Little Mix – “Change Your Life” – Music Video

X Factor UK season 8 winners Little Mix released music video for their newest UK single.

“Change Your Life” is third single from Little Mix’s debut album “DNA”. Girls are currently touring the UK and Ireland.

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  • Jason Scott

    “Not available in my country.”

    Here’s a link to watch it for those not in the UK:

  • Mateja Praznik

    I’m ripping the video right now, will be up soon.

  • jobeob987

    I’d heard of Little Mix.  I knew they’d been on XF UK  and after watching this video, I now see was Simon Cowell was going for when he put Fifth Harmony together.  Little Mix seems more jelled and is more captivating than the newcomers, imo.  And they can sing, for sure.  The song isn’t awful either.  Kind of catchy.