Lee DeWyze Introduces New Songs – Live Stageit Show (VIDEO)

Lee DeWyze introduced a slew of new songs from his upcoming album, Frames, during his online StageIt show Friday night.

Check out the set list from Lee-DeWyze.net

01. Fight
02. The Ride
03. Frames
04. Fire Away
05. Like I Do
06. Don’t Be Afraid
07. Silver Lining
08. Who Would’ve Known
09. Breathing In

Watch the entire concert here:

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  • edisto

    I watched this on stage it last night and thought he sounded so good. I heard the 2 new songs when he performed them live last week. I am so excited for the release of his new album and hope that people who not have cared for his first album will give the new one a listen.

  • ladymctech

    This was a great show. I have been extremely busy with real life, but am really glad I had the time to sit down and watch. I think people who haven’t listened to, purchased the music of, or seen Lee live will be pleasantly surprised. I wish him the best of luck with this album.

  • Theresa

    Unabashedly a Lee fan, I was completely surprised by my first listen of several of these songs last night. The smoky, jazz vibe of The Ride (4:10 in the vid) is the polar opposite of Fire Away(13:00) but both rich with lyrics, emotion & instrumentation. The way he feels his music when he performs it is obvious. I can’t wait to get my hands on this album, available for pre-order next week on the 23rd.

    I hope people will give Frames an honest listen. I think fans and nonfans alike will be very surprised.

  • dewyzefan6

    LOOOOOOOOOVE all the songs Lee DeWyze has performed so far that’ll be on his upcoming album Frames; avail. Aug. 20 and for pre order 7/23. i’m just BLOWN AWAY!!! everything about the songs, the performance, Lee’s look is beyond amazing. i cannot wait!!! there’s not one song that wasn’t exceptional and i loved the vibe with the band. EVERYONE needs to go experience a Lee DeWyze show and you will be hooked; guaranteed!

  • Barbara Rodriguez

    YES !!!! Can’t wait for Lee’s new album !!!!! He sounds soooo good :D

  • gatorgirl5028

    I love Lee’s new music; I can’t even begin to describe how much! How do you verbalize a feeling? The way a song makes you smile or catch your breath in sadness over something lost? How do you explain that you feel you’ve finally found the music you’ve been waiting for? Lee’s album “Frames” is going to be that music to me. Every song I’ve heard is perfection. I told him once that I thought he was brilliant and his response was to humbly say, “No, I’m not”…….. Yes Lee; you are……. :)

  • Melissa Will

    OMG i woke up to see this concert from AUSTRALIA! Then i spent the whole day replaying this over and over! This album will HIT No1WORLDWIDE !! I am so proud of this guy he is incredibly talented and deserves all the greatness coming his way! I am WAITING for an AUSTRALIAN TOUR! PLEASE MAKE IT SOON! OH and Dying for August 20th the released of FRAMES! YES YES YES!

  • Melissa Will

    SO diverse this album will be loved by many!

  • Melissa Will

    Hell YES i travelled from AUSTRALIA to see Lee LIVE in LA last year! Best thing i have experienced ever! I’m 42!

  • Haventsleptyet

    Wow every song last night was soooooo good! Lee has written some amazing songs for this album and the sound is so diverse. They all sound so different from each other yet all connect well as being true to his sound. I can’t begin to say what my favorite is, and can’t wait to hear the album tracks, but The Ride is so powerful and different than anything I’ve heard him do before. Everyone seems to love it!

  • Northwest Hwy

    Looking forward to Frames and its continuation of the emotive indie folk-pop Lee was making with Slumberland and So I’m Told. Those albums have a good vibe, so it’ll be interesting what a more mature, polished Lee can make. I’ve heard several of the songs in concert already and love Breathing In, Don’t Be Afraid, and Silver Lining.

    For the record, I didn’t like Live It Up. It was a rush job, poor fit, so the meh reviews didn’t surprise me…but it won him fans, so that’s good.

    Frames, I think will attract the attention of alt-indie and folk music fans who dig this positive, heartfelt style of folk-pop, ala Ben Harper/Avett Bros.

    Non-fans and may be surprised, fans and new fans like will be please. So, before you draw Mumford comparisons, give it an honest listen. I will.

  • Trish Walker

    The Ride is simply genius…going to take the place of Sweet, Sweet for my personal all time favorite…although I love them all and I love Lee! These guys are awesome together. So happy to hear Lee and see him in his element. He is a wonderful song writer. Hopefully people will give this album a chance and not pre-judge from bad publicity of Season 9 of Idol.

  • jennyl2

    Lee just gets better and better. I loved every song. Favs are The Ride (it’s moody and jazzy) and Breathing In (I teared a little on this song). When you listen to the songs, you can tell that every piece is a labor of love. I hope the album gets the chance and exposure it deserves.

  • Anny_nanny

    The Reed is mesmerizing, listening with great pleasure and regret that I can not afford to order the album from the US. But if Amazon would agree to sell me the mp3, I’ll spend a few bucks on some good music.

  • Karen C

    I was at the Stage it show last night, and i thought he was terrific. I liked The Ride best also.
    I think we are seeing his true songwriting ability on this album, because it is similar, but more evolved than his preidol albums, which I liked more than Live It Up.
    Hoping the album does well, because it is the kind of music that has been popular the past couple of years,

  • tripp_ncwy

    Success will come down to promotion whether from 19M andor Vangaurd. Hopefully it will start soon since cd release is a month away.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    He’s a really good performer and musician. He also looks better than he has since the start of Idol. The problem is he’s just an average songwriter, nothing outstanding about any of the songs. None of them are that sophisticated or thought-provoking or clever, just very generic. And the banjo comes off as a gimmick instead of supporting him as a unique artist. He seems very nice and very grateful for all he has gotten, a good guy.

  • Haventsleptyet

    Generic? Are you sure you watched the same video I did? Maybe listen again.

  • Marekatslp

    I think this is the album everyone has been waiting for, for 3 years. So much diversity in these songs, but together, they are the soulful, gritty folk/rock roots that Lee has been known for since his indie music days…. But this time around, he’s perfected his sound, growing as both a writer and musician. “The Ride” may be one of my all time favorite songs in ALL music, the lyrics in “Frames” come from such an honest place, the guitar playing in “Fire Away” is ridiculously good and “Breathing In” is an emotional song as a whole. If this is a sign of things to come from him…. I’m glad I’m here for the ride. Outstanding.

  • Trish Walker

    No memorable melodies in his work??? Sorry I couldn’t disagree more but to each his own.

  • chipkate

    The show Lee put on Stage It was beyond amazing, beyond spectacular, beyond phenomenal!! Lee is going to move mountains with this new album “FRAMES” when it hits the stores on Aug.20!! Every single song had me spellbound!! “THE RIDE” made me feel like I was sitting in a smoky blues bar it was that freaking amazing!! Lee’s band is fantastic and a great fit for Lee-they compliment each other very well. “FIRE AWAY” will sureLee make the country radio stations. “FRAMES” just touches your heart like only Lee knows how to do. I love Lee’s soulful lyrics and his mesmerizing voice. I’ve never supported an artist before until Lee. He is a sweet, honest, loyal and humble young man who has had his share of ups and downs but never gives up on his dreams. Lee is so devoted to his fans and that is why we love him and support him every step he takes. We are so proud of him. Lee’s music will resonate all over the world…….especially on Aug20!!!