even though Jeff probably shouldn’t win, and may not win, he taps into a “rocker” vote that has been largely underserved in recent years on both X-Factor and Idol. I expect Jeff to be doing fairly well in the polls. He also really knows himself as an artist,

6) Sweet Suspense
I think they’re on an upward swing, and could easily pass some of the people I’m ranking above them. I’m just not sure they are quite on the top of the pack yet. We’ll see this week.

7) Lillie McCloud
Even though Lillie will struggle with her relevancy, she is the best vocalist in the competition. I think that’s worth a few weeks of survival. Hopefully America feels the same way.

8) Restless Road
They had a really rough week this week, but the hype machine that is Simon Cowell will not be giving up on them so quickly. I think they probably survived this week (even if they don’t deserve to), and Simon should be looking to turn things around for them.

9) Carlito Olivero
I’m not sure Carlito is connecting with the audience. He’s not the best at choosing songs. This might be a little bit of a struggle for him to stay in the competition in the coming weeks.

10) Ellona Santiago
There’s a lot of hate for her on the internet, for some reason. I think she’s a good singer, but there’s something about her that isn’t connecting with America. It’s a shame, because she’s clearly got what it takes to make it. She’s done choreography, and she sings her face off. What more could you want? Demi needs to find a way to make Ellona likeable.

11) Rion Paige
I think Rion had a better second performance this week, but I don’t think she’s quite where she needs to be to survive this competition. Her poll numbers two weeks ago were really low (lowest of the four girls). I don’t thin this week brought any new fans. Rion could be going home this week. I doubt we see Rion in the final five.

12) Carlos Guevera
Carlos had a rough week. Like Rion, he redeemed himself a bit on Thursday, but both of them are still struggling. I think Carlos is in danger of leaving this week. I don’t think Carlos can make the Top 5.

13) Tim Olstad
A good vocalist, but perpetually boring. He’s not right for this competition, and has no concept of how to make himself not seem like a funeral director. I think we’ll be seeing him leave the competition this week, either Wednesday or Thursday. Tim has no chance of making the Top 5, even if he survives.

  • Brenoga

    I don’t think khaya pushes herself as an Adele type – I think she’s trying hard to be a new Amy Winehouse or Duffy, who are completeley different from Adele. She has a lot of sass that can be mistaken as “attitude” and may end up hurting her, which is a shame. she’s a really great singer, she just needs to let loose and be herself.

  • sds

    lol what are you talking about.. when it comes to YT views and all Ellona is the most popular and after ther is Alex/Sierra .. tbh out of everyone Ellona is pretty much the most liked so far.. people don’t like Khaya that much and not Ellona

  • guest

    I disagree with a lot of hate for Ellona. I don’t think so. You are correct she’s got what it takes. I agree in youtube she has a lot of view and like and twitter followers as well. It’s strange! She’s got the looks, can both sing and dance and the energy that she brings to the show.. in her titanium its pretty obvious that the audience really like her you can hear them screaming for her..

  • guest

    Yah ! I think we have to wait for the leaderboard to see the standing of Ellona if she is not really connecting with america.but teenagers like heras what I observe. She has a huge fan base in brazil just to add tho they cannot vote but still it can tell if people really like you or not.. for last weeks thurs performance “titanium” has a lot of views and good feedback from the viewers..

  • Damien Roberts

    Just remember that the Filipino community takes care of their own, so even if she isn’t resonating with every American household she most definitely getting some votes from the Filipino community. Jasmine Trias anyone?

    I was very happy to see Alex and Sierra at the top of your leaderboard as they most definitely have been the most consistent. I was worried that everything they’d do would sound the same but they’d done a great job at making each song sound just different enough without changing who they are.

  • Guest


  • guest

    Yah right! Jasmine trias and even jessica sanchez got a lot of votes from them. I think they are rocognizing Ellona as well . If Ellona will be cut. No viewers from bay area and filipino community lol but Ellona deserves it ” she’s got what it takes” and still stange for me a lot of hates in the internet.. let’s see what’s gonna happened.

