Lee DeWyze - Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade

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Lee DeWyze performs “Little Drummer Boy” this morning at Disney World for the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade TV special.

The holiday parade and celebration, hosted by Ryan Seacrest also features Mariah CareyDarius Rucker, Glee’s Amber Riley, Disney Channel stars Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan, and America’s Got Talent’s  Jackie EvanchoBig Bad Voodoo Daddy, and professional dancers from “Dancing with the Stars” and Sean Kingston.

The show will air on ABC Christmas Day.  Check your local listings for time and channel. Watch this space for photos and videos.

Photos: @BanksLee, @rararaleigh

Update: Added partial “Little Drummer Boy” performance, after the jump. Plus, see some nice photos from Attractions Magazine

Photos after the JUMP…

Little Drummer Boy – Partial

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  • ItsMyT1me

    Really nice set up for Lee and the band. I have to admit, I didn’t watch last year, but I did see the year that David Cook and Neal Tiemann were on. This looks like a bigger production. It also helps that it was cold in Orlando this morning. The clothing makes the scene more festive. Looking forward to seeing the performance on Christmas Day.

  • artemis

    Lee is wearing his Christmas scarf! I’m so glad Lee is on this special-can’t wait for Christmas!

  • tripp_ncwy

    MelissaRTaylor Just saw American Idol Lee Dewyze perform in front of the castle. Awesome! Now headed to Splash Mtn. @samereed I gave him your number.

  • kvwicks13

    Can’t wait to see it! Love the Christmas scarf!

  • twinkle80

    yey, we don’t need to speculate anymore, lol. he is indeed part of the Disney Christmas Day Parade. so happy for him, plus he gets to play with his band again. i have to say, he looks pretty fine. as do chris with his spiffy shades. (shallow moment)

    tripp_ncwy, haha, thanks for sharing those tweets, cute!

  • cristististi

    Can I vent for just a second?

    I HATE the batshitcrazy fans who think because Chris posted on his FB where they were staying (Lord knows why), that it’s okay to actually PLAN on stalking them today. W.T.F. I know all the idols have these sorta fans but it just pisses me off.

    Okay I think I feel a little bit better now :)

  • wjmtv

    He looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see this.

    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy? Awesome.

  • anniem47

    Lee and his band are looking good! Can’t wait to hear them perform this on Christmas Day!

  • poster

    Chris will learn real fast not to let that info out.

  • AIaddict

    Chris Chris Chris, dont you know by now what you’ve gotten yourself into. Hopefully some videos from today will show up and we won’t have to wait til Christmas Day to see them perform.

  • rivermaya

    Thanks for posting the pictures MJ!
    Took awhile to find the whole band :) but Lee looks really good.

    As Lee is a self-proclaimed christmas dork , how cool can it be for him to be a part of the Disney Park Xmas Day Parade tradition with everything Christmasy around him. I am sure he is enjoying every bit of it.

    Can’t wait to hear his version of TLDB. Maybe he’ll rock this one out!

  • http://twitter.com/maxsmom61 CathyMK

    A video with a snippet of LDB has shown up:


    Lee changes it up, as usual.

  • tripp_ncwy

    More official pictures

    attractions Attention Idol fans: Pics of Lee DeWyze singing at the Magic Kingdom today: http://tinyurl.com/2cf7cw3 #americanidol #idol

  • jennyl

    Liking the snippet I’m hearing :)

  • kvwicks13

    tripp_ncwy, thanks for the pictures. Could Lee be any cuter! The picture with Donald Duck was priceless!

    Also Cathy, thanks for the LDB snippet, sounds like a rock version!

  • tripp_ncwy

    Full (rehearsal) close-up video of Lee singing LDB;


  • rivermaya

    CathyMK & tripp_ncwy. Thanks so much for sharing the snippets and photos.

    I was hoping he’d rock this song out and he did.
    LOVED IT! specially from 2:11-2:20!

    ETA: I want to be Donald Duck!!! :)

  • glamertitis

    This is the best updated version of an old stale Christmas song I’ve heard in years! Absolutely wonderful. I hope he plays this some more at his upcoming gigs.

  • artemis

    I’m loving Lee’s new version of LDB and so does the crowd! And look at RJ rockin out on the drums!

  • bamintx

    I love this, not at all what I expected. RJ looks like a very happy drummer boy. Can’t wait to see/hear this on television. Thanks for all the great pics, too.

  • aprilfoolish

    I really like this rendition of LDB, love the ending, kinda soulful. Smiles from RJ are precious as gold! This was only practice too, can’t wait for show! Would love this for my iPod!

  • rivermaya

    This is my XXXXX time coming here just to re-listen to LDB.
    So different from anything I’ve ever listened to and I love it.

    I know this is just the rehearsal but I hope Lee stays with the same version (if not better) when he performs this for real.

    That said, I totally need this song added to my ipod !!!

  • Landmd

    Wow love Lee’s soulful update of LDB!! RJ is so cute in the background singing and smiling, what a cutie!!

  • tigervixxxen

    This is a really fun version of LDB, and one I did not expect but I like it! Can’t wait to see how the performance plays out on the TV broadcast.