  • Guest

    Agreed. SirMac has literally no idea what he/she is talking about when it comes to Khaya. She’s not amazing but she’s not faking her sound that bad and she certainly doesn’t sound like Adele.

  • ajr86

    Rachel Potter #2??. Although I’m a big fan of hers, there is no way she is even in the top 8 this week. I think she may be in trouble.
    Rion Page will have the sympathy vote. Shes likely in this for awhile.
    Tim Olstad had the pimp spot. He’ll survive easily this week.
    I think bottom 2 this week is between Carlos, Rachel and Carlito.

  • Damien Roberts

    That is what I just said.

  • John Rocketship Potter Clayton

    She’s totally faking her sound. She was overly affected on My Girl on Wednesday, and sang her song on Thursday without all of that quality in her voice. I “literally” do know what I’m talking about.

  • John Rocketship Potter Clayton

    My point is that Rachel Potter had fans pre-X-Factor, which is why she polled so high on Top 16 week.

  • Nazuk

    OMG who thinks that Rachel is better than Khaya, Lilly or Ellona must not hear the same thing that I am hearing. Rachel has the most common tone, not strong voice and her phrasing is so cheesyyyy. Khaya has a very unique voice, easily the best voice in the whole competition. Lilly and Ellona are poisoned and both have very rich tones …

  • Kamokunz

    I agree with the bottom 3, but for me rank 2-10 is totally different. I think it’s safe to say that A&S is #1.

    Jeff (season 2 fanbase)
    Ellona (season 1 fanbase)
    Rachel (youtube + country fanbase)
    Josh (come back sympathy votes)
    Restless (girls + country + Simon + me)
    Carlito (Spanish fanbase)
    Khaya (too robotic)
    Lillie (successful past backlash)
    Sweet Suspense (generic and compared to worse 5H/LittleMix)

    Should go home:
    Wednesday – Tim
    Thursday – Rion, Carlos

  • Kathleen Moore

    Rachel already has a fanbase. She’s safe, although she might not be in the top half. I didn’t think she was that good this week. Rion totally redeemed herself on Thursday’s performance. Because of that alone, she’s safe. Although he had the pimp spot this week, Tim might be in trouble. I think he survives this week, but he’ll sing much earlier Wednesday night. He might not survive Thursday. I think bottom two will be Carlos and Carlito. Couple of surprises might be Lillie and (please no) Restless Road. However, I don’t think the judges will send either of those two home.

  • Kamokunz

    Remember, this is a popularity ranking, not who has the best voice ranking. Though, I agree with you.

  • Kathleen Moore

    Looks like we’re both fellow Roadies. But I’ll be objective in my rankings. I agree, it’s more a popularity contest than a singing contest.
    1) A&S
    2) Jeff (season 2 rocker, Josh K vibe, and he came in 2nd)
    3) Rachel (Country + Youtube)
    4) Sweet Suspense (although generic, they seem to have a fanbase. Came in first among groups in Twitter)
    5) Eliona (Pinoy fanbase, following from being in inTENsity)
    6) Khaya (arguably, 2nd best voice, that does amount for something)
    7) Restless Road (country, Simon’s chosen one. Reminds me a lot of One Direction in X-Factor UK. if they step up their game, they could have a One Direction-like career. Not, and they could be out by Thanksgiving0
    8) Lillie (best voice. Backstory doesn’t hurt her, relevance does)
    9) Josh (probably will survive week due to sympathy votes. However, he has a “loser’ tag
    10) Tim (only this high since he sang in pimp spot last week. He’s safe tonight. However, if he sings that bad this week, he won’t survive tomorrow.)
    11) Rion (her performance last Thursday I think saved her for tonight. However, she is too young for the competition. Nerves got the best of her last Wednesday. She needs another performance like last Thursday’s to advance to next week)
    12) Carlito (very forgettable, and I don’t think there’s that much of a Spanish fanbase. However, if he survives the week (and Carlos doesn’t), I could see Paulina pushing him more.
    13) Carlos (also too young for the competition; two less-than-mediocre performances…I think he goes home tonight)